A week had passed since leaving the temple. And the female adventurer had become accustomed to her altered body, although the new urges she felt unnerved her. At camp one night she decided to sit close to you, an uncomfortable although not unwelcome closeness on such a cold night. The lizard-man and trader had gone to the local town for supplies. It would be nice, except her stubby tail was trying to work its way into your clothes. Maybe she is just trying to warm up? like the lizard-man when she feel cold.

The poll was created at 08:23 on July 23, 2017, and so far 401 people voted.
This Poll is sponsored by the Holstaur Dairy Cow Association
♥ We are having a huge husband recruiting drive! All of us Holstaurs without husbands have aching hearts and want to be loved! ♥

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