I apologise, since it was kind of my fault for not seeing her. Looking at her state, I ask why she's drinking. I was pretty sure she was the same age as me.

"Oh, um, I... I, um, ah, I've gotta go!" She turns to run away, and runs straight into a table, tipping it over onto one of her eye stalks. She squeals in pain, rolling the table away and holding onto her eye. I kneel down next to her and ask if she's okay.

"Ow, it hurts. Why am I so clumsy!" I hold back mentioning it's probably because she smells like she's about ten drinks passsed tipsy. When she looks up she inadvertantly looks me in the eyes. Her face immediately goes deep red, and she tries to get up again.

This time I help her, and hear all my friends whistling in our direction. Turning to give them a short glare, and seeing all of them either laughing or grinning, I apologise for them.

"I-it's okay... I-I should be a-apologising for makng such a mess." I give her a warm smile and tell her it's alright, I've seen my friends make much bigger messes. She giggles a little at that, and one of my friends shouts.

"Just kiss her already!" And I swear if she gets any redder she's going to pass out. I ask if she needs someone to take her home. All her eyes go wide and she starts stumbling over fragmented words.

I suddenly get pushed into her, one of my friends apparently having snuck up behind me. I try to catch myself, but end up planting my hands on her shoulders and my lips on hers. I try to pull back, when I feel her eyes wrapping around me, her muttered words turning to a blissful gasp.

When I finally disentangle myself from her, we're both gasping for breath. She looks into my eyes, and this time doesn't look away.

"Th-that was... w-wow." She mutters, and my friends give more whistles and hoots, some slapping their hands against the bar. I just ignore them and ask if she needs a ride home. "U-um... y-yeah. I-it would b-beat walking." With a nod I tell my friends I'll be back soon, getting more lewd grins and air quoted 'soon's than I know what to do with.

The drive home is silent, though her eyes never leave me, even if her main one is glued to her lap. As we pull up at her house I go to get out.

"W-what are you doing?" She asks as I open my door. Isn't it a man's job to walk a lady to her door? She blushes hard again and slowly nods. I walk her up to the house, supporting her for the most part, since she can barely walk on her own. I knock on the door and am met by a woman who's either her sister, or her mother, it's hard to tell with mamono. When she talks I get my answer.

"Oh, did you drink a little too much tonight dear? What happened to your eye?" The girl by my side mumbles about the table incident, getting a chuckle from her mother. She then turns to me. "So, she finally got the courage up to confess, did she?" I give her a confused look, then turn to the girl, asking what she means.

"I, um, w-well, I, uh, I..." Her mother sighs, shaking her head.

"What she's trying to say is that she likes you. Has for a while now, if her computer's any hint." The girl looks like she's ready to crawl under a rock and stay there. I just ask if that's true.

"U-w-well, uh, I mean... YES!" She squeals, closing her eyes. If that's the case then why did she always avoid me, or run off whenever she saw me.

"Dear, she has a chronic shyness problem, in case you couldn't work that one out already." Her mother provides. "Please, feel free to come in." She then steps out of the door and goes back to whatever it was she was doing. I decide to get back to my friends, but when I turn I feel a hand on my sleeve. I hear the girl mutter something, and when I ask what she said she takes a deep breath.

"Do you... like me?" She whispers. After thinking for a few seconds I say that she is cute, and I wouldn't mind talking to her some more, maybe when she isn't quite so drunk.

"I... I think that would be n-nice." I turn back to look at her, and get charmed immediately. She's looking at her feet, a blush on her face, and her eye looking at me from under her hair. I take her chin in my hand, lift her face to mine, and kiss her. She kisses back straight away, and soon we're throwing tongue's into the mix. When we finaly need to come up for air, she's flushed, but smiling.

"Th-thanks. That was... really nice." I nod, telling her I look forward to seeing her again. I get back into the car, driving back to the bar, where my friends are sitting on the curb. One of them spots me, and the whole bunch start cheering, I hear the word conquerer once or twice.

"So, how'd things go with the one eyed beauty?" One of them asks. I just smile and tell them to get their asses in the car. With a shared laugh they all get in. I take them all home, then go home myself.

Come Monday I'm walking into school, and get met at the gate by the gazer. "H-hey." She mutters, and I greet her in turn. She remembers last night then? She blushes furiously, but nods.

"Y-yeah. I-I remember it... E-especially the kiss..." I nod, asking if she'd like another. Her eyes widen, but she also starts trembling. "U-um... yeah, I-I really w-would. B-but not now! M-maybe... after school?" With a smile and a nod I agree. As we split up to go to our respective classes, I throw the word girlfriend into my goodbye, she all but freezes on the spot. After a few seconds, in the loudest voice I've ever heard her use she says.

"You too, boyfriend." With the biggest smile I've ever seen on her face. So cute, so awkward, and all mine. I really am a lucky guy today.