Monster Girl Encyclopedia Stories: Baphomet Complex (魔物娘図鑑物語: バフォメット コンプレックス)[1] is a 60-page novella in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series. Unlike the Encyclopedia itself or the World Guides, this book is a first-person story focusing on Lilia Flimlight, a young human girl who gets transformed into a Baphomet monster. As with other books in the Stories series, the artwork is by Kenkou Cross while the prose is written by Strange.


The tale starts with Lilia running an adventurers' store, "Flimlight's Odds and Ends", with her older brother. Minding the shop on her own one day, Lilia receives probably the most terrifying customer it is possible to encounter in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world: a lilim, travelling through human lands in disguise. Having sensed that Lilia is a rare human capable of being monsterized into a high-powered monster girl, the lilim takes it upon herself to bring this about. Lilia's initial horror at her loss of humanity transforms into different emotions when her big brother gets home...

Returning days later to survey the sticky mess they've created, the lilim assigns Lilia and her now incubus brother to set up a branch of the Sabbath in their town, to form the seed of an eventual monster take-over.


This book is a story by another author which Kenkou has given personal approval to by providing endorsement, artwork, and publication under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. This work is not a part of the primary universe canon but takes place in an alternate universe that adheres to the same rules.

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