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Monster Girls

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Monster Girl Encyclopedia I

The first book in the MGE series. Contains information on the ecology of monsters, spirit/demonic energy, and an overview of the significant regions and organisations within the MGE world.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens

The first world guide in the MGE series. Contains information on Monsters, Monster Society, and Monsterization.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II

The second world guide in the MGE series. Contains information on the environments of the Demon Realm, controllable elemental forces, and demon realm products (Vegetation, monster products, minerals, etc.).

Kenkou Cross Q&A

A page dedicated to the questions answered by Kenkou from his English speaking fans.

Fan Fiction

A listing of fan fiction by category. The page is under construction and subject to change.

Fan Fiction Updates

If you follow fan fiction, or write fan fiction, this is the place to keep up to date.

Everyone was surprised when you chose the quiet Shirohebi. It shocked her the most, so much that her pure white skin and scales flushed. But as she dragged you along you felt something grab your collar. It was the trader, she did not look happy. After a short explanation she conceded and followed. Once in a room they told you to strip and kneel, after doing so they undressed before sitting in front of you. both of them looked amused, although the Shirohebi's skin was now a light pink. The situation was very different from what you expected.

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