1. Respect your fellow Wiki members.

  • Everyone has a different interpretation of the canon text so respect each other's ideas.

2. Discussions on the Wiki should be related to to the MGE series. Offtopic posts will be removed.

  • New pages must be related to MGE and sourced from official material.
  • Fanfiction and fan made monster girls are not accepted in the mainspace.

3. Images not related to the MGE franchise will be removed.

  • Memes and other off-topic images/videos will be removed.
  • Genderbent art is allowed and should be posted under it's relevant article.
  • Pictures uploaded for use in user profiles, user blogs, or forums posts are exempt (max 20).

4. All roleplay should take place in the following areas:

5. "What do you do?" type posts must remain within the size limit of 1,200 bytes.

  • Your contribution page lists all of your posts/edits and their corresponding size.
  • Any 'WWYD' scenario larger than 1,200 bytes belong on the 'WWYD' subforum

6. Do not post/upload content from Kenkou's Enty page.

7. In accordance with the wishes of Kenkou Cross, "anti-monster" content will be removed from the wiki.

  • Any material that takes an extremist "anti-monster" stance (HLF, etc.) will be removed.
  • Discussion of violence and the Order are acceptable since both fall within canonical boundaries.

tl;dr Stay on topic, don't be a dick, and respect your fellow users.

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