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Welcome to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki!Edit

This is -the- definitive wiki of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia by Kenkou Cross, and related works. 

Here you will find the most complete and well kept wiki and information concerning the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and its related works!

What is the Monster Girl Encyclopedia?Edit

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia (MGE) is a compendium of knowledge concerning Monster Girls (MG) or Mamono, created by the artist Kenkou Cross. It is written from the viewpoint of a nameless traveler within the setting, who is going around the world documenting all known species and variants of Mamono. Since its inception, MGE has grown to include a larger setting, which paints a picture of a strained conflict between the Demon Lord and her Mamono, versus the Chief Goddess and her Order.

Currently, the MGE itself even has a place in the setting, as a secret published document that was written by a special task force, which is stationed at the palace of an unnamed anti-monster monarchy.

Click (here) for a List of all Mamono on this site.

Please go to the "Books" page to see all known published books.

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