Hello readers Sorry for the long wait. I've been very busy between moving to a new state, full time work + school, Girl Friend, and lastly house hunting lol. Anyway's without further delay here is the next chapter you all been waiting for. Also here's a shout out to MunchyDragon for assisting me in making this story as well as allowing me to use some of his original characters like Blair. Remember if you have any questions, Ideas, or advise be sure to leave a comment and I'll gladly read them.


 Several days have passed since the fight with Blair. Kara wakes up and finds herself in an unfamiliar cave.

“Where are we?” she mumbles as she sits up. A sharp pain suddenly goes through her stomach.

Younger Blair and Amelia

AAARRGG!” She groaned.

After resting for a few minutes Kara slowly stands up and begins looking around the cave. She notices that the rest of her party is still resting. She slowly goes up to them to check on their injuries only find them already treated.

“Where did she go?” she whispers. As she continues to check her party she notices Drake moaning in his sleep. Disregarding her own pain Kara rushes over to him. “Drake...Drake wake up. Can you hear me?”

Drake doesn’t react to Kara’s cry as his mind is buried too deep within his dreams to hear her voice.  Inside of his mind, Drake’s dream suddenly changes again. Drake finds himself in the middle of a darken library with seven torches lite with blue flames surround him.

“This place again” Drake mumbled as he begins walking around. “Like last time no doors in sight.”

Drake walks up to one of the bookshelves “Are these books about Yoru?” he whispers as he tries to grab one of the books from the shelf but it turns into smoke and reforms on the shelf.

“Actually there yours” a voice replied causing Drake to turn around startled

“Wh…Wh..What?” Drake stutters

Yoru lets out a huge sigh before speaking again “These books are your journals, a representation of your past memories that has been sealed from you.”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY SEALED MEMORIES!?” Drake shouts angrily as he grabs Yoru by his Robe

Yoru grabs Drake’s wrist as he smiles with much wickedness. “Good. The Ruby Seal worked.“ He tosses Drake effortlessly to the center of the room.

“My part is done but you still got work to do” Yoru says as he takes notice of one of the 7 blue torches going out. “Oh it does work but it takes its sweet time though.” Yoru thought to himself.

Drake slowly gets back up again. “What do you want?” He asked looking up to find Yoru only to see Yoru nowhere in sight which causes Drake to look around frantically for him.

“Nothing I’ve done my part but you….” Something grabs Drake’s head forcing him to look at the torches “Each flame that goes out is one step closer to your true awakening. Which I cannot wait to see.” Yoru smiles.

“Whatever you’re trying to do it won't work.” Drake growls.

Yoru lifts one of his eye brows amused and leans to Drake’s ear. “It already has” he whispers before releasing Drake from his grip.

Yoru turns to a library aisle obscured in shadows. “I said enough. Be gone” said Yoru as Drake Suddenly gets engulfed in smoke and vanishes from the library.

A figure walks out of the shadows into view. “You’re senses have dulled quite a bit.” Said the unknown figure.

Yoru slowly walks closer to the figure “You know I don't mind guests but I don't like those who eaves drops on my meetings”

The figure glares at Yoru “You make it sound as If I come here of my own will."

Suddenly Yoru’s right eye starts glowing yellow and the other Blue “Why are you here bothering me?”

“I am here as an envoy of the nine. I’ve been sent to tell you the third gate may be opened, if the gears may reverse yet never stop. Our power shall soon awaken, and the goddess shall regret her arrogant declaration."

Suddenly Yoru’s seriousness disappears and smiles “An Envoy” Yoru says as his eye’s return to its normal brown color “Please take a seat. If I knew who you were sooner I would've been properly prepared.”

"That is why you were not told. One can never properly prepare." It replies

Yoru sits down “truer words never spoken. I apologize I'm a little frustrated. I've been seeking the Beast of the new era and what I find is a human that keeps it suppressed.” Yoru says as he begins looking at the 6 blue torches.

"What makes you so sure he is human? Anomalies are possible" the figure replies.

“He has so much emotion.” Yoru sighs as he opens his hand revealing Kara, and some other faces “But once his memories return his emotions will run so high that the beast will be fully released.”

"Or he could gain control of it. You should not give him the chance, we were too confident, now look at us. “The figure growls.

“I’ve already took counter measures in case he does gain control.” Yoru replied clutching his fingers together as he goes into deep thought.

"Fine. What will you do with the third door?" the figure asked as he glares at Yoru in deep thought.

Yoru scratches the top of his head before replying “The third door will take time. I need to find one of divine blood. I would pick that cute girl that’s with Drake but her blood is tainted by human blood and besides I have a purpose for her later. Have you had any luck locating the Three?”

"The head and the left wing have been found. The third tail is in the process of being synthesized.” The figure replied

Yoru smirks “Good. Once I get those pieces back here I can revive the last children of the great beasts. Once revived not even the demon lord can interfere.” 

As several more gears emerge from the figures hand "Based on observation yours dolls are incomplete, they can be infected with madness, why is that?" the figure questioned

“They are older models from long ago. Can't withstand the madness they were never made for it.” Yoru gets up from his chair and walks over to a massive door and opens it revealing many different Golems. “I have 15000 Golem's that are specially made to hold such madness. They'll be ready in two weeks maybe sooner.”

“They are still mass produced models, be careful” the figure replies

“Not to worry I'm making sure that they'll be flawless when the time comes that’s why production has been slow.” Yoru smiled as he slowly begins closing the doors

"We've heard those words before, and result was well unpleasant. See to it, that you uphold your words." The gears in the figure’s hand stop spinning. "I have other messages to send, so I must be going. Are there any messages you would like delivered to the nine?"

“Yes tell them everything on my side is in place and within two weeks the golems will be finished. Lastly let them know that 5 of my spies have successfully infiltrated the Demon Lord and her Daughters realms and are ready to relay anything you ask of them.” Yoru says smiling.

"Interesting information indeed" the figure replies before vanishing from the library.

A few seconds after the figure vanished a robed Mamono appears before Yoru.

“Continue to follow Drake and observe from a distance.” Yoru sits back down in his chair and thinks quietly for a moment before continuing “When the time comes I want to know how strong he is when he finally awakens.”

As the robed Mamono vanishes without saying a word Yoru begins talking to himself.

“Ancient hunter of shadows Awoken,

Winged Twilight Beauty Released,

Being of Unknown Madness,

All born of flesh both,

United under the Moons of silver,

Violet and Blood….

Death, Madness or Life none shall know till one remains

The battle of Twilight will end

The Old world shall crumble,

The New World rising from ashes

The New Era has begun

I have found two of the three…the time of the New World will begin soon.” Yoru chuckles and the Library fills completely with darkness. The only thing that can be seen is the 6 torches and Yoru’s glowing blue and yellow eye “This is the moment I’ve been longing for”

Meanwhile Blair appears in a small village known for its chroniclers. She walks down the street, taking note of the villagers living their blissful lives. She sees the children playing together, human and Mamono, as if there could be nothing wrong with it. Blair’s ear twitches as she hears a village guard approach her.

“What's your business Ma'am?” the guard asks.

"I heard from a nearby village, the name of a tale that piqued my interest. This village has the best chroniclers in the land, so I thought I could learn more if I came here." Blair replies as her she straightens out her tail.

“You heard correctly Ma'am. Do you have any weapons on you? When visiting a Chronicler it’s required that you see them without weapons. Bad past experience you can say” the guard says as he shows Blair a scar across his throat

Blair lets out a sigh as she holds out her hands and extended her claws to their natural length "Just these, but I can't bear to part with them, surly you won't force me to grind them down?”

The guard smiles “Oh course not. If they’re natural we won't do such things but it does mean we have to keep you under watch.”

"Um sir I don't have a watch" Blair replies staring blankly at the guard.

The guard looks at Blair confused “That’s not what I meant. You can move along.” As the guard turns around and walks away he begins thinking to himself “That girl is weird but Cute...Maybe I should date Mamono for once.”

As soon as the guard leaves Blair begins walking off thinking to herself "That card always works nyahahahah”

Blair looks around a bit before walking towards a house of the nearest chronicler and enters it. Inside there is a white eye women sitting in a chair.

“Hello young Lady how may I be a service?” the Chronicler asks.

Blair approaches the Chronicler "Madam, I was wondering if you ever heard of a legend about the reckoning of a New Era?"

"New Era Reckoning?" The Chronicler thinks for a moment before replying. “I'm Sorry “ she says nodding her head in respect. “I don't have the answers you seek....Try the Man that lives near the river. He has the knowledge you seek.”

Blair bows at the Chronicler "Thank you for your time please excuse me." Blair exits the Chronicler’s house and heads toward the river.

As Blair is walking toward the river a little girl runs up to her and places a note in her hand firmly. Blair raises an eyebrow at the girl as she suddenly runs off not noticing. Blair opens the letter revealing a drawing of some sort. 

Blair stuffs the note in her dress and resumes her trek down toward the river.  She stops short of an empty tree and turns to look at it.”

"Come down here Amelia I know your there" Blair says as she looks up at the empty branches.

“HEY BLAIR!” Amelia shouts as she becomes visible and Jumps down from the tree “What ya doing here?”

"I could ask you the same question. I thought you were on an assignment.” Blair replies with a grin. “You didn't run off again did you?"

“It's finished” Amelia says smiling as she stretches “The villagers were easy to persuade. Seriously the Queen needs to give me harder assignments. I mean come on the most excitement I had was following a stray and fighting a Gazer. Even though the Gazer took one of my lives but that’s what I get for being careless. Besides I came here after hearing about something called "New Era."

Blair turns to face Amelia "Do you know anything about it?"

Amelia stops for a moment and thinks for a bit.  “Something involving an eclipse and a new beginning also something involving a shadow beast.”

"Oh a shadow beast." Blair says as she walks up towards a small house next to river and knocks on the front door.

“I wonder what a shadow beast is or a beast type creature?” Amelia asks as she places her hands behind her head and begins thinking.

"I am pretty sure it is neither but some form of composite creature.” Blair replies. “That could be rather advantageous though."

“Composite creature could advantageous how?” Amelia asks as she cuts in front of Blair and knocks on the door with a smile.

Blair smiles at Amelia. “Composite creatures have the attributes, of more than one creature, but their ability deviate from the standard temperament and power of the creatures is diminished. This makes them rather predictable, and occasionally controllable"

“What if one manages to control him or herself?” Amelia asks as they hear the door unlock.

"Then maybe the New Era could be accomplished and the Demon Lord's desires.” Blair laughs as she opens the door and walks into the house “Pardon the intrusion but we are coming in."

“None at all. I apologize I was asleep.” a voice replies coming from the kitchen

“What’s her Desires?” Amelia asks as she turns her head sideways.

"If you really don't know I will explain later." Blair says smiling

“Okay.” Amelia replies with a smile before seeing a man walking out of the kitchen half asleep.

“Sorry ladies I wasn't expecting company this early” The man yawns before looking at Blair and Amelia “Especially not two Cheshire cats...Excuse my manors I was expecting an Elf and a half blood but I guess it's still too soon. My name's Iztali” The man bows before taking a seat in his chair “please take a seat.”

Blair bows as well and sits down. Once seated Blair pats the seat lightly next to her causing Amelia to jump into the chair.

“Now let me see here.” Iztali states before thinking for a moment “your here for old knowledge aren't you?”

“Yes I was hoping you might know any tales that mentioned a New Era, and how we would enter it." Blair replies as her ears twitch with curiosity.

Iztali leans back in his chair quietly for a few minutes before replying

“The New Era uh. I’ve seen some of it in my dreams but not the entire thing. It's an event that begins silently and ends with an eclipse. If the Eclipse is blood red the New Era would be the beginning of Death and submission but if the Eclipse is Silver a new empire is said to be born from it. An Empire where Mamono's and humans work together and the Demon Lord's Influence will begin to weaken and the Order will crumble from its own Arrogance.”

"What about a Violet Eclipse?" Blair asks as she moves to the edge of her seat.

Iztali looks at Blair surprised “Now where did you hear about that?”

"Upon the day, that the sky turns red catastrophe occurs, upon the day the sky turns silver, Pandemonium awakens, upon the day the sky turns violet, Madness engulfs the world" Blair sighed "This is a take that has haunted my dreams for years"

“The Abominations.” Iztali says sighing brushing his hand through his hair “and the War of the Black Sun.”

Blair mutters something quietly.

“I dreamed that one is already in plain sight, another sealed since birth and the last one is still a sleep.” said Iztali

"Le soleil de noir. Pourquoi. Non je sais." Blair mumbles

“Uh three moons, and Three Creature with different outcomes. I hope stray will be fine.” Amelia says.

"Stray?" Blair says looking at Amelia confused.

“It’s nothing just a Human that the Queen ordered me to follow before sending me on a different job.”

"You've never cared for human's before what brought him up." Blair asks giving Amelia her full attention.

“It’s hard to say. At first it was his faint Aura and then his determination, Durability and now his kindness towards things regardless if it’s Human or Mamono....I respect him you can say.” Amelia smiles.

Blair lets out a loud sigh "That kindness is going to get him killed."

“But that's what motivates humans to become stronger. There kindness turns to loyalty and motivates them to improve to protect. Yes he's frail but if you heard what I heard about him in Os Valley it might surprise you.” Amelia replies with a smile

"Amelia…" Blair looks Amelia in the eyes "I truly doubt that."

“He was the one that Bested Kizuato. One of the Demon Lords Royal Guards and was injured before his fight against him. It was that fight that peaked the Queens curiosity about him.” Amelia replies grinning.

"Interesting, but not mind boggling. Kizuato was the weakest of the guards after all" Blair replies.

“I heard different.” Amelia says playfully sticking her tongue out at Blair. “It might not be Mind Boggling to you but it was for the Queen.”

“What have I gotten myself mixed up in?” Iztali thought to himself.

"I can make you forget everything if you wish." Blair says to Iztali as she gives him a creepy stare.

“No Need. I'll forget it once I go to sleep again.” Iztali laughs. “Anyway…anything else you want to ask of me?”

"Oh…I want to ask you many things, but that might prove troublesome later for you." Blair says

“We only live once in this world.  We Chronicler live and die like anything else. If I don't answer your questions now and if trouble does come. How will you get your answers then?” Iztali says crossing his arms.

"For the sake of your sanity, I will refrain from indulging in my curiosity" Blair she stands up and bows to the Chronicler. "We will take our leave now. Oh and please give Eren my regards" Blair smiled as she starts to leave.

“Will do. Blair beware of the madness.” Iztali says to Blair as his facial expression changes from calm to concern.

Blair smiles “Your concern is not needed. Amelia Iets go check out some other villages” She and Amelia vanish leaving no trace.

Iztali sighs before leaving his chair and heads towards a mirror hanging on the wall. “My time is near…I'll be waiting.” Iztali mumbles as he sees an image of Yoru in his mirror.

An hour later Amelia and Blair appear in a small wonderland village taking a break from they’re search.

“This sticks other than Iztali, everyone else has no clue what the New Era is or they won’t speak about it.” Pouted Amelia

"I am just glad at least one person knew something." Blair sighed

“True but you would think more would know about it considering how important it is.” Amelia replied as she scratches the back of her ear.

"It’s the opposite actually. The most important facts tend to be well hidden"

“Yeah” Amelia sighed as she pulls out a fish and begins eating while thinking to herself “New Era….what is it….why is it happening…stray….”

"Still we need to learn more but how" Said Blair as she chews on the tip of her claw.

Amelia turns her head towards Blair “Do you think the order might have info stashed somewhere?”

"I doubt it. Why would they keep any information when they believe it is better to destroy anything even tangently related to a Mamono?"

“You never know.” Amelia Grinned

“There are more order bases, than prisoner fruit in a demon realm. Where do you suggest we start?" Blair asked as she watches Amelia finish eating her finish and begins thinking.

“Well…..We could always try one of their smaller settlements. Less guards and easier to infiltrate.” Smiled Amelia.

"And why would there be any important information, in such a small base?"

“Sometimes great information begins with small rumors” replied Amelia as she begins to stretch.

"What is in the settlement, that you want so bad?" Blair asked curiously.

Amelia places her arms behind her head “Well nothing in particular. Just minor Order History I need to obtain.”

"Why do you need minor order history?" Blair asked with her ears perked up                               

Letting out a deep sigh Amelia looks towards the sky “There's info that I need to find that’s personal……Concerns family matters”

"Amelia do you remember the promise we made to each other, back when you were still in training" Blair asked

“Of Course I do. It was because of that promise that helped me through the training” Amelia replied revealing a big smile.

"We've been sisters ever since that day, and my life has been more cheerful ever since. We are siblings, so your family matters are my matters as well.” Blair replied with a smile.

Without warning Amelia cheerfully hugs Blair “THANKS BLAIR!”

"So tell me, is it really information you are after or the hunters inside the settlement" Blair asked as soon as Amelia lets go of Blair.

Amelia thinks for a moment “Both. The hunters have something that I need but at the same time I'm looking for history on someone.”

Letting out a sigh Blair stares at Amelia with an annoyed look "Why are you being vague again?"

“Maybe....Come on it'll be fun. Nothing ventured nothing Gained” Amelia grins forgetting to answer Blair’s question.

"Amelia lead the way" Said Blair as both her and Amelia vanishes in sync

Later that night Blair and Amelia appear in the middle of an Order camp and by sheer luck they are not seen. Without warning Blair tackles Amelia into a small corner that is covered in shadows quietly watching an Order soldier walk past them.

"Did something mess up the coordinates? Amelia that was not where we were supposed appear right?" Blair asked as she quietly leans around the corner to see if any more guards are around.

Amelia peaks her head around the corner with Blair and begins looking around “Yeah this is their camp but I was aiming to teleport in a village how did this happen?

"This feels oddly familiar. I don't think we should use teleportation while we are still near the village" Blair replied as she drops on all fours

“Yeah. On the building tops like usual?” Amelia grins

Blair starts bound through the shadows of the various crates and supplies as she makes a few high jumps and lands on the top of a nearby building her tail swishing

Amelia begins jumping between two builds before jumping backwards on top of one of them.

“Like a black cat” Amelia thought to herself smiling.

Blair leaps to Amelia.

"It’s been a while since we have done this" Blair begins to stare at Amelia before giggling "we both forgot"

Blair slips of her high heels "I rather not have these slip us up"

“Yeah hahah.” Laughed Amelia before her ears begins to twitch “Great they got dogs on patrol.....” A grin slowly appears on Amelia’s face “Finally a challenge”

Blair places her heels in her dress pocket and stretches her arching back.

"You might want to do the same, with any luck they will think we are just a pair of were cats" Blair smiled

“Yep” Amelia replied with a smile “Just like how they trained us.”

Blair extends and retracts her hind claws a few times.

Amelia begins taking off her heels “aaaahhhh I always hated high heels” she sighed in relief getting on all fours stretching her hind legs.

Blair pads over the edge of the building and gazes at the encampment.

"Un trois cinq douze chien. 12 dogs" Blair tells Amelia as she lays on her belly close to the edge of the building.                                                      

Amelia begins sniffing the air “hhhmmm 8 guards and 5 archers, 2 enhanced humans and one deer.”

“Nyah” Blair laughs covering her mouth to muffle the sound “This is just like training." Blair replies as she licks her paw "Who do you want?"

“Hmm” Amelia thinks to herself for a moment “I'll take the archers. Do you remember our final test Blair and how we passed it flawlessly these guys make this too easy.” Amelia smiles

“Try not to get to get shot” Blair smiles as she silently bounds away into the Darkness.

“Try not to wake the whole camp” Whispered Amelia as she grins before walking across the roof tops on all fours.

Blair hops to floor and then jumps behind a crate. An enhanced human twitches and turns in her direction. Blair jumps to the top as soon the human comes. She pounces on him choking him unconscious

“One down” Blair whispers as she silently bounds to pack of sacks and breathes an exaggerated sigh.

Amelia slowly approaches one of the watch towers and begins climbing it. Sneaking up on the unrespecting Archer Amelia puts him in a sleeper hold “they get younger every year” Amelia whispers. She jumps from the tower quietly landing on a nearby roof top.

The second enhanced human hears this and starts to walk steadily toward her position. Blair jumps between two crates and backflips behind him and slices his helmet straps in one motion and then jumps on his shoulders locking his head between her thighs

"Feels good doesn't" Blair whispers as she squeezes tighter until he fell unconscious.

Blair begins to look for her next prey when she comes across three guards. Blair moves closer to the guards without alerting them. She notices that the guards are flipping through some sort of book with pictures of Mamono’s in it.

Blair hears a whisper “Not so fast” looking up Blair sees Amelia on top of the roof top. Close by Amelia sees a guard with a dog heading towards Blair. As soon as the guard and his dog were close Amelia leaps off the roof top landing on top of the dog knocking it out and quickly kicks the guard in the throat then sweep kicks him causing the guard to fall to the ground. Without moments delay Amelia places her knee on the guard’s throat until he passes out.

Blair grins as she several soldiers approaching her. Blair slowly walks out of the shadows startling the Soldiers. Without hesitation Blair begins to strip off her clothing and begins crawling up to the soldiers

“Nya” Blair meowes in a seductive voice

In disbelief the soldiers all begin to rub their eyes before slowly approaching Blair with a stupid look on their face. One of the soldiers closest to her starts to spread her legs.   

Off in the distance Amelia is sitting on the edge of a roof top her eyes closed thinking to herself as she sniffs the air “One Archer, One Dog and one Soldier” Suddenly Amelia quickly opens her eyes in surprise to a familiar scent “It can’t be” she mumbled as she begins to sneak over towards a tent.

Meanwhile Blair wraps her legs around the soldiers head and suddenly slams it into the ground. Blair quickly lunges at the other guard and kissed him flooding his body with a violet liquid causing him to pass out. Snapping out of his daze the other soldier grabs his sword handle only to have Blair jumping at his face pressing it close to her breast smothering him until he passed out.

Getting off the guard and slowly putting her clothes back on Blair looks at the guards in disgust "Hypocrites" She mumbled before walking off.

Meanwhile Amelia is slowly opening the tent and peeking inside. She spots one Guard asleep.

“It’s him” Amelia quietly growled revealing her fangs but begins to calm down to prevent her anger from clouding her judgement. Suddenly she notices on the table a locked booklet and a bracelet

Blair bounds up to Amelia “It is tempting to take them all out, but not wise." Blair whispers before noticing Amelia staring at the booklet and Bracelet “I have a feeling of Déjà vu”

“That’s what I’ve been looking for” Amelia whispers with a raspy voice

“What's so special about it?" Blair asks concerned.

“That stuff belongs to my mother” Amelia replies as she begins to lightly tremble.

Blair walks up to the sleeping man but suddenly he wakes up instantly. Before he could utter a word he is bound and gagged by hundreds of purple chains.

"You should be more careful with your things" said Blair

The man struggled to get free from chains but ends up inhaling the chain fragments in the process.

Somewhere in the village Yoru and an unknown figure is walking together “You know me I planned everything out a hundred ways before acting” Yoru smirks to the figure

"I wonder which way the gear turns these days" replied the figure as he stares off in the distance with hunger in his eyes.

“Hard to say” said Yoru as he sees the tent that Amelia and Blair were in “hhhmmmm” Yoru thinks to himself before walking in the tent only to find a hunter with his throat slit. Yoru closes his eyes and reopens them. When he does the body fades into dust revealing an after image of what transpired in the tent before it quickly returns to normal. “The ladies must have really hated this one.”

Without hesitation the figure goes up to the dead hunter’s body and turns it into dust then gradually walks over to the table and licks it.

“Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.” Yoru says mockingly

"All shall return whence they came" the figure replies before inhaling the dust

Yoru smiles before turning around “True words there….Anyways it’s not here”

“Of course not, it would never stay still for long” the figure laughs

“True” replied Yoru as he begins looking around the tent and finds a red gem “Ah a blood ruby. I could use one of these” Yoru mumbled before placing it into his pocket

The figure stares at Yoru “the gear will never stop turning well…..maybe the fourth gate"

“Yeah” he replies before closing his eyes for a moment “two of my spies reported no sign of it.”

"If they did, you would have had to kill them." the figure says before walking out of the tent

“Yeah but luckily there not my summons. They’re just beings that can be dispose of later. You can eat one if you wish” Yoru chuckled

The figure laughs “You'll have to try much harder, if you hope to form a contract"

Yoru smiles “I'm not trying. I’m serious I picked them as spies for a reason and once their done I can't afford the information to slip from their mouths. So eat them if you wish it'll save me the trouble later down the road.”

The figures body shimmers for a brief moment “You don’t even know what you’ve done do you” The figure glares

“I didn't do nothing but follow orders. Even if it was against my better judgement. Who can say no to the 9?” Yoru replies shaking his head.

The figure begins laughing “You interest me so I will grant you a bit of advice. Your last words bound you to a contract to me. I disposed of the bodies, so as it stands you are in my debt. Not a very large debt but a debt none the less. Be careful with your words or you may find yourself in contract deeper than Ethia"

Yoru smiles “Wise words. Very well I will heed your warning. Any advice given to me is never over looked.”

The figure begins tunneling underground "The hour of consumption is nigh" Suddenly the ground begins to glow.

A portal appears in front of Yoru “Very well enjoy the feast” Yoru grins and walks through the portal.

Within seconds the entire encampment, village and the earth surrounding it simply vanishes.

After the area vanishes the figure is suddenly flies up into the sky looking down upon the devoured area “Hungry as always" The figure growled before flying off.

Off in the distance Yoru is watching the whole event unfold “This is interesting indeed….I can’t wait to see more” he chuckled before walking through another portal.

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