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  • Viltra  (internet image source) A sound rang out in the distance, the earth trembles, and a great cloud of smoke is approaching. After a few seconds a mountain is ...... ..displacement ?? !! Viltra the lonely mountain continually moves aimlessly. Wherever she passes the magma germ coming out of her mouth burns the earth before creating rock formations while cooling Because of its size and its continuous displacement, no kingdom has ever come into contact with the creature, which generally only passes through a totally uninhabited areas. But looking closer you can see the ruins of an ancient village on the side of the mountain making up his back. This village seems to be inhabited by creatures who perpetrate odd tradition painted on frescoes to be damaged by time To the fact of these ruins there is a set of subterranean crossing the creature in its integrality, in this subterranean one to find numerous room such as rooms ritual, of sorts of forge and numerous room fills of prohibition and seals seeming concealed numbers damned and curses. Among others the monster seems to be parasitized by so much ruin that one wonders if a room buried can not be used to choose its direction?

    Behavior: peaceful does advance randomly does not notice the attack and even in case of real damage he will not attack.

    Night urizale croqui 01

    i first croqui fort my charachter for urizale world

    Name: Night reverse

    Weapons: blood , chadow and saya

    Equipment:fox mask, viltra displacement map

    Passive powers:vampirism and magic absorption, ultra animal sensitivity, physical resistance, physical regeneration,

    Abilities:Spectrum (sumone several ghosts fox (weak magic but untouchable by physical attack) controls his blood and his shadow to attack, assimilation: devours the space with his blood or his shadow in a very limited area

    Ulitmate ability:Destructive fox: transforms the surrounding matter into energy to break its seals and become a fox demon sending ghost chains and shadow soldiers spilling over a wide area absorbing the life of living beings before returning to its normal state

    Age:820 years


    Species:fox half gods / hybrid vampire

    Personality:asleep, protective, mischievous, sometimes very aggressive or perverted



    Family:father: demi-gods fox, village chief / mother: vampire



    Weaknesses:A fear of means of transport other than animal and cities civilize in general (pls direct) Ultra sensitivity (noise too strong, smells, or sensitive to touch: (back, neck, fox tail) makes him fall into the state of pet, the time to caress him (saya know them), magic Restriction, Very pure water, light in general decreases it a little

    story : Long time ago on the back of viltra lived a powerful monsters peoples who lived in almost human form he comes into contact with anothers monsters by stopping viltra for a short period of time, he calls "hieratien", also nicknamed the traveling demons Among them lived many creatures that could take human form like, deities, demons, hybrids, living weapons and many more. One day the leader of their communities ended up having a child, with a vampire having joined the village for a very short time he gave it the name: night. Several years later he had become very powerful with his partners but one day taking advantage of a stop of viltra the humans attacked them and thanks to a powerful magic they sealed the inhabitants in the mountain. Night managed to make them leave before falling asleep for 800 years His seals were half broken he could move but a party of those powers was still imprisoned after using the little force he possessed to wake saya his partner they went in search of a way to lift the spell

    Name: saya itsuka (my best waifu XD internet sourcefor 2 image)

    Weapons: 1 katana


    Passive powers:animal instinct, Electric resistance

    Abilities:turns into a weapon of choice (same firearm if unlocking after having used and assimilate one) lightning and change of appearance (usually copy pnj but do not copy their power)

    Ulitmate ability:allows the user to slice the space around him


    Gender: female

    Species:raiju/cursed sword hybride

    Personality:energetic and very possessive in general sometimes changes into seriously thoughtful (and always possessive) when she not in his classic form



    Family:father blacksmith fox mother raiju basic



    Weaknesses:rust, cold ,A fear of means of transport other than animal and cities civilize in general (pls direct)

    story Before night comes to the world a weapon began to be forged a weapon which will be endowed with conscience and which will be born the same day as the heir of the main family of the village This sword forging in the blood of his blacksmith and a raiju still in the form of a monster at the time however shortly before the last stage to finish this blade the raiju devoured it completely, during the last months she absorbed the energy of the Mamono who will barely begin to fend for herself in urizale and miraculously see a child seen at the same time as night It had in part a human appearance but behind this hide actually a creature that can turn into a weapon and can change its appearance in the daily raiju and the blacksmith to give it the name of saya. Since she was born, she became the partner of night and together he was a duo of fighter and weapon. As a weapon she possessed the strange power of adapting to her owner to even change her normal nature by becoming overnight a kind of vampire weapon that needed night blood to show its full potential in the same way that night could not do without the blood of saya. After 800 years of slumber momono energy has managed to cross the seals and even more permeate saya during his long sleep which made it even more dependent on his partner to his awakening. she is night with the same goal.

    (I want to create a universe a little like you did your urizal but are there any restrictions (image, name, other?))

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    • You wanna create your own universe... when I started this I just went ahead and did whatever. I don't think there are any restrictions unless you give yourself restriction.

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    • these more image copyright if I want to use an image that I like but that there are rights that prevent its use I'm afraid of not being able to do as I want XD (view as the artist name or places Originals of the image his not always simple to find) if not for the perso his pass on urizal or not ??and if these ok how I joined on the guild and urizale ??

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    • Well, when I use an image I give credit to where I got it from and since I'm not using it for any financial gain I'm pretty sure it's alright... but you also don't need to use images.

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    • ok thank you and for my character it's not (I do not know how I join I bug a little on the issue XD)

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  • I just wanted to say I'm back... And also that I'm sorry for the rp's I may have abandoned,

    My computer broke, and I... I had to put my dog down, so it hasn't been the greatest of times.

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    • Wow, your back! Honestly thought that you like... lost your account. Well, I'm eating right now but I'll get on the RP's when I'm done. Hope everything's getting better on your end... sucks for your dog. Hope it lived a long and happy life!

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  • I've decided to tackle something similar to what Jeiel did, but different.      

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  • Are you swedish?

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  • You haven't been on recently and we're kinda waiting on yah,first Addition and now you?

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  • Hey man, I hope you get to feeling better. Being depressed sucks. Ill be praying for you and your dad in Florida. Hopefully everything will end well. See you around.

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  • Hey, man!

    I know this is probably a bit earlier, but you said until Augest 7th, If I remember correctly.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say: Welcome back!

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  • Can you create part five.

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  • Hi, welcome to Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Akaname page, MekRex101.

    Seeing as you're brand new, we ask that you give our rules page a look before continuing. After you've done that, you're free to explore the rest of the site!

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    Fan Fiction

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    That's all for now! Please don't hesitate to leave a message on my wall if you need any assistance! [[:Mauller (talk) 03:13, December 2, 2016 (UTC)]]

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