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Sea Slime (シー・スライム)
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Simple, Docile


Saliva, Sweat, Etc.
Men's Spirit Energy

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A variety of slime adapted to life in the sea. Although it is classified as a semi-liquid type like other slimes, its form is fixed and cannot be changed freely. It is able to use its skirt-like bell for swimming, but it prefers to drift about underwater, letting the current carry it.

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They float about on ocean currents, ready to tempt any man that they may come across.

While they do wash ashore on rare occasions, a sea slime is more likely to be encountered when she becomes tangled in a human fisherman’s nets. Either way, once a sea slime finds a man nearby, she will try to tempt him into having sex with her. She seldom needs to chase her target; fishermen on a long sea journey tend to be starved for female affection and are unlikely to resist her charms. Sea Slimes are docile beings especially while having sex. However, once a man gives into temptations, she will not allow him to stop prematurely. Should he try to pull away, countless tentacles will emerge from beneath her bell to inject him with paralytic poison. She will then continue to have sex with her immobilized lover, and will not release him until she is satisfied or he faints from exhaustion.

Like her land-based cousins, a sea slime’s main food is human semen. Any energy she doesn’t need is stored within her bell. When it accumulates to a certain level, division occurs, and an infant sea slime emerges from beneath the bell.

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