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Nothgard: Army

For accomplish the wish of the Emperor and take down the Demon Army, and the Order army if it gets in the middle, he clearly needs soldiers. And so, the full army is divided in four sections: The Legion, the army of the Dominate, the Beast Army, and the Saurian Army. On this chapter, we will talk about the basic the weaponry of the empire, the traditional weapons.

Military Arsenal

You can say whatever you want, every realm, every empire, every army, must be armed with weapons for attack and defend, and here we will talk about it. All the imperial weapons have the same designs, and only changes an only thing: the ones used by the Legion are forged with nothgil, which makes them more sturdy against everything, ever against the magical weapons used by the Demon Army. But nobody must underestimate the weapons that uses the Dominate's Army, they're the finest steel weapons that anybody can find.

List of Weapons

The weapons used by the Empire are both divided by two versions: normal weapons, used by the majority of soldiers, and heavy weapons, used only by the Berserkers, the strongest units of the empire. But also both use the Giant Shields used for the Iron Wall, a type of shield of the size of a human that is weared on the back and is used for stop any frontal charge.

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