• (Fan-Made RK Mamono)

    Family Carno

    Type: Ancient Reptile 

    Habitat: Grasslands 

    Diet: Carnivore

    Disposition: Tsundere, Socially Awkward, Aggressive, distrustfull, Shy

    The Carno, also nicknamed "The Meat Eating Bull" is a mid sized carnivore of the Reptile Kingdom primarily found in areas souch as grasslands were there is lots of space for them to move around.

    The Carno is smaller in size than the Allo, but has bigger horns than the Allo that they use to Bullrush their targets. They have a very small bust size and Petite bodies. The reason for this is due to their signature attack, to make sure they can rush as fast as they can their bust never grows beyond a B-cup. Despite their size they have among the strongest legs in the RK allowing them to run at very fast speeds. In fact they run so fast and with enough force to destroy the largest boulders, tear of trees from the ground, break bone and even fling opponents several feet into the air. In addition their stamina is high, allowing them to chase targets for extended periods of time. However the Carno has one weakness, their horns are very sensitive to a man's touch, should a man  manage to grab a Carno by her horns she would immediately be overloaded by pleasure and hormones, to the point of collapsing and feeling violated. This is no easy task however as they rush at souch high speed that trying to grab them is a fools erand, only when they are not rushing are they vulnerable to a grab.

    They are very aggressive, this is due to the fact that others tend to bully Carnos for their impressively small bust size. When met with a wild carno it's important to either fight or run. In addition the worst insult someone can give to a Carno is calling her "flat" to wich the usuall Carno response is shouting "I'm not flat Stupid!" and then chasing the man to the ends of the Earth if need be, but she will not stop until she gets her revenge.  When met with a Civilised Carno, it is best to either ignore the subject of her bust or compliment it. By ignoring the subject of their Bust a man oppens a chance for both social interactions and lowers the chance of being bullrushed. However it should be noted that Carno's are disstrustfull of others, and will not hesitate to charge if they so mouch as suspect someone to be judging their bust. They are socially awkward as they tend to avoid socialising with other species, the only exception being the Allo. this is due to the two species  having some physical similarities but mainly because of the fact that Allos are friendly and nice to Carnos, and often Carnos consider Allos their best friends, therefore a Civilised Carno usually  has an Allo friend to help her with social interactions.

    During mating season Carnos usually look for men  by catching and raping them in the wild, but Civilised Carnos use a different method. When they find a man they find attractive, they ask an Allo friend to hook them upp with the man, the Allo will attempt to befriend the man and if successfull, will ask them to come and meet their friend, of wich point the Carno will reveal herself to him and ask him out on a date, if he declines she will run off in tears and the man will never see her again, usually the Carno will try again with less confidence on the next man using the same tactic on their next try. However if the man should accept her, she will be overjoyed and excited for the date. And then comes the date, the moment were she evaluates wether or not he truly is the man of her dreams. During this time the man can see a side most unusuall from the carno, she will be very friendly, caring, sympathetic  if not a bit shy. And what she looks for here is a man that can see past Societies views on Carnos, that he doesn't judge her based on her species reputation but respects her for whoe she is. she will ask him on his opinion on her, and if they like what they hear they will propose on the spot, usually this results in a heartfelt kiss and shortly afterwards, marriage.

    When Mating a Carno prefers to be taken on all fours from behind. She loves it especially when her husband touches her chest or gently fondles her horns. When not having sex they usually spend time cuddling their husband and starting long, sensual make out sessions.

    Wild Carnos can be either tamed or introduced to Civil lifestyles, 

    If tamed they make effective Warmounts using their primal form, often being able to runnover mouch of a hostile army in the first charge.

    Altenratively if made Civilised they find employment in a most unnexpected aspect of society

    Maid Cafes

    But not just any Cafe

    Tsundere Maid Cafes, where their rowdy stereotypical personality, faked or not is percieved as cute among some people.

    There is also a variant of the Carno called the "Quilled Carno" wich is the same as the normal Carnos except that they can fire retractable sharp quills from their scales.

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