"A certain wandering scholar of monsters" is the otherwise nameless in-universe author of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia I and other books. He travels the world researching and categorising monster girls despite considerable personal risk, both from the Order (eager to publicly execute [1] him for blasphemy) and from the monster girls themselves (the threat of permanent pelvic entanglement always looming large over dealings between men and monster).

A Master EncyclopaedistEdit

Wandering Scholar spoke with the head baphomet of the Sabbath as well as the Demon Lord herself when working on Monster Girl Encyclopedia I [2]. While trying to escape Order pursuers, he took shelter in Demon Realm Lescatie and interviewed the lilim Druella for Fallen Maidens [3]. Later he collaborated with Saphirette Spherica on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II: Demon Realm Traveller's Guide [4].

The dangerous mission on which the Wandering Scholar has embarked seems to be born just out of a desire to document the truth about the world and the monsters, and let people make their own conclusions as to whether they are good or evil. Often, this puts him in direct opposition to Order teachings, but he is not uncritical of some of the monsters' more outlandish claims either (like Saphirette's eulogizing of elementals [5] or her blasé attitude towards monsterization [6]).

Although his intention may be the pursuit of knowledge, the monsters with which Wandering Scholar collaborates often have ulterior motives. Druella cursed copies of Fallen Maidens in order to monsterize female readers [7], and Saphirette tried to use the Demon Realm Traveller's Guide as an extended classified ad for herself to attract a husband. The Scholar coyly remarks that the only reason he personally has avoided becoming a monster's prisoner is thanks to the help of a Leanan Sidhe "travelling companion", who holds off would-be attackers.

Quotes from Wandering ScholarEdit

Well, where should I run to? What do you think of Zipangu, which I've only heard about from stories? I also want to try going to the Mist Continent which lies to the north of Zipangu. Even over there, surely there must be many kinds of monsters I still haven't seen, and I'll probably meet many couples living happily together.

- In the Afterword to MGE-1

Monsters drown humans in supernatural pleasure and tempt them into an existence of a devilish nature just like themselves. The monsters I found living in “Demon Realm Nation Lescatie” when I dropped by this time were beings that truly fit that description.

- In the Foreword to Fallen Maidens

That was way more than a “little bit long.” Also, if she was going to do an advertisement, she should have explicitly made that clear in the article.

- In the Demon Realm Traveller's Guide, taking umbrage at Saphirette's rambling asides


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