1. Fan fiction must remain on your user blog.

  • After you make a blog post, add the Fan Fiction category.
  • Other relevant categories can be found on Fan Fiction page.

2. RP or fanfiction involving explicit violence against monster girls are disallowed.

  • In accordance with the wishes of Kenkou Cross, any content with explicit violence against monster girls will be removed.
  • Fights and physical confrontations within a story are acceptable but must be conservative in their description.
  • Descriptions of gore (Blood, grievous wounds, etc.) will result in the removal of the offending content.
  • Linking to violent images is prohibited across the entire site and will result in a suspension.

3. RP or fanfiction involving sexual interactions are only permitted to occur in PMs and designated NSFW channels.

  • Any blog or forum post that violates this rule will be removed and the author will be warned.

A detailed breakdown of our roleplay rules can be found here.

4. Non-profit use of the MGE setting and existing lore can be done without permission.

  • Any for profit use of MGE assets must first receive written approval from Kenkou Cross.

5. You cannot use official MGE assets without permission.

  • Use of images from published MGE content in fan works must first receive written approval from Kenkou Cross.

6. Fan works may be removed at the discretion of Kenkou Cross.

  • Elements that put a story at risk include, but are not limited to:
  • Warped or false settings and information about MGE canon.
  • Having malicious intent toward the settings, characters, and work thereof.
  • Hate or ridicule directed toward actual people, organizations, or entities.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia and all related copyrights are the property of Kenkou Cross. All rights reserved.

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