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Red Oni (アカオニ)
Red Oni


Caves, etc.
Zipangu Region




Omnivorous, mostly sake

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A kind of ogre that lives only in an area called Zipangu. Because of their superhuman strength, which lets them wield a huge metal rod with utter ease, the people of the surrounding area fear them. However fearsome they may be, they are not brutes; red oni are laid-back and not prone to worrying about details.

Their favorite food is sake, and they spend most of their lives drunk. They are known for holding parties that are open to all drink-loving monsters in Zipangu.  Anyone who brings them sake will be given a friendly reception and is in no danger.

Occasionally a red oni will enter town in search of sake and human men. It’s commonly believed that the man that she kidnaps will be eaten, but in truth her interest in him is purely sexual. She will get her quarry drunk – by force if necessary – and have her way with him once he’s too intoxicated to resist, but she won’t kill him. However, if she takes a liking to a particular man, she’ll keep him around for the aforementioned drinking parties. There, he’ll be passed around and will likely end up in the hands of a different red oni. Especially popular men may never be permitted to return home.

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