Violations are judged on a case-by-case basis with less serious cases receiving less serious punishments.

Verbal Warning

  • In the vast majority of cases, users will receive a verbal warning for breaking a rule.
  • Verbal warnings act as a reminder for the user to straighten up their behavior.

3 Day Ban

  • Users who continue to act up will receive a 3 day ban from a staff member.
  • 3 day bans will be used as the first line of defense, in most cases.

Permanent Ban

  • If deemed necessary, bans greater than 3 days will be handed out as punishment.
  • All permanent bans are site and chat wide.

Bans greater than 3 days in length can be appealed through this form.

Any user who attempts to subvert his suspension will receive a permanent ban. All judgements are made at the discretion of attending staff.

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