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This is the definitive wiki of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia by Kenkou Cross, and related works. 

Here you will find the most centralized and well kept wiki with information concerning the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and its related works!

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The Monster Girl Encyclopedia (MGE) is a compendium of knowledge concerning Monster Girls (MG) or Mamono, created by Japanese artist Kenkou Cross. Mamono entries are written from the viewpoint of a scholar travelling the globe and documenting information on the multitude of Monster Girls they come across. Since it's initial Encyclopedia, MGE has grown to include a world spanning setting, centered around the ongoing conflict between the Demon Lord and her Armies versus the Chief Goddess and her religious Order.



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Monster Girl Encyclopedia I

The first book in the MGE series. Contains information on the ecology of monsters, spirit/demonic energy, and an overview of the significant regions and organisation within the MGE world.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide I: Fallen Maidens

The first world guide in the MGE series. Contains information on Monsters, Monster Soceity, and Monsterization.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide II

The second world guide in the MGE series. Contains information on the environments of the Demon Realm, controllable elemental forces, and demon realm products (Vegetation, monster products, minerals, etc.).

Kenkou Cross Q&A

A page dedicated to the questions answered by Kenkou from his English speaking fans.

Fan Fiction

A temporary listing of fan fiction. Once work has been completed, this post will be updated with a more comprehensive list.


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