• So! I was reading a few of the lore-related pages on here, and I got to thinking. The world of the MGE is really, really interesting (to me at least) but most of the canon content is centered around the mamonos (or is mamono already plural?) and open-ended description. This leaves an awful lot to the imagination, which I love, and after wasting three hours on this goddamn wiki my fanfic-writer senses jumped into high gear, and I developed an idea.

    Would any of you be interested in a more plot-heavy, action-adventure MGE fanfiction? It would center around a human, caught in the center of the conflict between the Demon Lord and the Chief God and her Order. After being sent by the Order and actually reaching Royal Makai, the Demon Lord doesn't corrupt him, instead swaying him to the other side and sending him on a mission to corrupt the Chief God herself and tip the power balance permanently.

    The story would be heavily character-oriented, focusing mostly on the human and the various mamono and human allies he finds on his quest. 

    My only real concerns are that I don't know if anyone else would even read it, and it'd have some violence. Not crazy-psycho-Father Grigori-level gore, and the mamonos would almost always be on the giving end (Order Knights are apparently more... squishy than threatening), but violence nonetheless. It's hard to write a good adventure without fights, y'know? 

    If any of you would be even the slightest bit interested, please let me know! I'm open to ideas, suggestions, and discussion, so don't hold back!

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