• The town of Swedgewick below is lively with human activity. People hustle and bustle to get from place to place. A light snow drifts downward from the chill sky, accompanied by the puffs of white emitted from citizens' breaths. The train proceeds along the bridge carrying its passengers who could see the town center loaded with preparations for the upcoming music festival.

    An announcement comes on over the intercom, "Next stop, Swedgwick Square in five minutes."

    (You all start on the train. Just brief descriptions of your characters will suffice.)

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    • Mordekai had been at work for weeks, allowed but the week ends as time off. Finally, vacation for the man, relaxed in his phone, playing some game.

      His brown cut hair makes a contrast to Juan green eyes. The coat he bears, a rain proof attire. Seldom didn’t he have access to anywhere without a fair amount of rain, making long sleeves and leathery coat a must for him. Today, he adorns his favorite trench-like coat bathed in the sameness colour as his eyes.

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    • A man in his late twenties stands up from his seat, shouldering a large back pack. He looks to be fairly fit wearing a pair of jeans, a padded leather riding jacket, and a bright red t shirt. His boots go up to his shins also seem thick and plated, those familiar withbit would recognize them as a pair of snake boots.

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    • A young man sitting in one of the seats would be staring out the window, watching the scenery go by. He was silently waiting to reach his destination, lost in his own thoughts.

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    • (Let's get the ball rolling.)

      Many others either sit or stand in the train waiting for it to reach its destination. Some read newspapers while others play mobile games on their phones or listen to music with headphones stuck in their ears. The train soon comes to the station with patient future passengers on either side of the tracks.

      The current riders' mode of transportation comes to a stop and as the doors slide open another announcement comes on over the intercom saying, "We have arrived at Swedgewick Square. As you depart we hope you take the time to enjoy the upcoming music festival. Next stop is Hexarin Avenue. Next stop, Hexarin Avenue."

      Multiple people begin to step off the train and move toward the stairs that would take them down to the streets.

      Buildings sat on either side and if one was to proceed straight forward he or she would quickly wind up in the town square where they would find an array of metal barricades and a large black stage complete with an assortment of musical instruments would be present.

      Apart from the stage Swedgewick Square also has several other activities that one could partake in. There is a fancy diner known as Morrison's that is known to serve some of the finest dishes in Swedgewick, a spa called Swedgewick Spa where one could go for rest and relaxation out of the chilly weather, and a shopping mall that contained a large variety of stores, fast food restaurants, and even an arcade.

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    • Mordekai’s feet take him to the shopping mall. Be it for culinary treats or entertainment, he had his work cut out, not knowing whether to eat first or play first. Standing on the crossroads amidst ongoing masses, he scratches his head, lost in the tide of vacation.

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    • The young man would get off of the train and stand on the platform, checking his phone. "Where were we supposed to meet again...?" He thought as he went through his text conversation with an old friend and found that he was headed for the entrance of the mall where she said she'd be waiting. Not wasting any more time, he headed to the said location.

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    • A young man, no different from the rest, stepped off the train and made his way to the stairs. His attire wasn't anything to look at, a checkered sweater, jogging pants a white T-shirt and worn runming shoes. Taking his headphones off, he wouldn't bother to turn his phone off before stuffing them into his pocket. It appeared he was eager to explore this unfimiliar town. But where to go first, was the question. "Food." He mumbled to himself. With that, he'd pull his phone out and check a map of the area. Hearing good things about Morrison's, thats where he decided to go.

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    • Moving off the train Drake stares blankly at a directory on the wall before moving towards the exit.

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    • (Jester): People pour in and out of the mall. Several brand clothing stores could be seen and there is a sign above that points out the directions of the other stores. The food court in particular is down the right hall complete with popular selections like Blastoff Burgers, a well-known burger and fries joint, Pharoah's Pizza, a very popular pizza chain, Weebly's, a fast food restaurant that specializes in seafood, and Chad's Pretzels, a local store that serves soft pretzels to passing customers.

      If Mordekai wanted to spend time at the arcade then he would just need to keep straight down the mall until he reached an area named Retrotopia. Many kinds of arcade games could be found here and is popular with people of all ages.

      A woman dressed in heavy purple winter wear accidentally bumps into him and mutters a quick, "Sorry" before moving on. Most of her face was obscured save for her eyes which were oddly red and the skin around the eyes deathly pale.

      (Mek): People both entered and exited the mall as the man approached his meeting point. Several people boasted about how they were going to be in the front row of the music festival that was about to start. A man in a heavy gray coat passes by with his eyes glued to his newspaper. A trio of girls in their late-teens stroll out of the mall carrying shopping bags from the different clothing stores that populated the mall.

      (Addiction): A couple passersby give the man odd looks as he moves toward Morrison's in his interesting choice of attire. Upon entry he is met with the fresh scent of pinecones and is looking at a dining area that would make a queen jealous. The scenery is pale green and many of the tables bore the finest wood and the chairs possessed fluffy cushions that would turn even the most stressed individual into a relaxed potato.

      A greeter dressed in the brown uniform of Morrison's walks up to him and asks in a cheerful voice, "Greetings sir, and welcome to Morrison's! Is it just you or are there others coming?"

      (RK): At the bottom of the stairs from the train stop a young man sporting a bright orange snow coat, black skinny jeans, a pair of black and orange sneakers, black hair with one side fully shaved and the other part hanging off, and a small blue music player walks up to Drake. He takes out one of his earbuds and asks him, "You here for the festival man? Killer Klowns is supposed to be playing! Sick rock band!"

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    • Drake shrugs, "Wasn't aware of any festival. I'll probably sit that one out. I'm not one for crowds."

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    • “Well, I’ve waited this long for food, I can wait a bit more...”. Mordekai takes a turn for the arcade. Hungry as he was, he heard the games were fun here.

      Of course, his distraction almost shrugged off the woman, were it not for the bump. His eyes catch the crimson see of her own, as well as the pale pigment “what the...oh whatever, perhaps she’s not into outdoors”.

      He continues making his way through the afformated path, hoping the acardes were nearby.

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    • "Oh, it's just me." The man would say, looking around the magnificent restauraunt. "Wow, this place is truly amazing." This would be something he'd remember, eating in heaven.

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    • The young man sighed as he scanned the area, his friend nowhere in sight. He decided to wait by the entrance of the mall for a while.

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    • (Jester): After some walking Mordekai successfully locates the arcade known as Retrotopia. The room itself is quite black with the carpet illuminated with various space patches. Many different arcade games of present and past eras have throngs of people playing them. Three air hockey tables sit in the center of the room. In the rear right corner is a VR Station that consists of a small four-man spaceship and the name above it reads in bright sci-fi letters, "BATTLE FOR JUNLEY V". Several people test out their athletic abilities with the four basketball simulators on the left side.

      To the right is an ATM naming the prices and the coins provided if the proper amount is entered into the machine. One dollar provides thirty coins, two dollars gives sixty, and three dollars will gift the buyer a hefty ninety coins. Beside the ATM is a cup dispenser so that the visitors of Retrotopia have a place to store their coins.

      (Mek): As the man waits for his friend a young woman wearing a purple striped coat and snow cap passes by and gives him a double peace sign along with a jovial, "Sup cutie?"

      She skips away, but she has some interesting features about her. For starters, her snow cap appears pointy at the sides like a pair of cat ears. A slender tail that is striped like her clothes also appears to be snaking out from under her coat waving back and forth. A man dressed in a navy blue jacket, light green sweatpants, and brown hiking boots stops by the man waiting in the entrance and scoffs at the purple girl.

      He glances toward him with a distasteful look and grumbles, "Anime trash am I right?"

      (Addiction): The greeter smiles at the customer and says, "Okay sir, follow me and I'll get you seated."

      He leads him to a side table and allows him to sit. He then takes out his notepad and asks, "Shall I get you started with a drink sir?"

      In the aisle across from the man sit two women donned in light winter clothing that are mulling over a pair of menus. One of them glances over to the man and gives him a wink along with a blow of a kiss.

      (RK): The man's face falls and he says, "Really? Aww man that sucks!"

      He glances down the street from the town square and asks, "So what do you plan on doing here anyways? There's plenty to do. They've got a spa close by that I like to visit every once in awhile, helps after you've spent countless weeks loading boxes into the backs of mail vans."

      He chuckles slightly, evidently pleased with the luxury of relaxation that is provided by this town.

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    • The young man's face would turn slightly red as he looked back at the table. It seemed like a scene straight out of a movie. "Just some water, please." He'd say before pulling his phone out and setting it down onto the table. Although he tried not to look at the two, he couldn't help but steal glances.

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    • “Battle for Junley V? Ohh, I’m gonna play this first!” The man rushes down to the atm, reading the trade off for the coins.

      Of course, he slaps his first three coins of one for a trade of 90 coins. This is vacation, dang it! Monetary issues were not a problem in the slightest.

      Coming to the arcade for the sci-fi game, he sits down and slides down the first coins required to begin the game “Game on!!”

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    • The young man would raise an eyebrow and stare at the young woman walking away, specifically her tail and ears. Something didn't feel right about her... He was then snapped out of it by the man and looked at him.

      "Anime... I'm indifferent to it. Either way, I think she was cute." He gave a shrug as a feminine called out to him.

      "Oh really? Cuter than me?" A young woman said as she approached.

      "You're late... And yeah, several times cuter." The woman clearly didn't enjoy the response.

      "It takes time to look this great. Anyways, let's get going. I wanna look around the mall!" She said with a bright smile and headed inside. The man sighed, following her inside.

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    • Drake shrugs, "I'm mostly just passing through. Probably hit up that spa though."

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    • (Jester): As soon as three other men take their seats in the spacecraft around Mordekai and have their VR headsets donned the game begins. Mordekai sees himself in a hangar bay with white and red fighters.

      In front of them stands a woman in a blue uniform and an orange ponytail. On her left side is the metal insignia of the fictional faction, the Coalition of Terran Worlds or CTW. She speaks with her voice firm and to the point, "Greetings pilots, I am Commander Dunn. This ship is the carrier known as the Resilience and I'll be overseeing fighter operations while we're at Junley V. We've received reports of a large Waknomari fleet coming to invade the civilian planet and we cannot afford to lose it. The Waknomari are not to be underestimated for they've taken countless human lives and decimated many of our civilizations across the galaxy."

      All of a sudden, the in-game alarm sounds and Commander Dunn glances back for a moment before returning to the players saying, "They're here! Get to your ships, move! I'll be sending you orders as you keep them off the planet!"

      The game takes control of Mordekai's character as well as the others' and moves them inside the available starfighters. As soon as they are out of the hangar Mordekai would have the freedom to move wherever he pleased.

      (Mek): The man who called the strange girl anime trash rolls his eyes and mutters, "Weebs."

      He then proceeds to walk toward the town square.

      Inside the mall, the couple would see plenty of clothing stores. The food court is designated to the right and the arcade known as Retrotopia is straight down the hall. Plenty of choices in this massive building.

      (Addiction): The waiter nods and says, "Alright, I'll be back with your drink soon."

      With that, he walks off. A menu with today's entrees lies off to the side. There's steak, burgers, salads, and pork chops as the main courses.

      One of the ladies giggles at the man and says, "You're quite the fine gent."

      "You run in your spare time?" asks the other, noting his clothing.

      Just then, the waiter returns with the requested glass of water and takes out his notepad offering, "I'm prepared to take your order if you're ready."

      He has his pen out, ready to write down the man's order.

      (RK): The man grins and points down the street saying, "Alright man, just head straight down to the square and head right. It's right there next to Morrison's."

      He places his earbud back in his ear and mutters, "I'll be at the music festival. It's supposed to start in fifteen minutes."

      With that, he walks away down the street.

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    • Drake nods and starts heading toward the spa.

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    • "Thanks," The man would say, shifting his look onto the waiter, "Can I just have the steak? Medium rare, please." He'd explain before taking a small sip from his glass. A smile formed on his face as he looked back at the two. "All the time," He started, "I'm an avid soccer player."

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    • “Well alright then...” Mordekai’s hands shake in anticipation. The headset was not expected from the game, upping the cool factor by much.

      The moment he has control of his avatar, Mordekai presses him forward to his ship, very well ready to take part in the space war.

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    • The young woman would look at the various shops, her eyes practically glowing. "There's so much to look at!"

      "Did you bring money this time?" He asked as he looked around the mall.

      "Yes, I did. Just because I forgot one time doesn't mean I'm always going to forget it." She replied.

      "Good. Last time you forgot your wallet I didn't have enough money to get on the train so I hitchhiked."

      "Wait, really?"

      "Yeah, actually got kidnapped." She gave a look of disbelief before rolling her eyes.

      "You're not funny."

      "You're reaction was, though." She gave a sigh as she spotted a pet shop and started walking over, the young man right behind.

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    • (Jester): The screen shows three enormous dark green alien vessels popping in over a green planet streaked with white clouds and a large gray station loaded with defenses orbiting it. Fighters from both the enemy side and Mordekai's side zoom forward to meet each other head on and soon the space becomes alive with red and yellow laser fire. The bottom left of Mordekai's screen flashes purple and is soon replaced with a video feed of Commander Dunn.

      "Bombers have been spotted zeroing in on the CTW Defense Station Earthworm just ahead. Earthworm's defenses are adequate, but the bombers' payloads are able to take it out with ease if they manage to take down the shields. Wipe them out before they take out the station, otherwise the enemy will have a huge opening for invasion."

      A green box-shaped ship comes up on the display, golden letters appear above and below it reading, "DESTROY FIVE ENEMY BOMBERS".

      (Mek): Plenty of small animals populate the bright yellow pet shop. Puppies, kittens, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, there were even cages at the back of the store housing parrots and lizards. Two employees dressed in blue move from cage to cage feeding the animals.

      A teen girl is holding up a Maltese puppy, unable to contain her affection for it as she rubs her head against its nose.

      A woman in bright pink winter attire appears to fawn over one of the hamster enclosures. She has her tongue hanging out and glances toward the approaching couple, giving them a brief view of her fierce yellow eyes before she returns to the hamster's home.

      (Addiction): The waiter nods at the man and says, "You got it sir. It should be ready within fifteen minutes."

      He leaves toward the kitchen, leaving the athlete alone with the two ladies.

      One of the women appear confused and says, "Soccer? That's new to me."

      The other woman rolls her eyes and explains to the man, "She doesn't get out much. She's obsessed with her violin."

      The offended lady glowers at her friend before turning back to him with a bright smile and asking, "What's your name Mr. Soccer Player?"

      (RK): The spa building has the large white letters "SWEDGEWICK SPA" above it. On the roof of the log style building is a large blue tinted glass cube. Upon entry Drake is greeted with a gray ceramic tile floor, a curved desk and a male receptionist behind it dressed in all white clothing.

      The receptionist smiles at Drake and asks, "Greetings sir, how do you wish to spend your time at our spa? We've got saunas, hot tubs, massage areas, even a swimming pool up top where the cube is along with another jacuzzi. Don't worry, the glass is tinted so no one can look in on you."

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    • “Destroy five? Yea, I can get behind that” he speaks as he starts getting accustomed to the controls. Knowing of what his objective is, he makes use of the basis, flying towards the enemies as the allied ships.

      On the trip to meet the enemy bombers in a race against time, Mordekai presses what is assumed to be the trigger, getting a good preview of what is which and what fun his ship carries. As such, it will be easier to make a first hand guess on what to use against his objectiv.

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    • The young man would chuckle. "My name? Edwyn. People just call me Ed or Eddy, though." It seemed he was a little embarrased by his name, as his voice went quiet whem he said it. His nicknames, however, he seemed much more comfortable with. "And what about you two?"

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    • The man would give the woman in pink a confused look. "What the hell... Is she doing...?" He thought to himself as his friend went over to the puppy pen. "Aw, hey there little guy." She cooed at a puppy German Sherperd. The young man would shake his head, quickly forgetting about the strange woman and went over to his friend.

      "Are you really going to get a pet?" She looked over at him with a confused look.

      "I kinda want to, why?"

      "Don't. You can barely take care of yourself." He said, crossing his arms.

      "I take care of myself just fine."

      "If forgetting dinner because you stayed up most of the night on the computer to finish up work is the definition than your doing just fine." He gave a sigh as he went over next to her.

      "It's work. I need to do it so, you know, I earn money and make a living."

      "Fair point... Well, at least you have me around. Who knows what state you'd be in without me around."

      "I get it. I already thank you enough as it is. Do you want me to worship you and kiss the ground you walk on?"

      "...If I say yes?"

      "Nope. Not doing it." She gave a laugh as she patted the German Shepherd pup.

      "Well, I'm deeply disappointed. Would have been funny." He said, giving a shrug. "Also, maybe not a dog but..."

      "But what?"

      "A rock."

      "...You're SO hilarious that I forgot to laugh." She said sarcastically, moving away from the pen. "Come on, let's go get something to eat at the food court." The young man would follow.

      "Just think about it though. I can glue some googly eyes on it and I wouldn't have to scold you for not taking care of it." He Joked.

      "Yeah, yeah, I'll think about it..."

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    • Drake shrugs, "I think I'll check out the hot tubs."

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    • (Jester): The trigger releases a yellow laser when pressed, which zips out toward the enemy. There is also a secondary trigger that fires a blue missile when pressed which will home in on enemy targets. White arrows spawn over several enemy vessels, highlighting what the bombers are.

      The designated targets are gradually closing in on the station.

      (Mek): The food court has several choices, Blastoff Burgers, a burger joint with an atompunk theme, Pharoah's Pizza, a pizzeria with a clear Egyptian theme, Weebly's which specializes in seafood, and Chad's Pretzels for if they wanted soft pretzels.

      Many of the tables present are occupied by people consuming the delicacies bought from one of the four fast food restaurants. Chatter is ever present and echoes throughout the mall.

      (Addiction): "Edwyn is a cute name," the woman replies as she gestures to herself and states, "I'm Theta."

      She motions toward the other lady and says, "That's my sister Delilah."

      "We'll call you Ed if you prefer it though honey," Theta says as she wears a fake expression of sadness.

      Delilah chuckles and says, "We've always found it more respectful to call people by their full first name."

      Minutes later, the waiter returns with Ed's steak and sets it down on his table saying, "Here you go sir. Enjoy!"

      Then he leaves, and Ed is left with a juicy, mouth-watering steak that was cooked exactly the way he wanted it.

      (RK): The receptionist pats his hands against the desks and says, "Very good sir. Just so you're aware since the music festival is happening we allow our guests to use our services for a free two hours."

      He points down the hall and states, "Just head down that way to the locker rooms to get changed. The signs further in will tell you where everything is."

      All of a sudden, a woman in a white bikini stumbles backwards out of a door and receives a pair of red boxers to the face. She has lengthy purple hair, scarlet jewelry on her hands and when she removes the boxers from her face her crimson eyes could be seen.

      "I wasn't peeping you guys, gosh!" she whines as she stamps her foot in anger.

      The receptionist scoffs at the scene and glances toward Drake muttering, "Looks like the roles have reversed. Normally it's the guys who get in trouble for perving."

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    • I give her a scathing glare, the kind of look that would send most street toughs packing, "I suggest that you do that with me ma'am. I don't appreciate my privacy being invaded so casually."

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    • "Thank you," Ed would say before looking back at the two, "Theta and Delihlah? Those are two pretty names." He'd then take a moment to try a piece of the steak. It was impossible not two.

      "My god," He thought, "This is delicious." If it weren't for the conversation, he might've stopped breathing just to eat the steak. "And I'm fine with you both calling me Edwyn." Immediately he returned to eating the steak. Maybe it was that good, maybe he was just hungry, maybe it was both.

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    • "Let's get some soft pretzels!" The young woman said, walking over and getting in line with the man in tow.

      "Sounds good..." The two would stand in silence for a bit before the woman spoke up.

      "So, how's your progress on quitting?"

      "Quitting what?"

      "Smoking." She replied.

      "Oh, that. I'm down from smoking 5 to 2 a week."

      "Good!" She exclaimed in a happy tone and a smile. They'd then get their pretzels with cheese dip and head over to an empty table. "I remember how you'd always feel like smoking. You know, without me hounding you about it you'd probably be smoking way more than 5 a weak by now."

      "Yeah, I guess without you I wouldn't have gotten the progress I have now. Saving a lot more cash now, too." They then sit down at the table.

      "Do I get some kind of reward for my valiant efforts getting you to quit." She said smugly.

      "Depends, what do you want?"

      "How about... Worshipping me and kissing the ground I walk on?"

      "Hm... That doesn't cost money... So..." He scratched his chin, seemingly thinking about.

      "Wait, really?"

      "Hm... I'll think on it." The both of them would then share a laugh and start eating.

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    • Wasting no more time the moment he understands his arsenal, Mordekai presses on, ignoring most of the present hostiles, confident about the allied a.i. mending with them.

      He presses forward, converging on the nearest outlined bomber approaching the objective. Considering the distance, he launches his azure missile straight on the straggler behind the rest “Boom! Eat it!” His words are delivered in jubilee, yet tame tone.

      Immediately following the first kill, Mordekai sets on rushing for the bomber near the objective, intended on destroying it while forcing those in the middle to abandon their immediate task and chasing him or risk destruction.

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    • (Jester): Two enemy fighters pursue Mordekai's fighter, their red lasers zooming past as he focuses on the bomber about to unleash its payload on the objective.

      Back in reality though, there appears to be faint screaming coming from outside Retrotopia. Seconds later that screaming is carried into the arcade and Mordekai's screen briefly experiences static as the entire station shakes from something heavy landing on it.

      One of the men in the ship with Mordekai yells out, "Holy balls!" as he and the others are faced with a creature possessing a purple arachnid body, the torso of a human woman, and bears a bizarre six red eyes. She wears a sadistic grin as the men try to scramble out of the machine. One of them isn't so lucky as the monster shots out a thick string of web that entraps the man and keeps him glued to his seat.

      "Shit, someone help me!" he screams out, but the other patrons are already running for their lives out of the arcade.

      (Mek): As the couple enjoy their meal, terrified shouts can be heard further away and a crowd can be seen fleeing. Some of the consumers in the food court give various words of puzzlement in wonder of what the incident is, but the sound of shattering glass makes a few jump and scream.

      A seven foot tall figure falls from the glass dome above the food court and lands directly on one of the thankfully empty tables, absolutely pulverizing it. It appears to be a humanoid female with a muscular body, bull horns on her head, fur covering her legs, hooves, and a large morningstar in her hands.

      People panic and scatter away from the woman as she picks up a nearby man with one hand and carries him toward the Weebly's.

      "Sup cutie!?" calls out a familiar voice, and the couple can see the purple girl from earlier, perched on one of the supports with an innocent grin. She then leaps from the metal beam, diving straight for the man.

      (Addiction): Theta chuckles and says, "Thanks, but we'll stick with Ed."

      The two ladies turn towards the windows and the citizens can be seen scattering in different directions. One doesn't need to wonder why they're running for long as several strange creatures can be seen milling about, picking up whatever unlucky victim happens to be near them.

      "Looks like it's started," Delilah remarks.

      Theta's smile turns suggestive and she says, "Looks like we can act now."

      As if on cue, a pair of wings and a tail grow out of their backs.

      Delilah giggles and says, "We're going to make you feel really good soon!"

      Theta pats Delilah on her shoulder and says, "Delilah, shouldn't you be helping with the summoning circles?"

      Delilah rises from her seat and says, "Right, but..." she glances toward Ed and adds, "What about him?"

      "I'll make sure he won't get away sister. For now just get outside and make sure that the others can get in," Theta replies.

      "Got it Theta," Delilah says and proceeds to fly out through the window, smashing it in the process.

      There is a bashing sound and one of the creatures rushes in through the front. She looks like a human woman but, she has goat horns on her head and purple furry legs that are shaped like a goat's. She spots the winery and shouts, "WINE!"

      An ecstatic expression appears on her face as she dives at the winery and begins pulling them out of their holes. She consumes them one by one and appears to be in heaven.

      An even greater crashing sound is heard from the front and a tall red muscular being with white hair and a large mace storms in. She rushes toward the winery where the goat girl is and booms, "Don't leave none left for me now!"

      She joins her partner in crime in emptying the winery of its alcoholic refreshments and Theta rolls her eyes at the spectacle.

      The monster then focuses her full attention on Ed and mutters in a sensual tone, "Now, let us see how well you can truly run...Ed."

      She jumps at the man, intent on grabbing him and pinning him to the seat.

      (RK): The woman gives Drake a searing glare of her own and hisses, "I wasn't even addressing you you dimwit!"

      "Calm down ma'am and pl...holy hell what is happening out there?" the receptionist mutters with a worried expression at the scene outside.

      People are in a panic scrambling in all directions and there are odd creatures going after them. Some are unlucky and get picked up or tackled to the ground by the monsters almost immediately.

      The man's eyes dart from side to side nervously and he whispers, "This crap ain't normal."

      Instead of an expression of fear or concern, the woman wears a huge smile and beams, "It's starting now? Great, I can finally ditch this worthless disguise!"

      She becomes engulfed in a purple mist, and when it dissipates it leaves a sight that makes the receptionist cry out, "Holy crap what is that!?"

      What stands there now is a woman with fangs, purple skin and a purple snake tail curled around her. Instead of her bikini top she has on an ornate metal bra. She licks her lips at Drake and speaks with a sinister vibe, "You know, I was going to play with all of the men in that changing room, but since you decided to snark at me I think I'll punish you first!"

      She charges toward Drake, her tail smashing against the wall leaving a small hole in it. The receptionist screams in terror and flees in the opposite direction.

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    • "What...the...hell..." spouts Mordekai as he himself bursts out of his chair. His hand dives in his pocket, reaching for the cellphone he has. His steps carry him outside among other running patrons.

      He know not what this is, other than the cross between spider and woman. Obviously, going in a tango with it is a no-no. Mordekai knows not how to fight, nor does he carry a firearm. Not that it would help, seeing hos he had no knowledge of handling one.

      Instead, he flees, slapping his hood over as well as a edition mask isolating his face utterly, a fallacy of safety, he knows. The only thing keeping him from panicking utterly. His hand goes next to his ear as he runs further, making use of the parkour he enjoys during week-ends.

      "9-1-1! There's a freak in the arcade! Something looking like it just came out of a military base!"

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    • The amount of information Ed had to take in was astronomical. He could not begin to fathom what was happening. Only two things went through his mind. "You're about to die," and... "RUN!"

      Grabbing the glass, he'd shove it forward, knocking the water into Theta's face, aiming for her eyes. Then, he'd let out a scream as if he was about to die before diving out of his seat and think. Running out the front exit would surely be suicide. Gah! He had no time to think, sprinting outside, he'd stop for mere moments to get a familiarity of his surroundings before Theta got out to get him. "What in the actual hell?!" His thoughts raced through his mind. This couldn't be real... It seemed like something straight out of a movie!

        Loading editor
    • Drake freezes for a moment in shock, but seeing the purple snake woman making her move he quickly flings his backpack, loaded with heavy books, at her he throws himself out of the way of her scaly bulk. The backpack clocks the her in the forehead and tumbles over her, the distraction providing enough time for him to escape the charge. The impact also rattling her skull a bit anf would have left a bruise were her skin not already purple.

      As he hits the ground he quickly rolls to his feet. He cautiously stands up and analyzes the situation as the apophis rights herself.

      He narrows his eyes quickly thinking to himself, 'Damn. No time to panic right now. What the hell is she? Some kind of demon snake woman? Her tails pretty muscular. Fangs too, bettin she's venomous. Elapidae? Doesn't matter. I can't afford to get bit and if her tail works anything like an actual snake, I'm not gonna outrun her.'

      Drake reaches into his coat and pulls out the heavy duty, collapsible snak hook that he always keeps on hand and extends it out to its full length, "This is definitely real but I'm not exactly scared of snakes. So... you gonna tell me why I'm suddenly in some urban fantasy? Or are you gonna keep failing to eat me?"

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    • The man would look towards the screaming, raising an eyebrow.

      "Uh... Lucus..." His friend said with a look of concern as she too looked in the direction of the screaming. Lucus would slowly get out of his seat.

      "Elizabeth, get up..." He said and in the few following moments, the bull-horned girl would fall through the roof. He watched, stunned by the sight, his eyes wide opened. He then snapped out of it at the familiar voice and looked around to spot her moments before she pounced.

      "Lucus!" Elizabeth called, looking quite terrified but Lucus managed to dodge just in time, letting the girl collide with the table and chairs. Not wasting any more time, he grabs Elizabeth by the hand and they run off full speed. "Lucus! W-what was that!?"

      "I don't fucking know!" Lucus responded, his mind racing.

      "Where are we going!?"

      "I don't know! Away from her!" He responded, now wondering where they should go.

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    • (Jester): Fortunately for Mordekai, the scary spider woman appears more interested in the man that she just bound in her web and proceeds to jump on top of him.

      In a rare occurrence, all Mordekai can hear is static on the other end of the line. The emergency phone lines must be overwhelmed at the moment.

      Out in the hall though throngs are fleeing and screaming from other kinds of monsters that are trailing them. Some of the men are picked up and carried off by them. A few signs above show him the direction of mulitiple exits along with two parking garages.

      One monster in particular, a blue-skinned woman with white hair and a small chunk of ice attached to it has Mordekai in her sights. She holds her hand out and a shard of ice forms in her palm. She then points in Mordekai's direction and the chilling projectile shoots toward him.

      (Mek): The feline girl knocks over a chair and looks toward the fleeing couple.

      Both Elizabeth and Lucus join the crowd in running away from the danger which consists of other monsters, some of which have already caught their victims. A large dark green snake-like tail emerges from the pet shop and coils around a screaming employee who tried to escape, only to helplessly be dragged back in.

      As they run signs above point them to a few exits, two of which involve parking garages.

      "Where you running to cutie!?" the purple girl calls out to Lucus and she can be seen perched on one of the signs of the clothing stores. She seems to have gotten there quick, but how so wouldn't matter as she is now leaping toward Lucus again. However, when she's halfway to him, she is overtaken by an explosion of bright pink smoke and vanishes only to reappear closer to his flank and jump at him again.

      At the same time, but further away, a blue punkish woman with strange blue clothing steps into view and points her finger at Elizabeth. A bolt of lighting ejects from it and streaks toward her.

      (Addiction): Theta cries out in surprise as she is splashed with the cold water.

      Outside, it's a scene of complete chaos. Monsters are grabbing men left and right and several of the winged monsters smash into the large glass extension of Swedgewick Spa, soon coming back out carrying men who wear little to no clothing.

      An angry voice shouts out to Ed from behind, but it's not Theta's. "Ho ho ho, now where do you think you're going cutie!?"

      The red figure from before is rapidly coming toward him brandishing her mace.

      People are pouring out of the mall as fast as they can. A nearby man is sitting on the ground with his head tucked between his legs. "This has to be a dream this has to be a dream..." he mumbles repeatedly.

      A white figure steps out from a china shop across from Morrison's. She has on a furry white bikini, possesses thick furry arms and legs, a blue scarf, and fuzzy white hair.

      She spots Ed and a huge smile spreads across her face. She runs toward him with her arms outstretched, almost like she wants to give him a hug.

      (RK): The snake woman says nothing. Instead, she picks up the phone on the desk and hurls it at Drake. Even though it is attached to the cord, he is still in range to be hit. She then follows up with an attempt at whacking her tail across his face.

      Up above the muffled sound of shattering glass can be heard.

      "Crap!" the receptionist cries out, huddled behind a potted plant.

      Back in the hall women can be seen dashing out of their own changing rooms in multiple states of undress.

      "Fuck that thing!" one of them shouts as another monster emerges from the changing room.

      She is purple like the snake, but she has several green eyes on top of her head. A squid-like apparel rests on her waist and she has slim tentacles flowing around her. Instead of legs or a tail she has some kind of slimy appendage that allows her movement.

      She moves into the men's changing room, and soon there is a cacophony of terrified screams.

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    • "What the fuck are these things?! They're everywhere!" It seemed trying to find somewhere to hide was going to be easier said then done. As much as he wanted to help the man on the ground, waiting any longer would most likely mean his end. Then he heard the voice behind him, and he could only assume it was towards him. Not only that, but something else was running straight at him. The Mall and China Shop were a big no-no, meaning he'd start running down the street, constantly looking over his shoulder and watching for a suitable building to hide in. This was what years of running was useful for.

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    • "Come on! Are you serious right now?" he calmy rattles his phone, making yet another phone call...

      ...or at least, he would, were the azure-skinned woman not looking back into his masked face.

      "Another one? Really?" Putting his phone back in his pocket, he hunches, preparing who whatever. A good stance, for the icicle is quick and straight. The man dives lower, ducking under the projectile.

      "Really? Do I look like I have a huge bull's eye on my back?" he mutters under himself as he proceeds to rush toward the biggest accumulation of people. There is safety in numbers, after all. Should everything good relatively well, his plan of escape is marked. Straight to the parking garage. Perhaps someone has a car ready to go...

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    • Drake ducks under the phone and quickly thwacks her tail with the snake hook before it hits him. A move more akin to chastising an unruly dog than a legitimate attack, giving a sharp stinging blow but not actually causing any damage.

      Drake mostly ignores the what's happening around him so l9ng as it doesn't pertain to him, locking his eyes on the Apophis but not focusing on anyone part of her, "That was rude."

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    • The pounce would have caught Lucus... If it weren't for him spotting the punkish woman pointing at Elizabeth. Having the ever so slightest bad feeling he pushed Elizabeth down, dodging the cat woman and saving Elizabeth from the lightning bolt and it hitting the cat woman. He'd quickly get to his feet, immediately getting Elizabeth to her feet without giving her time to think and the two sprinted off into the parking garage.

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    • (Jester): Mordekai along with the frightened crowd spill out of the mall and into the second level of the parking garage. People of all shapes and sizes reach their cars. Some struggle for their keys while others fling open the doors and hop in. The once peaceful scene is now choked with multiple vehicles struggling to squeeze into the lower level of the parking garage along with blaring horns. One truck even goes so far as to try to smash its way through the mass of trapped vehicles, but only succeeds in making it several feet.

      The monsters soon breach the parking garage and are quick to start picking escapees out of their vehicles, some going as far as ripping the metal boxes' entire roofs off.

      Nearby a tall muscular bull-horned woman armed with a battle axe runs up to a black jeep that is still parked and tears away the driver side door with one hand. The driver screams as he is taken out of his one chance of escape and the monster soon jumps over the ledge with her.

      A vehicle has become available for Mordekai, and with a stroke of luck it is facing the opposite aisle and has its keys already in the ignition, so reversing wouldn't be necessary. The only question is would Mordekai be able to make it out without getting caught? The window of opportunity is closing rapidly, so a decision would need to be made.

      A skinny man is seen racing toward the ledge overlooking the street below chased by a large green-skinned monster. He leaps over it and his pursuer literally crashes through it. A makeshift exit wide enough for the jeep has just been made, if Mordekai chooses to take that extreme route.

      (Mek): The feline screams as she is struck by the other woman's lightning and sent sprawling to the floor.

      The couple make it to the second floor of the parking garage and spot a crazy scene as multiple vehicles struggle to move through the down ramp only to be caught in a jam. Frightened horns fill the air as a truck attempts to ram through it, but is rather unsuccessful in its attempt and only proceeds to get several desperate drivers more stuck than before.

      The monsters enter and begin plucking the occupants from their vehicles. Another bull-horned woman rips off the driver side door of a close by black jeep and drags out its screaming operator. She then jumps over the ledge with her package, leaving the jeep free for the taking albeit without a door to allow the driver a layer of protection.

      Another man leaps off the parking garage chased by a tall green-skinned monster who smashes her way through the concrete, leaving a hole in her wake.

      (Addiction): Two monsters are now coming after Ed, and the voice of Theta rings out, "Naughty one you are!"

      Theta is flying high above Ed and appears to be gradually descending closer to him every second. Ed passes by Delilah who appears to be setting up some kind of glowing purple rod. Straight ahead though is a supermarket with its path clear of any monsters. He'll have to be fast though, as the heavy metal gate is slowly closing over the doors. A quicker pace will be needed if he is to make it.

      (RK): The snake girl hisses from the brief tinge of pain and growls at Drake, "Shut it you ass!"

      She spits at Drake and then dives low towards him, extending her fangs with her intention being a bite on his leg.

      Wood smashes behind the dueling duo and the receptionist screams out, "Crap!"

      He is currently being pinned against the wall by a monster who has a feminine body but also appears to have stone-like structures wrapped around her. Her expression is dull, but she mutters one simple word, "Mine."

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    • Drake doesn't move as the Apophis rushes at his leg. And continues to not react as she sinks her fangs into his shin. The Apophis is surprised to find that she isn't getting the expected taste of blood that should have come with her fangs piercing into his calf. Her surprise is then interrupted by the same feeling of beeing thwacked by a snake hook is repeated, this time on the top of her head instead of her tail.

      Drake looks down at the snake woman knawing at his snake guards after having once again thwacked her with his snake hook, "You know, against anyone else, that might have worked. Still..."

      "THAT'S NO EXCUSE FOR ACTING LIKE A DOG!!!" Drake suddenly roars while kicking the leg with the grape snek attached with a savage fury, sending her tumbling off and toppling into the stone woman, knocking her off of the receptionist.

      Drake glares at the receptionist, "Start running."

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    • Ed would run as fast as he could, reaching just over 31k/m an hour. Of course, at this speed, he wouldn't be able to maintain it for long, just long enough to make it passed the gate, maybe. Hopefully. His heart was pounding. "Oh shit! No, no, no!" Of course, he heard Theta, but he didn't want to respond. It would be a waste of breath and energy, something he couldn't afford to lose. Delilah was a flash, pretty much, and he couldn't fully tell what she was doing. His focus was on reaching the gate.

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    • “A Jeep! Time to channel my inner ‘Crazy Taxi’! Objective: get the hell out of this military disaster!” Mordekai spring, weaves and slides all over the wreck of car around, making use of his parkour to dodge all with utmost efficiency.

      Jumping into the Jeep, he spins the wheel straight for the extreme option, the ledge “Crazy taxi! Let’s go, go, go!” He stomps his feet into the accelerator and rushes through the ledge, hoping to meet a favorable result on the other side.

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    • Lucus and Elizabeth would have also made it to the jeep as Mordekai. Lucus got in the back and Elizabeth got in the passenger seat. Elizabeth looked quite frightened and Lucus stared out the window for any danger.

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    • (Jester & Mek): As Lucus watches for trouble he sees a woman in purple winter wear jogging toward them, but she isn't like the feline from earlier. As she gets closer Lucus can see that she has a pair of scarlet red eyes and has pale white skin from her mostly covered face.

      "Hey, wait for me!" she calls out, but Mordekai had already punched the gas and was accelerating rapidly toward the hole. The jeep shoots out of the parking garage and lands in the street below. It's quite a violent landing that causes the occupants to bounce upwards and both of the right side passenger windows to shatter.

      The street has several abandoned vehicles that are easy to navigate around and people are still running amok. A few monsters are also present, but they don't seem interested in the jeep for the time being.

      The radio has a frantic voice shouting, "It appears that these monster attacks are happening all across Lordoggi. Anyone in the Swedgewick area are advised to make their way to the Toplite Convention Center on 4th Park Avenue where evacuations are being held and food, services and shelter are being provided."

      (Addiction): Ed makes it in the nick of time just as the gate shuts out the other mamono. Both monsters on foot skid to a stop and Theta hovers above shaking her head in disapproval.

      "Holy shit man, are you alright? You nearly became monster chow out there!" asks one of the grocers who is armed with a piece of lead pipe.

      "Monster chow!? What the hell do you idiots take us for!?" shouts the red giant, clearly offended.

      "I just want to give you a hug," states the fluffy monster to Ed.

      "These freaks have got to be fucking with us," retorts a man close to the shelves armed with a steel chair.

      (RK): The receptionist nods and tries to run, but he doesn't get far as the stone woman recovers from her fall and grabs him in a flash. He yells in terror as she tears off his pants and a set of car keys clatters to the floor next to the stunned snake woman.

      The stone woman steps back through the hole she made with the screaming receptionist. At this time, a few men race out of their changing room with terrified yells. Some only have towels covering their nether regions, others have nothing. They scramble out front, and seconds later the man who Drake met back at the station steps in with a mortified expression.

      "Luke, Luke you here!?" he calls out. He sees the snake woman along with the receptionist's keys and he muttered, "Shit those are his keys! Don't tell me they got him."

      He spots Drake and says, "W-we gotta get to the convention center. That's where the evacuations will be happening."

      Swifter than a shooting star he swipes the keys from the monster who was now recovering from the furious beating she received from Drake.

      The man races past Drake toward the hall and says, "Luke's car is out back, c'mon man hurry!"

      The purple monster glares at Drake seething with anger. "You really want me to punish you, don't you you stubborn bastard!?" she hisses. She leaps at Drake, her fangs this time poised to sink into his shoulder.

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    • Elizabeth would cover her head with her arms as the passenger window shattered. Meanwhile, Lucus starts to search the back for anything useful. While he didn't expect much he was hoping for at least a can of hairspray.

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    • "Holy... Shit..." Ed would have one hand pressed against his chest, hard. "I'm fine, I think. Yeah." His voice was one with little confidence, and his breathing was fast, very fast.  "I barely made it." He thought, looking at the closed gate with a fearful look plastered on his face. "Hug?" He sounded dumbfounded. All of this was happening too fast.

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    • Drake swiftly dunks under her, letting her go flying overhead and smash face first into a wall. As she falls to ground Drake is on suddenly on top of her, a boot fimrly planted on the back of her head and the snake hook catching her by the throat and pulling upwards into said boot.

      He growls down at her, "Move and I crush your throat."

      He chuckles darkly, "Listen here pet, I'm afraid that you bit off more than you could swallow. I'm not some average schlub off the street. I've worked with rattlesnakes. I've wrestled gators into submission. I've trained lizards big enough to tear your guts out on accident. Against anyone else, you would have overpowered them hands down. Had you been anything had you been that boulder woman or that tentacle bitch, you'd have probably won. But you weren't. You were unlucky to go after what is likely the only guy in town who specializes in dealing with the big and dangerous scalies. Life dealt you bad hand and the only getting punished for it is you, because when something scaly and I come into conflict one of two things happen."

      He presses down with his boot, "It either goes back to wherever it came from knowing to not ever try to bite me again or..."

      Drake lowers his hand and genly pets along the back of her head, "It becomes my well trained, and well cared for pet. Since you're clearly sapient and can understand what I mean, I'll let you decide which one you'd rather have..."

      Drake returns to his full height, "Either way, I get what I want."

      With that Drake removes his boot and his snake hook before grabbing his back pack, never turning his back to the downed snake woman.

      He moves towards the man with the keys, "Lead the way. If she follows us, get out without me."

      As he makes to leave Drake addresses the Apophis once more, "Though since you are an interesting specimen, I'll let you know the name of the man who you should know as king. I am Drake Plissken, but you can call me Boss."

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    • Mordekai has no thoughts for the sudden passengers in the Jeep he ‘borrowed’, all too focused on navigating through the cars and people splintered across the streets.

      “Toplite convention! You got it chef” he speaks to himself, a sort of mechanism to cope with what he’s doing. A car stolen from the previous occupant wrangling with a monster for his dear life. Quite the impact on Mordekai. The swat mask he happened to wear, another coping mechanism.

      He hurries, making little of the bounce from the landing.

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    • (Jester & Mek): Unfortunately, Lucus's search turns up nothing as the back is completely empty.

      As Mordekai drives he comes upon two paths that would take him to the convention center. On the left is a ramp that would take him up to the expressway that although would be the most direct route to their destination it is more than likely going to be congested with abandoned vehicles which would require some skilled driving to avoid. The alternative is going through a middle class neighborhood with a complex road network but less likelihood of roadblocks that would bring him to a highway that would be another albeit less direct route to the convention center.

      (Addiction): One of the other survivors jogs up to Ed and says, "Don't listen to her dude. They're only trying to trick us."

      "No we're not! We would never even think of killing you!" the fuzzy monster cries as she pounds her fist against the gate.

      "Keep telling us that you furry abominable snowman!" the man shouts at her adding, "You ain't fooling us!"

      He then leans down toward Ed and mutters, "Me and several others are planning on using the sewer system to get to Toplite Convention Center. Choppers are supposed to get everyone out over there."

      "That's suicide you dumbfuck!" the grocer snaps at the man, "Do you have any idea how extensive the sewer system is!? You'd be going in circles for hours before you found the right way! And how do you know that those monsters aren't populating them already!?"

      "We aren't staying here waiting to be slaughtered, that's for damn sure!" the man retorts.

      Theta just looks completely done and the giant raises her mace shouting, "That's it, we're coming in!"

      She begins smashing her mace against the gate and a portion of it begins to fold inwards much to the shock of both the grocer and the man. Other monsters show up and begin to pound on the gate causing more of it to give way.

      "Don't worry Ed! Once I nab you we'll have lots of fun together!" Theta announces as she eagerly waits for the gate to fall.

      "No!" the grocer cries out in disbelief.

      "Dude, c'mon we gotta go!" the man shouts as he taps Ed on his shoulder and joins three others at the back of the supermarket who are preparing to exit out to the loading dock armed with a small assortment of melee weapons.

      (RK): "You're not a king. You're just a gutless bastard!" the defeated snake woman grumbles at Drake as he joins his new partner in the hall.

      "Right this way," the man states as he steps through a door labeled, "EMPLOYEES ONLY" and enters a rather large office space. He leads Drake through another door and they both arrive outside in a small parking lot with several cars. A sign by the door in blue letters reads, "EMPLOYEE PARKING ONLY".

      "That's his car," the man says as he points to a white 1980s station wagon with the classic wooden strip. The vehicle itself looks surprisingly well kept despite its age.

      Once he's at the driver's side door he opens it and says, "Name's Cade by the way."

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    • "What in the hell is this psycholigical mindfuckery?!" Ed thought. Once he saw the door being slammed down, he knew no where was safe. "Oh, god, stop! Please!" He'd shout, keeping one hand on his chest.

      Grabbing anything that serve as a weapon, he'd join the four ready to make a break for it, watching the main gate as he did so. "This has to be some military fuck-up," He thought, "That's the only way." It was the only thing he could come up with to explain this.

      "Okay, okay. Whats the plan here? 'Cuz we have to go!" He announced, watching the main gate being pummled down. They had to hurry, because who knows what was on the other side of that door.

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    • "Tss!!!" Mordekai spends a few seconds pondering the paths. Long but uninterrupted. Short and bloated. Hmm...

      "I refuse to be a sitting duck" he finally spouts, going for the complex network, full pedal. The Jeep screeches as it gains traction, florring it at his whim. His drive is meticulous, twice as vigilant as a casual driver. Briefly, his eyes nod down on the sports bag he had with him. Able with one hand, he keeps his other hand on it, waiting the fateful moment for the need...

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    • Drake get's into the passenger seat, resting his backpack in his lap, "Drake, though I suppose you heard that back when I was dealing with the snake woman."

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    • Seeing as there was nothing of use, Lucus would put his hands against his face, giving a long sigh."How the hell did we make it out of there...?" Elizabeth would look over.

      "Are you OK?" Clearly worried.

      "Yeah, I'm fine..."

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    • (Jester & Mek): The neighborhood is rather calm compared to the town. Several vehicles are parked alongside the road and in driveways. A family of four are seen loading essentials into the back of a red minivan. As they come upon a t-intersection a teal pickup truck is spotted lying on its side, a large hole in the front windshield.

      If anyone is to look back now, they would see a few streaks of pink lightning shoot toward the sky. A large black ring forms and a wave of purple extends outward across the cloudy white sky. Another ring further away is created from another source of pink lightning and it too is transforming the troposphere into a vibrant shade of purple.

      A blue circle forms inside the ring that is closer to the group and figures begin to slowly descend from it as they do the other ring.

      "It appears that the sky is becoming purple and now has these portals forming, allowing more of these monsters to enter Lordoggi. Everyone who is still able-bodied is encouraged to get to safety as soon as possible. May God have mercy on us all," says the voice on the radio.

      (Addiction): The monsters laugh as Ed begs for them to stop, proceeding to further tear down the gate. As he asks the group what their plan is the man who talked to him earlier explains, "Just a block down from here is a building that will take us down to the sewers. We'll navigate them to get us as close as we can to Toplite."

      He gestures to a slightly chubby man armed with a wooden broom handle and wearing a black snow cap, red sweater, black jeans, and white sneakers and says, "Francisco here was a smuggler back in the day. He knows the underground maze better than anyone. He'll be our guide."

      "Now let's get a move on for our lives!" the man declares as the five of them rush out to the loading dock and head out into the street.

      "Come on come on stick together!" the man orders as he waves his claw hammer in the air.

      They're all proceeding down the street when suddenly a scream is heard from them. Their rear member has been pinned by a muscular woman that has black striped markings on her face with tiger fur on her arms and legs, an orange striped feline tail, and a green furry bikini complete with a small bell and a pair of golden pauldrons that resemble tiger heads.

      "Donnie!" another one of their group members shouts as he tries to save their captured ally only to be held back by the leader who orders, "Leave him Stu, leave him! He's a goner now! Our own safety matters at this point!"

      "He's my brother!" the man cries as he struggles to break free from the man's grip to rescue his sibling.

      "Fuck that man! Leave me!" Donnie shouts to the group as the tiger woman tears off his white jacket and green t-shirt, exposing his chest to the frigid air.

      "No!" the man screams as Francisco now joins in trying to keep him from attempting to be a hero.

      Up above though, pink lightning shoots toward the sky and soon creates a massive black ring. An endless wave of purple emerges from the ring, changing the sky into its corresponding color. Then a blue circle forms within the ring and a stream of monsters descend from it toward the town square.

      (RK): "Yeah," Cade mumbles as he starts up the engine and pulls out of the parking lot. In the back seat is a black and red tennis bag.

      They both head down the road, passing by a parking garage packed with vehicles that were evidently trying to escape the scene, but became trapped and had their occupants removed judging from the large amount of broken windows and torn open tops.

      "So glad that my friend didn't park it in there," Cade quipped as he drove along toward two paths.

      "Two ways to get to the convention center from here. The expressway on the left is a direct shot and the neighborhood on the right which should lead us to a highway that will take us to where we need to go. Both have their pros and cons. As I said the expressway will take us straight there, but will likely have a load of abandoned vehicles. The neighborhood is likely to be more clear, but navigating it will be the trick as it is large and built like a maze. Plus I'm not too familiar with it since I rarely enter it," he explains.

      His face becomes aghast as he looks up to the sky and gasps, "Holy shit!"

      A large black ring has formed above the center of Swedgewick thanks in part to a bolt of purple lightning that was shooting up from the ground below. Purple extends forth from the ring, overtaking the white overcast sky and soon a blue circle appears inside the ring followed by an increasing number of monsters descending from it.

      "Which way man, quick!" Cade asks Drake hurriedly.

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    • Ed stopped for only a moment to watch as Donnie got pinned. Then he noticed the sky becoming fucked. "Uh, the sky!" He'd shout before looking back at the three men that were still standing. "We're sitting ducks out here! We have to go!" To risk all four of them just for one who was already caught wasn't worth it.

      Clutching his table leg, he'd get ready to run. Donnie got snatched just like that, what was stopping that happening to any one of them left?

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    • "The Neighborhood. If the Expressway is blocked off we'll be sitting ducks. If all else fails we can hide in the houses." Says Drake glaring out the window.

        Loading editor
    • "Hmm...the sky's getting...violet" Mordekai notes at the helm of the Jeep. The lightning, the breach, the violent beasts coming from an unknown place. All of it sounds like a military project gone wrong.

      Well, if he can't reach the evacuation rendez-vous, then at least houses will be available to hide in for a slower extraction. Mordekai sighs at the headache of all of this happening "Annoying. All of this is annoying. Damn military, why did they need to try breaching somewhere else?"

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    • Lucus and Elizabeth sat in silence, trying to relax from their previous encounters.

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    • (Jester & Mek): For the time being, the drive through the neighborhood is rather uneventful. Each turn that Mordekai makes could either be bringing the group closer or further from the highway needed to get them closer to the convention center. This moment of respite is the perfect opportunity for some small talk if anyone so chooses to get to know the other.

      (Addiction): "How the heck is that happening!?" the leader shouts as he looks up at the purple sky that is spawning in more of the monsters. "Aliens!" Francisco cries out.

      "We gotta go now!" the leader barks.

      The group runs down the street toward a small stone structure. The leader doesn't bother to turn the handle and instead bashes his way into the building. The group is met with a network of pipes and valves running along the wall on the opposite side of their entry point and a stairwell leading down to a left turn.

      "Over there," the leader whispers, pointing to the stairwell. The group moves down it and find a steel mesh door lying flat on the floor. The unpleasant smell of peoples' breakfast, lunch, and dinner reek in the air. Pieces of trash can be seen floating above the murky water in the otherwise dimly-lit tunnel.

      "Eugh, horrible. Hope you all have strong stomachs for this trip, the last thing we want is for our puke to lead those things right to us," the leader mutters as he waves his hand and points forward, "Take the lead Francisco."

      Francisco nods and moves in front of the group, leading them along one of the ledges with a blue guardrail beside the polluted underground river.

      "Keep your eyes and ears peeled people. With that door down there's a good chance that there are monsters in here," the leader whispers.

      (RK): "Neighborhood it is then," Cade says and he drives the car into it, "But I genuinely don't think that hiding in the houses is a good idea. I feel that it would be safer at the convention center where everyone is you get me?"

      Cade drives through the vast network of streets, occasionally running into a dead end and being forced to turn around. He flashes Drake an embarrassed grin each time he does so, not wanting to look like a fool in front of his potential new friend in this troubling time.

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    • "Oh, fuck. I don't like any of this." Ed muttered under his breath, taking the job of the rear guard after the old ones, erm, 'accident'. He wasn't enjoying any of this. The stench, it was horrid. And the thought of being hunted down in here was hovering over his shoulders. But, it beat getting nabbed but whatever those... Things were. Paranoia also found a nice place to settle on his shoulders; the thought of Donnie unable to get out of his head.

      It seemed he was doing his best to not let the smell get to him, which was difficult, but manageable. He almost wanted to ask: 'how much further' after only being down there for what felt like minutes.

        Loading editor
    • Mordekai takes a brief look at his unexpected passengers amidst his careful yet throttling drive set. A question bounces in his mind, unsure of how to spill it. Seconds pass before he finally spits it.

      "So, of all the car you could have taken, what made you run to this wrecked one?" He silences himself for more seconds, then "...I mean, I'm not sure I'd trust some lunatic with a sci-fi mask to take the wheel on a broken Jeep. That, and the giant target we basically are this grouped to these...things"

        Loading editor
    • Drake shrugs, "Or we could be driving head first into a feeding frenzy. The houses are better than nothing if we can't make it there. They could have fuckin dragons for all we know."

        Loading editor
    • "It was the only vehicle available." Lucus responded. "And I think this was the better option than scrambling to find another car."

      "I'd rather have this than walking..." Elizabeth commented.

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    • (Jester & Mek): The radio only has static buzzing now. Several turns are hit or miss, but they soon come upon a certain road that would carry them a great distance to the convention center, the highway. Several abandoned vehicles litter the pavement, but some careful driving should allow Mordekai to avoid them for the most part.

      (Addiction): "Follow me, and don't get lost," Francisco whispers as he takes the lead and the group moves through the sewer system. As they continue what could potentially be Ed's longest trip on foot yet the leader turns to him and whispers, "So while Francisco leads us to the promised land, I think we should introduce ourselves. Name's Zane."

      He gestures to the other members of the group and says, "That guy's Stuart, and obviously you know Francisco."

      Stuart is silent, the recent loss of his brother still heavy on his mind.

      (RK): Cade shakes his head and says, "We're already out here with these monsters. The longer we stay out of the safe zone, the more likely we are to be found and eaten, and the possibility of being stuck out here with dragons is not very reassuring to be honest with you."

      While Cade continues to find his way to the other side, the purple sky grows more populated with flying monsters. While the majority of them still hang around the rings, a black bird-like figure and some kind of small white aircraft could be seen flying far overhead, but they don't seem to notice the two potential food sources in the station wagon. Rather, their attention seems to be drawn to something else.

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    • "Edwyn. Most people just call me Ed, though." Ed would explain, sounding rather uneasy as they walked. The walking was getting tiring. Not physically, but mentally. And the smell, it simply wouldn't go away.

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    • "Finally!" he jests, arranging the trajectory of the ran-down Jeep. A nudge here, a shift there "That place is close. Now, you two better hold on to something, because if anything thaught me anything, then there's a proverbial hill to climb before the promised land".

      He presses on the gas pedal in a gradual manner. He prefers this over a cacophony of his wheel battling the pavement, bound to attract more attention than a functional car already is. Bucking and weaving through the abandoned cars, Mordekai's eyes are on the road, ever turning for sign of trouble.

        Loading editor
    • Drake narrows his eyes, "Those fliers are ignoring us... where are they headed?..."

      He growls, "We better hurry.... Something's up."

        Loading editor
    • Lucus and Elizabeth would do just that and hold on tight.

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    • (Jester & Mek): Mordekai's careful driving prevents the jeep from becoming more totaled than it already is. For now this vehicle is indeed their only mode of transportation unless the group can come across a more suitable one. Up ahead is an intersection with the stoplights still working and is currently shining red.

      From the rear is a faint whirring sound. If Lucus were to look out the back he would see a thinly dressed woman with black feathery wings and a small figure in a tiny white propeller aircraft catching up to them.

      (Addiction): "Edwyn huh? Sounds like a scientist's name. Ehh... no offense," Zane mutters as the group crosses a catwalk that goes over a river of sewage.

      A small pack of rats screech at the group and disappear into a hole.

      "Sounds like someone hasn't read up on why you shouldn't pour grease down a drain," Francisco states as he points to a car-sized mountain-shaped clump that is clogging up a portion of a sewer gate.

      The group comes upon a t-section and Francisco leads the group left.

      (RK): "Better they ignore us then be coming after us right now," Cade says as he punches the breaks and brings the car to a screeching halt, narrowly avoiding a collision with a red minivan that is entering the upcoming intersection.

      As soon as the van is out of sight Cade drives on, giving Drake another embarrassed grin. "I can drive buddy, it's just that...the train is more preferable," he mutters.

      He keeps a watchful eye for anything out of the ordinary as he continues to drive.

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    • Lucus would be staring forward but soon caught onto the faint sound. He'd look out the back window and catch sight of the women. "Dude, drive faster!"

      "What's going on?" Elizabeth asked.

      "There's a woman with wings and a girl in a plane flying after us!"

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    • "None taken." Ed would say, taking no offense. He didn't how it would be bad.

      "My god, that is disgusting." He'd remark, staring at the large clump for a moment before moving on. Despite that, he was still glad to be taking the easy route, even if it wasn't the most pleasent. "Any idea how much further?"

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    • Drake looks to be rather peeved but remains silent.

        Loading editor
    • "Really?" breathes Mordekai, a 'blasé' tone imprinted in his voice. He was expecting something like this, just not as quickly as it happened. Annoyance inhabits him, directed at the road seeng accelerated "Fine, put your seatbetls on, I'm going Crazy Taxi on them".

      He floors it, greatly accelerating the car's velocity. More than ever, his hand rests on the car's transmitor, ready to shift from forward of reverse in a heart beat "Goodness gracious, didn't these things have enough to murder? Geez..."

        Loading editor
    • (Jester & Mek) Despite the increased speed that Mordekai gives the jeep, both the bird woman and the lady in the small airplane manage to catch up. A closer look shows that the pilot is a green-haired girl with furry animal ears, a pair of goggles on top of her head, and an ivy green jumpsuit. The aircraft she is flying is more akin to a saucer with a propeller at the front. The bird woman gives Lucus a heated red-eyed glare before she disappears over the top of the jeep and reappears at Mordekai's side.

      With no door to act as a layer of protection, the woman reaches at Mordekai with her talons in an attempt to grab him and drag him out.

      The machine girl flies at Lucus's side and produces a flintlock pistol that appears more metallic than wooden and is colored purple and gray. She aims it at Lucus and fires, a small purple explosion followed by a crack and the round whizzing inches past his head and leaving a tiny bullet hole in the opposite window. She laughs maniacally as she continues to fly alongside him.

      (Addiction): "We have a good three miles to travel through these sewers. The challenge will be getting through this maze, but once we reach the specific tunnel it'll be a straight shot there," Francisco explains.

      "Oh great, three miles in other people's crap. At least we're not on the surface," Zane comments as the group moves through a steel meshed door and continues on through the sewer. It is quite the silent affair, the only sounds being their footsteps and the occasional sloshing of the sewer water.

      (RK): Cade shakes his head and asks Drake, "Drake. You think this might be...all a dream?"

      He turns left up another street and continues, "That snake you handled back there, these monsters in general. Could it all just be a horrible nightmare and we're really just tucked away in our beds back home?"

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    • "Three miles down here? I don't like that. Lord knows they haven't suspected down here, yet." Ed voiced his opinion, constantly looking over his shoulder in case they were being followed. They weren't. But he wasn't stupid, he knew something could appear out of no where, just like that. So he was always weary. "What if they're waiting at the exits?" He thought, starting to doubt their plan. Though it was the their best plan, and he didn't have another, so he remained silent.

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    • Mordekai wastes no time thinking about out racing them. Of course, the harpy is his big concern right now. A rather explosive solution comes to his mind.

      Ducking left and right as to avoid getting lacerated, his free hand clenches on the trasmitor as his foot presses on the brakes "Y'all better duck!"

      He ducks as he does, making the wheels screech as the Jeep comes to a dead stop, narrowly avoiding the harpy's talons in a gesture to use their own velocity against them.

      Far from done, Mordekai quickly puts the Jeep on park mode before taking a hand on his sports bag. It comes out with a wire of fireworks "Uncle Sam's very own supplies of manufctured 4th of July's celebration pack. Packed with enough fire and light to bring day to the darkest of nights or your money back!"

      He lights up the fuse before hurling it at the harpy "Uncle Sam says happy 4th of July!"

      With hurried pace, he turns the car around, shifting the gears to drive, pressing the pedal to the metal as the Jeep screeches once more, picking up the opposit direction where the monsters were going. His plan, catch the nearest intersection to pick up the slack...

      Meanwhile, the fireworks detonate midway, as the fuse was remarkably short, erupting into a geyser of light and sparks. Smoke follows heavily, encroaching the air with heat and sight with smog.

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    • Lucus was obviously startled by the shot and dropped to the floor of the jeep. Elizabeth would also duck down.

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    • Drake shrugs, "Maybe. But it feels to real. All the things that dreams overlook. I felt the impact when I hit her with my snake hook. I feel the tiredness from dodging and jumping out of the way."

      He sighs, "I think this is real..."

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    • (Jester & Mek): The Black Harpy shoots forward from her momentum as Mordekai forces the jeep to a complete stop. The machine girl is also unable to react in time as the jeep screeches still allowing her to continue forward.

      The light show and the smoke erupting from the thrown fireworks obscures the group's view of the monsters. The Black Harpy doesn't come after them, but the machine girl is seen flying upwards around the smoke with her pistol trained on the jeep. Another shot rings out and this one punches into the rear door of the damaged vehicle, but it doesn't penetrate.

      Mordekai comes upon the intersection that he drove through earlier, but a neon green muscle car is now pulling out into the center.

      (Addiction): "I'm not liking this three mile walk either Ed, but I'll talk walking through a foul-smelling sewer over a mad dash above ground for the safe zone like it's a football game," says Zane.

      Francisco takes the group through the underground labyrinth. A considerable amount of time is spent walking along ledges and catwalks when they come to one tunnel in particular and Francisco wears a smile of satisfaction. "This is it. We just keep walking straight and we'll be there," he says, relieved that they've finished with the maze.

      "Thank heavens," Zane says as he stretches his legs.

      (RK): "A part of me thinks this is all a dream. I'll be thanking the higher powers if it is," says Cade.

      His eyes narrow when he sees a thick pillar of smoke rise beyond the houses. "What do you make of that?" he wonders absentmindedly.

      He is startled by the roof the car suddenly denting as something lands on top of it. "I really hope it's not one of those monsters," he whimpers, only to scream in terror as the head of a red-eyed woman with spiky red hair appears in his driver side window with a crazed expression.

      "I DON'T WANNA DIE!" he yells as he floors it and speeds through the street. The woman's face disappears and soon after, a fleshy tail with spikes spawns in front of the windshield, causing Cade's terrified screams to grow even louder as he trades paint with a parked white SUV.

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    • "Finally... But whats right outside when we exit this dump?" Ed would ask, happy to be done with the maze, but still cautious. It was almost unsettling to him that they didn't know what was happening up above. Was it getting better? Worse?

      Though, he also had no idea where he was. Sure, they were explaining places, but these were placed he had no idea about. Considering this was his first time here. Such a first trip this was.

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    • "It's just issue after issue with this place..." he utters well aware of the green-haired creature still on their tail "...and now, we have someone trying to block the way forward. I don't think so".

      Mordekai makes a brief turn to the left, enabling one of the Jeep's wheels to ride on the walking's side, just enough, according to him, to allow passage through without wrecking the car anymore than it already is.

      His voice is projected to the passengers, his eyes refusing to turn away "You two best keep yer heads down. This loco saucer thinks of us as space invaders".

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    • "FUCK!" snarls Drake.

      He braces himself staring at the tail, "What the hell is that thing!?"

        Loading editor
    • And they'd continue to keep their heads down. Can't do much of anything besides that.

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    • (Jester & Mek): Mordekai's harrowing maneuver allows them to narrowly avoid the muscle car. Straight ahead though is an incoming black furry creature with crimson claws, ominous red eyes with fire spewing from them, and a hungry grin. She leaps at him, but instead of making a grab for him she races up over the jeep and lands on the other side, continuing her pursuit of the green car that is now turning right.

      The saucer can be heard flying overhead and soon returns to Lucus's side. A flap opens behind it and a metal claw extends from it. It makes its way toward Lucus, intent on grabbing him and scooping him out.

      In Mordekai's side view mirror the Black Harpy could be seen shooting up over the tree line and flying after them again.

      (Addiction): "Make no mistake Ed. We still have a ways to go, but it should be easy now that we're out of the hard part. We travel far enough and we'll come to a door that will take us to the subway. We go there, come out onto the surface, and we'll just be two blocks from Toplite," Francisco explains with a reassuring smile.

      The group proceed down the lengthy tunnel, a positive feeling amongst all of them that they are approaching the home stretch.

      (RK): Cade doesn't answer Drake as he is still screaming in fear at the tail, which now smashes out the front windshield in between them. Cade struggles to maintain control of the vehicle as the tail snakes out of the windshield replaced by the woman dropping down onto the hood in front of them, giving the two men a full unobstructed view of her.

      She has on a dark red bikini, furry hands and feet, red bat-like wings, and of course her spiny, fleshy tail.

      Her tongue hangs out of her mouth in a hungry gesture as she reaches in and grabs Cade by his jacket, attempting to pull him out.

      "No, no! HELP ME!!!" he cries out as he struggles to stay in his seat.

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    • Drake quickly lunges foreward and delivers a hammering blow down on one of the womans ears, rattling her head and leaving that ear ringing.

      Before she can react he lets loose a wild hay maker to her nose, forcing her to loosen her grip, "NO HITCHHIKERS!!!"

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    • "This one is as annoying as that damn Flappy..." Mordekai takes his hand yet again in his sports bag, this time taking in a singular cracker. Being dexterous with his hands, is confident in his aim.

      Seeing the black-winged monstrosity closing in, he lights it before quickly turning back to face it while still driving, only turned at waist level, and chucks it straight at her face "I said, happy 4th of July! Now, away with you, freak!"

      The cracker, while smaller than the bandolier fireworks, was thrown in a precise manner, zooming at her face before detonating.

      He turns to his side passanger, well occupied with a flying saucer trying to abduct him. He hands over a few white marbles to him "Migth as well show this one we ain't in the 50's anymore".

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    • "I'm just glad to almost be out of this hellhole," Ed explains. "I mean, this wasn't a very good first impression." He'd finish with a small chuckle, staring forward. "Let's just hope they don't think anybodys hiding in the subway."

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    • Lucu would quickly get up and kneel on the other side of the vehicle and took the marbles. Quickly taking aim and throwing them at the Gremlin. The first would crack her in the forehead and more would follow.

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    • (Jester & Mek): The machine girl shrieks in pain as she's hit from the small projectiles thrown by Lucus and the mechanical arm jerks away. The saucer that she's piloting begins to wobble and at one point she flies so low to the ground that the second her propellers touch the pavement they break off, causing her to aircraft to drop like a rock and skid along the road with sparks erupting out back. She continues along until she raises her furry paws and smashes into the back of an abandoned silver pickup truck.

      The Black Harpy catches the full brunt of the firecracker as it explodes and she could be heard screaming. Her form is then seen spiraling into the forest leaving a smoke trail behind her.

      Both threats have now been dealt with, leaving the group alone on the road once more.

      (Addiction): Zane chuckles and says, "I don't think first impressions really matter here. Otherwise we'd all be in trouble."

      "You'd be wise not to jinx it Ed. Thought someone of your age would have learned that by now," Francisco adds with a smile.

      They continue along the sewer when Francisco points out a green, gooey puddle that lies in there way on the ledge. "Let's just jump across. You don't want to risk getting sick from whatever's in that water," Francisco says as he runs and jumps over the puddle, making it to the other side with ease.

      Zane follows suit and he too makes.

      Stuart attempts the same feat, but he mistimes the leap and one of his feet gets stuck in the goo. "Oh shit ummm...hold on," he mutters as he attempts to pull his foot out, but to no avail.

      He glances behind him to Ed and says, "Just jump ahead man. There's enough space for you."

      Beneath Stuart's trapped foot, the goo begins to bubble.

      (RK): The monster wobbles for a moment and nearly falls off, but she rights herself and casts Drake an annoyed glare. Her tail reappears and shoots out a needle at the passenger. She then hops back onto the roof of the vehicle and one of her hands could be seen knocking on Cade's driver side window.

      "Is this thing toying with us!?" he screams as they approach the highway that would take them closer to the evacuation center.

        Loading editor
    • Drake over at the spines that had narrowly missed him, "Yeah... yeah she is."

      Quickly taking stock of himself to make sure he hadn't been hit, Drake finds a spine lodged in his backpack, prying it loos, he looks inside to see what had been hit.

      He pauses, "...the bitch hit my DS..."

      He looks up with a cold glare and grips the spine in his hand, seeing an unknown liquid slowly oozing out of the tip, likely some type of venom.

      The Manticore hears a loud yell over the sound of the wind and engine, "ALRIGHT NOW IT'S ON!!!"

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    • Mordekai loosens the pedal just slightly, an exchange of speed for control. Their hunters gone, the man feels relief and breathes as such under his mask, still eloquant with a 'blasé' voice, the one he had on ever since the incident's beginning "Well, that settles that."

      He sees the duo's plummet areas distance themselves from he and the passangers in the wrecked Jeep behind the rear view mirror. He shakes his head in disbelief of what had occured. Obviously grateful of the luck bestowed upon him for fending them off, he looks to Lucus, seeing a few more marbles in hands "That is some good throws you manage. You best keep them close just in case".

        Loading editor
    • "I'm a good pitcher... Luckily." He gave a sigh.

      "How close do you think we're to the evacuation point?" Elizabeth asked and Lucus responded with a shrug.

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    • "I ain't that old!" Ed would comment on Francisco's statement. Then Stuart managed to get his foot stuck. "What could be that sticky?" He'd think to himself as he glanced between him and the other two.

      "Nah, hold on. You could fall flat on your face trying to get out yourself, or worse," He'd say. "I got you." Crouching down behind Stuart, he would grab under both his arms and attempt to pull him out, letting out a grunt.

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    • (Jester & Mek): The group is in the clear for the time being. Mordekai can drive back onto the highway and continue toward the convention center. However, back in the neighborhood from whence they came, a white station wagon emerges with a rather strange monster on top. She looks like a human woman in a skimpy red bikini, spiky red hair, red bat-like wings, furry hands and feet, and a fleshy tail with spines.

      (Addiction): Both Francisco and Zane chuckle at Ed's retort as he goes to help Stuart out of the goo. It proves more difficult than Ed realizes, but Franciso and Zane's cheerful demeanor change to fear.

      "Wh-what's happening there?" Zane asks, pointing to the goo now reaching up around both of Stuart's legs. Stuart notices this and starts screaming, "SHIT! GET ME OUT GET ME OUT GET ME OUT!!!"

      Stuart shakes and thrashes about wildly, but is still unable to escape the bubbling goo that is now slowly taking up more of his body. Just then, a woman's face forms in the slime, causing Zane to yell, "Shit, it's alive!"

      A few more feminine giggles emanate within the tunnel, causing Francisco's eyes to widen in fear.

      (RK): The Manticore woman pulls her tail free from Drake's grip and disappears from view. She could be heard above them yelling, "You wanna fight me huh? Well you can duke it out with the other ladies coming in! I'm more interested in Mr. Orange over here!"

      Just then, her hand smashes through Cade's window and her face reappears. She grabs Cade head. The man is screaming his head off as the monster forces his head against her own and...plants a hard kiss on his cheek.

      "Don't eat me!" Cade cries as he speeds down the highway toward an intersection.

      "Ohh...I'm going to eat every last inch of you," the attacker cooes as she releases Cade's head and returns to the roof of the car.

        Loading editor
    • Drake growls as he stares up at the ceiling, listening to her footsteps and watching roof bend slightly. With a savage roar stabs upwards with one of the manticores quills, puncturing the cars roof and stabbing into her foot with own venomous spine.

      Drake ripps the quill back out and yells at the Manticore, "I AM GOING TO SKIN YOU ALIVE!!!"

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    • "That's good. Gonna be useful around this disaster". He drives onward, seeing no need to spare any speed. He accelerates, takign note of the lady's question. HIs head shakes in the clear lack of knowledge "I can't tell you, unfortunately. Only came around for vacation. I can tell you we're heading for it, at the very least".

        Loading editor
    • Its alive. Hearing those two words caused Ed to fall flat on his ass. "What the fuck?!" He'd shout slowly getting up. It almost seemed like he wad going to try and help Stuart again, but then more giggles formed, and he knew Stuart was a lost cause. "O-Oh god, I'm sorry Stuart!" As soon as the final word left his mouth, he practically dove onto the other side where Zane and Francisco were. With fear plastered on his face, he'd quickly get up and look at Stuart with fear.

        Loading editor
    • "Can't wait until we're evacuated out of here... Still wondering how we made it out of that mall." Lucus remarked.

      "I wonder if there are monsters where my parents live..." Elizabeth said, looking out the window looking melancholy.

      "I'm sure their fine." He reassured.

        Loading editor
    • (Jester & Mek): The group make their way down the road, avoiding debris along the way. From behind though, the monster that is on top of the station wagon steps down to the hood. Her fleshy tail is aimed at the passenger before she falls off and tumbles along the pavement for a moment before she settles.

      (Addiction): "NO NO DON'T LEAVE ME *gulp*." Stuart begs before he is silenced by the bubbling slime with a deep kiss. Stuart stops struggling and he moans not out of pain, but pleasure.

      "This is screwed up," Zane mutters as the giggles sound again, this time closer.

      Francisco screams, and he can be seen flailing about as a large green frog-like creature attaches herself to the front of him. He's struggling to knock her off of him with his frying pan, but each desperate attempt ends in failure.

      "RUN!" Zane screams as he takes off down the sewer. Another frog-like monster hiding on the ceiling leaps for him and manages to grab him. "Shit! No no no!" he cries out as the monster plucks his claw hammer from his grip and tosses it into the sewer water.

      "I'M NOT DYING TODAY!" Zane yells out as he throws himself over the railing and into the filthy river with the green monster still holding on to him.

      (RK): "Oi, you prick!" the monster snaps, though it sounds like she's losing her breath. She slides back down to a hood and snaps Drake an angry glare muttering in a slurred voice, "I just wanted the cutie in orange!"

      She fires off another flurry of needles at Drake before she rolls off of the hood of the car and lands on the pavement. In the rear view mirror she tumbles along for a moment until she finally comes to a stop.

      "Crap! That kissed me," Cade mumbles in disbelief as he continues to breathe hard from the encounter. At this time he's more focused on himself than Drake.

        Loading editor
    • Drake quickly raises up his backpack and scrunches up behind it, sheltering himself from the needles.

      Drake lowers the backpack and watches the woman tumble off to the side with sigh.

      He glances back to Cade, "Yeah she did and I'm sure you tasted delicious. Get us out of here before she comes back for another taste test. With any luck her venon will put her down for the long run."

        Loading editor
    • Ed hesitated to move. Everyone was dropping like flies around him. Just like that, gone. Letting out one hell of a scream, he'd do what he does best and start sprinting down the sewer, making a sorta zig-zag pattern as he did so. They could be anywhere, so being a harder target was the best option. It always was.

        Loading editor
    • There wasn’t much for Mordekai to say. His eyes remain fixated on the road, barely noticing the station wagon “The hell?”

      A monster.

      “Nope, not staying around” he steps on the gas, making a careful but accelerated drive, turning quickly to spot said sniper. He turns back to the front “You two better be careful, there’s a sniper aiming for us”

        Loading editor
    • "Wait, what sniper?" Lucus asked as he cautiously looked around while Elizabeth put her head down.

        Loading editor
    • (Jester & Mek): Nothing happens as they continue down the road. A look back would show that the station wagon appears to now be following them. Luck appears to smile on the group as no other monster has attacked them. Just ahead is a green sign indicating that the road leading to the Toplite Convention Center is just two exits ahead.

      (Addiction): Ed makes use of his athletic speed and zips away from the mess. "Wait no, don't leave us!" Zane cries out, but Ed is already too far gone to be of any help.

      He passes by a pitch black intersecting tunnel and hears some growling. Seconds later he would hear the rapid sound of footsteps behind him. If he were to glance back he would see a black furry creature with canine ears, red eyes with black sclera and embers emanating from them, a metal bra, and scarlet claws chasing him on all fours.

      "Keep running you little wimp!" it calls out to him with a hard feminine voice, "I'll just fuck you up tired!"

      (RK): "Yeah yeah got it," Cade mutters as he begins to relax.

      "Damn, what I wouldn't do to be relaxing in my bed right now," he says as he adjusts his hair.

      Up ahead the two see a black jeep that is severely damaged. Several gunshot holes are present, both of its right side passenger windows are missing, and the driver side door is gone, fully exposing the driver.

      Cade points the vehicle out to Drake and says, "Check that out. You think they're heading to Toplite like us?"

      For a time they tail the jeep. Soon enough they come upon a green sign showing that the road to the evacuation center is just two exits away. A huge sigh of relief is expelled from Cade.

        Loading editor
    • Drake frowns "We aren't out of the woods yet. You can relax after we've evacuated."

        Loading editor
    • "A-AHH! No!" Ed screamed once more. He didnt dare to look back, he was simply too scared. And afraid he might trip after losing focus. His legs were pumping at max. His breathing was fast and sharp. Whatever whatever was giving chase scared him the most out of anything so far, and it was mostly because he couldnt see it. But it wasn't as if sounded friendly, either. It wanted his blood, surely.

        Loading editor
    • Mordekai continues to drive still with a hand on the shift stick, just in case. Fortunately, he is significantly more relaxed than before, his sigh conveying the message of the worse having passed. He continues, well aware of how close they now are to the rendez-vous point.

        Loading editor
    • The passengers would relax and sit normally. For now, they didn't have anything to discuss.

        Loading editor
    • (Jester & Mek): The group eventually come to their desired exit and leave the highway. They drive up another road and stop behind a small line of cars waiting outside Toplite. The cars are going through a military checkpoint, several men in military uniforms armed with bullpup rifles inspect each vehicle as it passes through the checkpoint. A few women are seen exiting their vehicles and are being escorted away by a female officer.

      Once they're at the checkpoint one of the troopers steps up to the jeep and peeks inside. His expression is difficult to gauge from behind his gas mask, but he does point to Elizabeth and states bluntly, "She'll need to come with us."

      The same female officer starts to approach the jeep.

      (Addiction): As Ed continued to run he could hear the monster call out to him, "I could end this pursuit early if I wanted to baby, but I find it more fun to let you tire out and have you then!"

      Ed comes up to a steel bar door that is thankfully open and he comes to a bridge that crosses through a massive drainage system. Dirty water gushes forth from several large pipes and descends into a massive drain below. Another steel bar door is ahead, but this one is closed though it appears to be unlocked.

      The beast behind him slams her fists down on the bridge and causes it to shake violently, threatening to throw Ed off of his balance.

      (RK): "I know I know, early celebration is bad," Cade responds as he follows the jeep off of the highway and soon the two men find themselves in a line behind several other vehicles.

      Up ahead is Toplite and a military checkpoint with men armed with bullpups. A few of the vehicles have women taken out of them and they are escorted away by a female officer.

      Once the jeep is at the checkpoint Cade turns to Drake and asks, "How are you feeling?"

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    • "Huh, looks like this is aiming to be over faster than I've thought". Mordekai loosens his back on his seat. Almost tempted to remove his psychological mean of composure via his mask, he restrains himself, looking back at Elizabeth, not a word out of him.

      Only for a second before he loosens even more on his seat. It was her call, after all. Although they likely do so for security measures.

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    • Drake eyes the guards, "Nervous. We're a sitting duck until we get through this checkpoint, and we already know these things can disguise themselves."

      He sighs, "Who knows what comes next?"

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    • "N-No! Please!" Edward shouted, nothing but fear in his voice. He took no time in running through the open door, but when he realized he was on a bridge, and what was below, his fear only worsened. However, when he saw the door on the other side unlocked, hoped surged through him. It almost seemed like he could run forever, and then the bridge shook, violently. This was something he hadn't expected... And because of this, he stumbled.

      That new hope was immediately smashed. It seemed all hope was lost, but he managed to catch himself before slamming onto the floor of the bridge. Though he didn't know whether this was a good thing or not, because his pacing was gone, and his breathing was sharp and painful. It was at this moment he had a look at his pursuer. As if his fear wasn't enough, this glance made it worse.

      He waited no longer to continue his full sprint. He was scared, very scared. This door was the only beacon of hope.

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    • Elizabeth gives a confused look. "W-why?"

      "Elizabeth, it'll be fine..." Lucus reassures then looks over at the female officer. "Excuse me, miss, but may I come with her? She's a close friend of mine..."

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    • (Jester & Mek): The officer gives Lucus a stoic expression and replies, "Sorry sir, but for security reasons all women coming into the evacuation center must be separated and processed before entry into the general populace."

      She gestures to Elizabeth and says, "Now come along, you're holding up the line."

      The officer motions to the station wagon that has just pulled up behind them, her expression growing increasingly impatient by the second.

      (Addiction): Ed makes it through the door, followed by a series of clangs behind him indicating that the fiery beast has made it through as well.

      "Run little rabbit run!" his pursuer sings, "When I catch you I'm gonna drink you til you're numb!"

      It's a tense moment, but just ahead to the right is a door that is labeled, "SUBWAY ACCESS". It is the door that Francisco mentioned would bring him into the subway tunnel that he could take up to the surface that is close to the evacuation center. A steel folding chair is propped up under the door handle though.

      (RK): "Well, with an answer like that I'm kinda nervous too now," Cade responds as he grips the steering wheel tightly, "Just try to keep a level head man. It looks like only the women are being taken away, so that eliminates a barrier for us."

      Cade takes a deep breath and adds, "Once we're inside then all should be well."

      They watch as the officer stands by the black jeep, waiting for the female passenger to come out of it.

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    • Lucus gives a sigh. "Alright. Elizabeth, just go. You'll be fine." With a little hesitation, Elizabeth nods and gets out, following the female officer.

      "Where are we going?" She asks.

      Lucus, while not admitting it, was a bit worried about Elizabeth.

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    • Drake crosses his arms and nods, "Hopefully."

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    • "Stop! Oh god, stop!" Ed begged whilst continuing his sprint. Noticing the door, he realized it was the door they were going to try and get to. It was weird that there was a chair blocking the door, but he was willing to take the risk, considering what was chasing him.

      Quickly throwing the chair behind him in an attempt to slow his pursuer, he'd swing open the door, step inside, then slam it behind him. He'd briefly check his surroundings before starting to run forward.

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    • Mordekai goes one, not saying a thing. This whole affair was surreal at this point. Nothing he could offer would have any worth.

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    • (Jester & Mek): The officer points to a white tent next to the metal barricades that has a tunnel heading upstairs to the convention center. Several other officials work nearby, mainly keeping watch over the parking lot as it continues to fill up with vehicles.

      "Female personnel in that tent will perform a strip search on you to ensure that you haven't been bitten by any of the monsters. It shouldn't take more than a minute and once you're clear you'll be free to enter the evac center," she explains as she leads Elizabeth to the tent where a nurse who looks to be in her early fifties is gesturing for her to enter.

      "Proceed," the soldier by the jeep orders Mordekai and soon motions for the next vehicle to come up to the checkpoint.

      Mordekai and Lucus find themselves in a massive parking lot that is steadily filling up with vehicles. Uniformed men guide the vehicles on where to park and there appears to be barely enough empty space left to supply them with a spot.

      (Addiction): The subway tunnel is clear on both sides and the hard thump of the beast can be heard on the other side. Seconds after Ed is running she crashes down the door and continues her pursuit. Up ahead though appear to be a pair of lights and a set of yellow barricades on the tracks. His pursuer appears to be slowing down, giving Ed a much needed lead.

      As he gets closer he is met with a bright light on his face. Once it becomes clear again he can see that the light source was from the bullpup of one of the soldiers on the platform.

      "It's a male!" he announces to his comrades.

      "Come on civvie, you need to get to the evac center," another says as he holds out his hand to help Ed onto the platform.

      The black beast could be seen standing very far back in the subway, her embers lighting her wicked grin. She licks her lips as she watches Ed from her position close to the door that she bashed down from earlier.

      (RK): With the jeep gone, it was now their turn to move up. Cade drives up to the checkpoint and the sentry glares at the both of them. Seconds later he steps back and points ahead saying, "Proceed."

      They follow along the road into the large parking lot and Cade says, "You know, if Luke is still alive, I hope he doesn't kill me for his ride getting wrecked."

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    • Ed placed a hand on his chest, his breaths fast and sharp. His relief was immense. Taking a look over the shoulder, he could see the grin. A grin he couldn't forget.

      "Oh... Oh thank god..." He mumbled, taking the man's hand. How thankful he was that... That thing didn't get him. He didn't want to die. Not here, not now. And especially not by that.

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    • "Sweet mercy, this stick is looking to arrange itself" he declares to himself, whisper among no one as he drives to their designated spot. Having done, however, he remains alert to a certain degree. Obviously, the monsters could just power through here if they found out many were stationned here.

      Mordekai keeps his bag near and his mask on himself, winding down with a small cellphone game. He also remains hunched in his seat, firmly on the bag he carried to this point.

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    • Elizabeth sighs and goes along with it. They would find that there was nothing out of normal with her.

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    • Drake shrugs, "He'd get over it."

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    • (Jester, Mek, RK): As Mordekai and Lucus are parked the station wagon parks alongside them.

      "I can only hope so," Cade mutters as he steps out of the vehicle and examines both it and the jeep. He looks to the driver of the damaged jeep and calls out to him, "Looks like we've both been through hell huh?"

      Mordekai could see a man dressed in orange calling out to him.

      (Mek): The examination is quick like the officer said, and once both nurses were satisfied that Elizabeth hadn't been bitten, they allow her to dress back up and point to the tunnel leading up to the evac center. Once she gets inside she would be met with a lobby full of people clamoring from place to place. Refreshment areas are serving out hot dogs, soft pretzels, and pizza slices to the tired survivors. Not to far down is an array of tables loaded with bottled water.

      (Addiction): As the soldier pulls Ed up to the platform he comments, "Man, you look like you just ran a marathon? Was there anybody else with you?"

      Another soldier shouts, "Summers, open the gate we have a survivor here!"

      A soldier standing behind a gate leading upstairs nods and pushes it open. He then stands there and waits for Ed to pass through so he could close it again.

      If Ed is to look back down the subway tunnel again he would see the humanoid canine disappear back into the sewer.

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    • "Now, if that ain't the proper understatement of the year..." Mordekai continues his game, only to pause it after a few seconds. Even under his mask, the man in orange can see impending regret in his eyes.

      He stops his game, turned to said man "Hmpf, what am I even even joking on about? It's not even a Jeep of mine. The poor owner of it got ripped away with the door like some onion peel. I'd bury him it I somehow found his corpse, but the blasted thing probably didn't leace a piece of him, with hungry it looked like..."

      His eyes lower for a second, pondering. They rise again "I'll tell you what, friend, you should make your peace in case one of these daft things get to ya. It'll be a cold day in hell when one of the freaks try eating me alive, I'll tell you what".

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    • Drake nods, "True. Piece of advice, I did find that the winged cat ones with with weird tail aren't immune to their own venom."

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    • "Yeah, I pretty much did..." Ed explained. "There were three, but... Well, they didn't make it." He'd finish, keeping one hand on his chest.

      It seemed that grin was stuck in his head; he didn't like. Not one bit. But now he was safe, or so he hoped. Still didn't know why there was a chair there though.

      Looking around, he'd pass through the gate, feeling much better. Mentally wise, anyway.

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    • Elizabeth felt bad eating without Lucus so she just got three water bottles for her friends and left. Once she found the jeep she'd get in the back with Lucus, handing him a water bottle. "Here."

      "Thanks. I assume everything went fine?" She nodded and then offered Mordekai a water bottle.

      "Thirsty?" She asks.

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    • (Jester, Mek, RK): Cade sighs at Mordekai's speech and mutters, "Crap dude."

      Cade notices Elizabeth get in the back with Lucus and wears an exasperated expression for a moment. He loses it when he assumes that the woman is just offering the two men drinks and holds out his hand to Mordekai with an exhausted smile saying, "Well, I'm not really the owner of this station wagon either, name's Cade."

      (Addiction): Ed is escorted out of the subway and brought up to the surface. There he can see that the evac center is very close. One of the soldiers flags down an approaching dark blue van and the driver side window rolls town, revealing a man who is quite built with a shaved head and a black mustache. In the back Ed can see six other men wearing faces of varying sadness, despair, and fear.

      The soldier gestures to Ed and says to the driver, "Got another survivor to take up to the evac center."

      The driver gives Ed a side glance and the rear doors open. "Get in," he says.

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    • Ed did as he was told, and found an open seat in the van, taking it. Whilst sat, he'd look amongst all the other survivors. They were all in the same basket as him. The hellish, fear filled basket.

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    • Drake shrugs, "I'm Drake."

      He looks at the Jeep, "Looks like you guys can handle yourselves well enough."

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    • "Cool..." Mordekai returns two hand. One for the bottle, one for Cade "I'm Mordekai. I was supposed to assemble into a machinist's haven for fireworks and the sort".

      He sighs in disdain "Was...they're probably all dead now, so, forget it. Gonna have lot of letters to write".

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    • Lucus and Elizabeth would just sit in the back drinking their waters quietly, relaxing now that they were in a safe place...

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    • (Jester, Mek, RK): Cade sniffles and mutters to Mordekai, "Well, I used to just load packages into mail vans."

      He turns toward the evacuation center and says, "Guess that's changed now."

      He gestures to the building and says, "Well, let's go inside now. I'm eager to see what they have in store for us."

      Cade begins to walk toward Toplite, maintaining a slow pace so that the others could follow.

      (Addiction): It is quite a somber scene in the back of the van.

      "T-that centipede just...took my son," one of the men mumbles.

      "They won't get me they won't get me they won't get me," another whispers to himself as he rocks back and forth.

      One man in a red flannel shirt looks toward the convention center and asks more to himself than anyone in the van, "Will that really be able to keep them out?"

      The van stops in front of the plaza. Crowds can be seen filing into the building through the entrance. "This is you all's stop," says the driver.

      The passengers begin to exit the vehicle and move up the stairs toward the evacuation center.

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    • Drake sighs as he follows, "Eager isn't the word. Not for an evacuation."

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    • I'm with Drake on this one. Being a pack pf scraping survivors jumping town isn't something I'd qualify as an even to be eager about".

      Mordekai puts his sports bag on his back, following as he shuffles his trench coat a bit.

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    • "It's the only option." Ed explained, wasting no time in getting out and looking upon the convention center. However, what the man said stuck with him. He remembered what that thing did to that door. If there was more, how long could they hold out?

      Nevertheless, he made his way inside with the others...

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    • Lucus and Elizabeth would follow along, hungry. "Do they have food inside?" Lucus asked.

      "Yeah, pizza, soft pretzels, hot dogs... I forget if they had anything else." She replied.

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    • (Jester, Mek, RK): Cade shakes his head and says, "Right, sorry if I offended anyone. I'm just trying to be optimistic."

      Inside are throngs of people chattering and moving about. Some are staring at their phones with frustrated expressions while others are fearfully staring out of the nearby windows as if the monsters were going to be rolling up any second.

      Refreshment centers are handing out pizza, hotdogs, and soft pretzels and multiple tables are further back and are loaded with bottled water. People in bright yellow shirts labeled "STAFF" do their best to maintain control of the crowd.

      Cade whistles and says, "I really hope those choppers come soon. Last thing I want is to hear about how the evacuations got cancelled."

      (Addiction): The man with the red flannel shirt doesn't respond to Ed, but like the others he goes inside the convention center where Ed is met with a busy scene.

      People are bustling about. Some of the survivors are getting food from one of the refreshment areas and to the right is a long line of tables that are stocked with bottled water.

      Several people are glued to the windows, staring out of them with fear in their eyes. People in bright yellow "STAFF" shirts try to keep the crowd under control. A nearby woman sobs to a man, "Will we really get out of here!?"

      The man is silent, but he pats the woman on her shoulder and pulls her into a caring hug.

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    • Mordekai excuses himself as he steps out of the Jeep, taking an opportunity to get himself a few things. Pizza and water bottles are his priority, putting a decent amount in his sports bag before going further. The toilets.

      Apparently, the relief of it all had allowed his body to feel the need to relief himself. He did drink a bit in the train after all.

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    • The impact of this invasion could not be seen better than in here. All the people, confusion, fear. Stuck in one place.

      Ed snagged one water bottle, chugging the entire thing before finding a nice spot to sit. He was relieved to allow his legs and chest to rest for a bit. Plus, there was nothing else to do except wait and watch all the confusion.

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    • Drake likewise moves and starts putting water bottles and nonperishable food stuff into his backpack.

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    • Lucus and Elizabeth would grab some pizza and take a seat. "Can't wait for evacuation." Lucus commented.

      "Me too..." She agreed.

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    • (Everyone) Being inside the evacuation center is definitely a welcome break from being trapped outside with the potential of being eaten alive by one of the monsters increasing each second. Some of the nearby people are sobbing, mourning lost friends and loved ones. Others try to take their minds off of the invasion by playing games on their smartphones or small portable gaming devices. Some people keep their eyes glued to the windows showing the outside where the monsters roam.

      Several especially frightened survivors mumble about how it is all hopeless and they wouldn't survive this invasion.

      Through the doors to the arena one could find that the massive circular ring that was supposed to be for a skateboarding tournament had been converted into a roomy sleeping quarters with white emergency sleeping bags taking up more than half of the space below. People move along the vast rows of seats, others simply sit in them quietly.

      All of a sudden, there is a high-pitched shriek and a voice comes on over the intercom, "Attention all rescued personnel. Due to several issues with evacuation plans, evacuation choppers will not be scheduled to arrive until tomorrow morning. We apologize for the delay."

      There are furious groans, shouts of disbelief, and grumbles of confusion among the survivors. One man even goes so far as to flip a table over, resulting in several staff members running over to restrain him.

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    • "Seriously? We have to wait to be rescued until tomorrow with all these monsters around!?" Elizabeth says in disbelief.

      "Could be worse... Rescue could never come." Lucus said as he got up and went to get non-perishable food and stored it in his satchel. Elizabeth was left to sulk.

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    • "Of course..." Mordekai returns to the seat of the wrecked Jeep, his bag at his side "Who would have known that the military couldn't be bothered to get those things out..."

      He places a hand on his masked face, frustrated in the hearing of the news "Well, at least I now know the absurd incompetence of the military isn't movie only".

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    • Drake narrows his eyes, "Start preparing for the worst."

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    • "This can only go downhill." Ed mumbled to himself upon hearing the grim news. What he had seen was repeating in his head. He felt terrible, simply terrible. But what was done is done, he just had to live with it.

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    • (Jester): As Mordekai sits in the jeep, a red sportscar parks on the opposite side of him. Two men get out, one with a white and gray jacket, the other with a light green sweatshirt.

      "George, I'm not lying! That panda girl was totally fucking Todd!" the man with the sweatshirt exclaims.

      "You're full of shit Daniel! He's dead just like the others!" snaps the man with the jacket named George.

      "No no no man I'm serious! She seriously looked like she was enjoying it as was he!" says the other man as they both walk toward the convention center.

      (Mek): A woman with a dark red coat passes by Elizabeth and mumbles to her, "Be thankful we're even being saved at all."

      As Lucus fills up his satchel a familiar man approaches him. He's wearing a navy blue jacket, light green sweatpants, and brown hiking boots. He wears an annoyed expression rather than a terrified one and mutters to Lucus, "Fancy seeing you again. I feel like all of this was payback for me calling that cat girl anime trash."

      He folds his arms and shakes his head, "A filthy mutated cockroach almost got me."

      (Addiction): As Ed sits in place, a man in a yellow and sky blue soccer jersey and baggy blue pants approaches him carrying a slice of sausage pizza. He holds it out to Ed and asks, "Would you like it man? Best we can do is take care of each other at a time like this."

      (RK): Cade stops beside Drake with two slices of cheese pizza and says in irritation, "Great, we gotta wait until tomorrow to get out of here!"

      He takes a bite out of one of his two slices of pizza and takes his music player out of his jacket. "At least I have this to keep me occupied," he says with a warm smile. He looks around at the people and whispers, "I hope one of them is kind enough to let me borrow their charger if I ever need it."

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    • "Haha...hahaha..." a melancholic laugh escape's Mordekai hearing the one with the sweatshirt "What delusion must one endure under true trauma events..."

      He continues to laugh. He laughs for the first time since this outbreak. Not a laugh of relief, not a laugh of courage. But sad one. A deep sorrowing one, one lamenting this George's mental state. As he does, he looks inside his bag, seeing that his things remain unfazed.

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    • Elizabeth would just give a sigh.

      "I see you made it. I doubt you just saying that would cause this huge mess..."

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    • "Oh. Er, thanks." Standing up, Ed was surprised. He'd take the piece of pizza. "Thanks. I see you're a soccer fan?" He would then ask before munching on the pizza.

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    • Drake nods, "Get a pack. Get water. Get non perishable foods. I got a bad feeling about this..."

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    • (Jester): The two men hear Mordekai's laughter and stop in their tracks. They both turn to face the man and the one named George steps forward, a sad anger on his face as he asks, "What the fuck is so funny man? Were you laughing at us? Our friends died out there!"

      "Whoa George, cool it dude," the other man says as he places a hand on George's shoulder.

      "Piss off Daniel!" George grumbles as he pulls away from the man named Daniel.

      (Mek): The man in front of Lucus shrugs and says, "You never know man."

      He lets out a heavy sigh and mutters, "And Killer Klowns was supposed to be performing today."

      He collects a bottled water from the table and asks Lucus, "How'd you manage to make it here in one piece anyway? I got here after I stole a taxi cab from some guy who was being dragged off."

      His head lowers, a clear sign of guilt evident on his face. "I didn't want to it, but I-I didn't have a choice," he utters.

      (Addiction): The man nods and says, "Soccer fan and a player. South Malgrese, very beautiful country. Name's Johannes."

      Johannes kicks up his feet like he's juggling a soccer ball.

      "You a fan of soccer too?" he inquires of Ed.

      (RK): Cade gives Drake a puzzled look and notices the consumables loaded into his pack. "Uhh...why do you have all that? Why are you still stressing? We just have to wait until tomorrow and we'll be out of here," he says as he finishes off his pizza and grabs a nearby bottle of water.

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    • "Ran for the parking garage where some guy got ripped out of his jeep. I was going to take it but some other guy got in the drivers first so I got in the back and my friend got in the passenger. The dude drove like a maniac to get here and dodged some close calls."

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    • "No, no I'm not" Mordekai immediately shuts that thought down as he hops down his Jeep "The Jeep you see here is but one from a deseaced man. I had friends I was planning to meet that died. So, no, this isn't what I was laughing at..."

      His masked gaze turns to the man witht he sweatshirt, a somewhat...hostile tone in his next wording "The mere thought that someone would somehow enjoy being torn to shred, as much as the violent, psychopathic souless abomination from whatever the hell they came from...THIS. THIS is what I'm laughing at? Hehehe, you think he'd enjoy this, don't you? You think this is some harmless spit of words, huh? I saw a man getting ripped out of his Jeep by one of these freaks!"

      Mordekai stops for a moment, shaking his head in disbelief "And you go around, presenting some sort of pleasure from the victims getting eaten, tortured or pierce sicken me. You sicken me, I want you to know that. Assuming we even get out of this alive...I wonder what thought will the families of that dead man, of my friends will think once I tell them of that one guy who managed to get some sickening thought about one of those things... pleasuring the dead as they slaughtered them..."

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    • "Player? Well, I'm in the same boat as you, then. Fan and player," Ed explained. "Names Ed, nice to meet you." He'd say whilst offering a handshake.

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    • Drake stands up, "I'm in the national guard, and if there's one thing that I've learned about the Army, is unless you're a colonel or higher, late is not an option. Especially not when dealing with civvies. To keep from dealing with bad press if for nothing else."

      Drake looks at Cade, "Now we're contending with invasion from a force that can easily disguise itself as a civilian and has completely unknown capabilities. So, what do you think is the hold up?"

      Drake sighs, "We may not be leaving tomorrow either, and if things get bad, this place may noy even last till tomorrow. So get supplies, keep near an exit, and keep your ears open. If I'm wrong, then you got snacks for the flight, if I'm right..."

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