1. Respect your fellow chatters.

  • Act civilly and treat others with respect. Disagreements can be solved without spitting venom.

2. Discord chat is for roleplay and casual conversation.

  • Your post may get lost in the chat stream so please be patient and do not spam.
  • 'Safe For Work' roleplay is restricted to one of the five available RP channels.
  • If a roleplay is taking place in your current room, all OOC messages must be in brackets.

3. Threatening suicide, joking or otherwise, will result in a permanent ban.

  • Live chat is not a self-help group for users to dump their personal issues.
  • If you are considering suicide, please seek help from a medical professional, not a group of random internet strangers.

4. Moderators will not be available 24/7.

  • If a particular user is causing trouble then screenshot all relevant points of the conversation and submit a report to our anonymous form.

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