• Redknight910

    Prompt: Ransom

    Alright, need to think. The lamia has her tail wrapped around me, then holds the phone up to my ear.

    "He want's to talk to you." She says.

    "Son, you need to listen to me. I can't let her anywhere near me or your mother. So, I'm gonna have to ask you to take one for the team and handle her." I can't believe what I'm hearing.

    "You can't be serious?" I ask.

    "Sorry, son, but this is how it has to be done." I just groan, and the lamia gives me a curious look, pulling the phone away.

    "Why do I think I know what you said?" A few moments of talking and she sighs, nodding. "Okay, yeah, I guess that makes sense... goodbye." She hangs up and sighs, looking at me. "So... he left you to me." I nod, processing it. "You going to be okay?"

    I look …

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  • Redknight910

    WWYD Thunderbird JOVA82

    September 29, 2018 by Redknight910

    "Where the hell have you been?" I ask, looking at my long-time hunter. She just leans in further, sparks arcing between her feathers.

    "You're not tricking me into letting my guard down. You're mine this time." I throw my arms around her, grabbing her tightly.

    "I spent a whole day looking for you." I pull back, looking her in the eyes. "You think you can harrass me for four years, then just vanish a month?" She gives me a startled look, before scrunching up her eyebrows.

    "Y-you went looking? F-for me?" She asks, confused.

    "Yes. I was worried something happened to you, like you got hurt setting up your next scheme. I mean, the second week was stressful, but the third and fourth? I thought you'd really disappeared." Her eyes widen as she looks up…

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  • Redknight910

    Prompt: You will never get my approval

    I sit down across the table from my son, looking at him with a practiced stern glare. He knows something's upset me, and tries to ask what before I cut him off.

    "I saw you with that... thing." His face turns red, and he casts his eyes to the floor.

    "Oh." Is all he can muster.

    "I'm going to ask this once, son. Why?" He looks back up, managing to meet my eyes.

    "She was injured, crying. She sounded so... sad-"

    "So you took pitty on it and brought it here?" I growl, getting a brief nod. "And why did you... sleep with it." His eyes start to harden before me, his deferred gaze turning as stern as my own.

    "They're not what you think, father. They're not the monsters they're made out to be." I just scoff, thinking t…

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  • Redknight910

    WWYD Nereid Bomberman666

    September 10, 2018 by Redknight910

    Prompt: Pirates Booty

    Well, this is an unexpected setback. But we won't make it more than five minutes without the main vessel. I order everyone into the boats, loading muskets and preparing to fend off the incoming attackers. When the crew sees us approaching they redouble their efforts to get the tentacles loose.

    We get within firing range and let loose, the rubber balls peppering both the mamono climbing the hull and the tentacles enclosing it. I shout for the men to reload, when a mershark launches out of the water in front of us and snatches the man standing in front of me. My eyes widen as the ferocious mamono tackles the man overboard, and I order the rowers to move faster.

    We manage to fend off the swarming mamono long enough to make …

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  • Redknight910

    Prompt: Wrong Time To Pass Out

    I take stock of what I still have one me. There's my pants, and my socks. That's it, great. I then check my restraints. A few tugs prove the rope's too strong to break, and the headboard seems to be solid quality carpentry. The knots are kind of weak, and a few good yanks loosen them a little. I hear footsteps again and pretend to sleep again. The door opens and I hear a soft sigh.

    "Still sleeping?" A gentle voice mutters, and I hear something being put down. Then there's the sound of a glass, before a soft hand lays on my throat and a pair of lips gently pry mine open. Then liquid is passed into my mouth. Before I can do anything the hand on my throat is massaging me to force me to swallow.

    Luckily it just seem…

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