—Before my eyes she smiled softly, and...

That expression, delighting at the birth of the new "me," was filled with warmth. That motherly expression made me feel ashamed of myself for having resisted this lady. I mean, she was being so tender and loving to me. Surely it was inevitable that I, who, without understanding even that, had been baring my animosity at her just because she was a monster, would seem stunted in comparison.

—I wanted to convey my gratitude, but...

At that, I finally realized that I didn't even know her name. Not knowing what in the world I ought to call her, my mouth opened and closed repeatedly. After hesitating like that for several seconds, I made the word charged with the most respect I could muster climb into my mouth.

"Mo... ther..."

"My goodness... I'm delighted to hear you call me that. "

So saying, she softly stroked my head. Surely I would not have been able to frankly accept that caress, like one might direct at a child of five, when I had been a "hero." As I was now, however, I could more than sufficiently comprehend the kindness put into that gesture and sense the bigness of the lady's love. I narrowed my eyes and accepted the kind caress, for which it would be impossible to feel any dislike.

"But... all the same, 'mother' is a bit... you know? Please call me Deruella. "

"Lady... Deruella..."

I had a feeling that I'd heard that name somewhere before. Surely it belonged to a person against whom a special worldwide alert had been issued. But even if it were so, what did it matter? Even if Lady Deruella was a being against whom the whole world was on guard, it made no difference to my gratitude. After all, it had been she, and no one else, who broken my "hero's" shell and set the "real me" free.

"More importantly... look; you've become very pretty... "

—Lady Deruella snapped her fingers and full-length mirror slithered up from the ground between us.

The woman in the mirror had curved, jet black horns on her head, and reddish-purple wings sticking out from her back. Below them a tail was swaying in obedience to her will. The coat-like garment she wore concealed almost nothing but her private parts and exposed nearly all her skin. There was only a mesh of threads coming and going from her chest to my belly, and everything from her bellybutton to her narrow waist was exposed to view. Leather belts were wrapped around her belly as if to cover it, but the buckle that held them, like the symbol of the Order hollowed out, failed utterly to fulfill the role of obstructing the gaze. On the contrary, by subtly concealing her skin, they made her appearance all the more suggestive.

—And the woman thus attired was herself even more licentious...

Her large teats, engraved with a bluish-purple seal, were full and supple, and swayed slightly with every movement of her body. The excellent complexion of her skin appeared almost to be shining even under the dim light. There was something bewitching about that glow, and coupled with her fascinatingly beautiful aspect it seemed almost to be inviting the hands of men. And, lower down, it could be told at a glance that her waist was unbelievably fine, while her thighs were voluptuous. I swallowed hard in spite of myself at the lascivious figure, which seemed to be showing off its animal femininity.

—Her face, too, was unbelievably obscene in its appearance...

A great many beads of sweat stood out on her flushed skin. Even that sweat, which further increased the bewitching atmosphere of her glossy skin, seemed to be shining with a lascivious, inhuman radiance. That sweat left several long tracks down a cheek on which a light purple design was drawn, and past a sluttishly half-opened mouth. The tongue and sharp, protruding canines it revealed seemed to be expressing the insatiable desire of the woman reflected in the mirror. Furthermore, her bright red eyes, choked with tears, sparkled flirtatiously, as if endeavoring to arouse passion in whatever they looked at.

—This is... me...?

The figure of a succubus splendid enough to show herself anywhere without shame. It took me just a little time to figure out that it was now mine. And yet, it certainly wasn't with any bitterness that I recognized that fact. After all, the alluring monster reflected in the mirror was so charming... and beautiful, that my "hero" self could never have compared with her.

—If I'm... If I'm like this, even he will...

The lascivious and beautiful figure of a monster. Men who would not be glad to be approached by such a woman were surely few in number. Surely... surely El too would be delighted by such a form. Surely he would fall captive to me. Feeling that reaction, I directed a smile at Lady Deruella, who stood quietly beside the mirror.

"Thank you very much... "

"I tried changing your clothes too as an extra, but... do you like them?"

"Yes... They're very sexy and... lovely... "

—Lady Deruella flashed a satisfied smile at my cheerful response.

At the sight of my savior's delighted expression, I grew glad again myself. Mt face split into a smile, but it was far from the one I had worn when I was a "hero" to put people at ease and give them courage. It was surely an expression befitting a succubus, mixed with powerful desire and even intoxication. At the very least there was no longer even a fragment of my "hero's" mask to be found in it.

—Aah... I'm so happy...

When I had been a "hero," the expression I was making would have been unthinkable. That alone was enough to fill my breast with delight. In proportion to how far removed I was from the "hero" that had been nothing but a heavy burden to the "real me," I felt a sense of liberation as if I were bound by nothing.

"Hee hee... With that look, I'm sure you'll soon fit right in in the world of monsters... Actually... how does 'our world' sound to you?"

"I think it sounds very... very wonderful... "

My new monster's body was quite well adapted to a sensitivity that I certainly could never have accepted when I had been a "hero." The feelings of pleasure that ran through me like electric shocks at the mere rubbing of my clothes against my skin had, in fact, become irreplaceable sensations that made feel alive. El's face rose in my heart at each with each shock, and its presence went on uninterrupted. I was able to think of the person I loved at all times. That sensation was surely something I could never have understood when I had been a "hero."

—But... now my heart was closer to that of a succubus, and...

My heart, liberated from the heavy burden of being a "hero," was giving birth to a hallucination that I might go flying off to anywhere at all. For me, feeling as if not only my mind but my body too had grown light, to continue thinking only of El might even be said to be a matter of course. I mean, everything else was nothing more than fetters that had been binding me for such a long time. My family, beginning with father, and my comrades in the Order of Holy Knights, and the people who had cheered me on... there was not a trace of any of them to be found within me. What there was was a burning feeling of love for him, and nothing else.

"I'm glad to hear you say so... But you're still an infant who's only just taken her first step into this world... So... I'll do a good job teaching you a monster girl's ABCs, alright...? "

"Yes. "

I replied to Lady Deruella's words with a speed close to instantaneous. Of course, it wasn't as if I had no desire to show El this body at once, but Lady Deruella was a kind lady who had patiently attended to me when I had worn the mask of a "hero," and even foolishly tried to resist. There was no way that she would ever do wrong by me. I was sure she must have some plan.

"What a good answer... Well then, first... why don't we begin your studies with the ways to please a man? "

—As she spoke, Lady Deruella snapped her fingers...

As if in answer, two tentacles again slithered up from the surroundings. A little thinner than my wrists, they wriggled, twisting and turning, and twined themselves around my arms like spoiled children demanding attention. I found their winsome forms, which had been only objects of disgust just a short while before, to be sweet. That feeling was surely not unrelated to the fact that these tentacles were making me feel good, and in doing so causing me to be reminded of El.

"Start by pleasuring those... As for the method... of course, you already know that, don't you...? "

—I answered Lady Deruella's almost teasing words by quietly grasping a tentacle in each hand.

Those, their tips tapered to points, surely bore not the least resemblance to male genitalia. An instant later, the tips of the tentacles swelled and rounded as if blood had concentrated in them. Even I, with my meagre sexual knowledge, knew enough to tell that they were imitating penises... no, cocks. And... the succubus instincts that had taken root within me taught me what I ought to do to make them feel good.

"Now... For his sake... and for yours, complete your rebirth into that sexy new body of yours, alright...? "

I nodded my head once in assent to kind, lascivious Lady Deruella's words, then slowly began to stroke the tentacles.

—There's no such thing as an absolute defense.

A way to protect oneself not only from all forms of attack, but from poison and natural disaster. Such a thing was surely impossible even for Lady Deruella, as mighty as she was... no, even for the Chief God, who was said to have created the world. In that way, protecting everything was like destroying everything. The Chief God, capable only of waging a war by proxy against Her Majesty the Dark Lord, couldn't protect everything.

—And if that's the case... defenses made by people couldn't possibly be anything like absolute...

The barriers were woven with various magics designed to detect the approach of monsters. I slipped through them easily. That secret path, which I had reported on and pointed out to my superiors many times when I had been a "hero," had been cleared in the belief that Lescatié, possessing as it did a greater number of heroes than any other country, would never be targeted. Even though I had known that at the back of that attitude lay the expectation that we heroes would wish to supply the immense funds necessary to reinforce the barrier from our own purses, we had been unable to effect any improvement.

—But... I suppose I ought to be thankful for that now...

I thought such things to myself as I lowered my feet onto the roof of a familiar lodging house with a thump. I would say that I could not have broken through if there had not been such a loophole, but it would surely have taken me much longer to make it this far. If things had gone poorly they might have dragged on until morning, and I would probably have had to remove "obstacles" even before conveying my feelings to El. When I thought of the labor and loss of time, I could not but feel grateful to Lescatié's top brass.

—Now... then... El's room is...

It was right in the middle of a five storey building, on the left end of the third floor. He was currently residing in one of the private rooms allotted to high-class soldiers. Of course, it wasn't as if I had found that out just now; I had checked up on it as soon as I'd learned that that El had joined the Order of Holy Knights.

—Perhaps... I'd wanted to sneak into his room at night like this...

I'd wanted to know anything I could about him. That had been my only feeling at the time. But now that I had cast away my sundry fetters and become the "real me," I wasn't so sure that there hadn't been a licentious expectation at the back of that emotion. However much I had tried to temporize myself as a "hero," there could be no doubt that the "real me" I had been suppressing deep inside my breast was a mere woman, after all.

—Hee hee... Well... I suppose that's got nothing to do with me now...

However I had been in the past, I had no doubts about what I was going to do now. Coming to that conclusion, I kicked the roof softly and flung myself into the night sky. My wings flapped open and checked my fall, and, floating lightly, I drew near his room. My hand crept to a third floor window, it's curtains drawn, and it opened without any resistance whatever.

—A little careless... isn't he...? Or else, maybe he was hoping that I would sneak into his room for some...

As I thought such things to myself, my body slipped smoothly in through the window. A smell of sweat wafted to my nose as my feet landed on the floor. He must be tired from training day after day. I felt almost as if my nose was being penetrated by that somewhat pungent odor. Still, it wasn't at all unpleasant. On the contrary, as it enveloped me I felt a sense of safety as if El were hugging me tight.

—Aah... This is El's... El's scent...

The scent of my beloved's sweat, savored with a monster's sense of smell. While filling my lungs with that, which might even be called luscious, I quietly surveyed my surroundings. His room, furnished with only the bare minimum — a regulation bookcase, desk, dresser and so on — was tidier than I had expected. I was glad to see that, as it showed the serious disposition of the occupant, but at the same time I felt disappointed that I would be unable to taste the feeling of a new wife tidying up, as I had wanted.

—Still... that's not the real issue at hand...

I could hear a sleeper's regular breathing from bed which lay along the wall by my left hand. When I turned my eyes in that direction, I saw that his back was to me, his characteristic red hair swaying. I could never mistake that hair, which seemed to assert itself even in the darkness. The sleeper was unquestionably El, my childhood friend, my beloved.

"E–el... "

"Uuh... nn..."

As if in response to my sweet request, he turned softly over in his sleep. By that motion, El's peaceful, sleeping face was exposed to my eyes. That gentle, sleeping face gave a somewhat innocent and even childish impression on me. Seeing that on the face of a youth my own age reminded me vividly of when we had played together in childhood... and caused a sweet throbbing to lodge itself in my breast.

—If he's going to show me something like this... there's no way I can control myself...

Even just having been able to get close enough to El that I could reach out and touch him was enough to push me to the limits of endurance, and yet he showed me such a lovely face as this. My body was approaching El, blowing away my faint hesitation over whether I ought to wake him when he was sleeping so peacefully. In that state I advanced one step, then two, and then sat down on the edge of the bed, stripped away the thin blanket, and pressed my lips against his as if they were drawn to them.


The small sound of a kiss resounded in the quiet room, and at the same time the softness of El's lips pierced my breast. The squishy, peculiar sensation was softer even than sweets made of gelatin, and more delicious. But unlike gelatin, several fine cracks stood out on their surface. I'd heard that after being made to work as hard as he could in training, he, being Lady Mercè's favorite, was being made to accompany his superior drinking as well, so... he must surely be exhausted.

—...If it were me... If it were me, I wouldn't do such things... I would put your physical wellbeing first, El... I'd do whatever would make you happiest...

I was roused to feelings of jealousy and rivalry by the image of Lady Mercè that appeared in my mind's eye, and I made my tongue crawl softly along his cracked lips. I licked the cracks conscientiously one by one, making sure to keep my tongue covered in plenty of saliva. Every time I licked El's soft lips a refreshing sweetness as of a juice made from fruit was transmitted to me through my tongue.

—Delicious... El's lips... are so sweet and delicious...

Their refreshing, elegant sweetness was more luscious than any delicacy I had ever eaten. I could not resist their dangerous fragrance, which seemed as if it was going to melt me to the marrow of my bones if I continued to eat. Lead by my instincts, I made my tongue crawl passionately. And yet, as my saliva gleamed that sweetness was gradually going out of his lips, from which the cracks too had vanished. As soon as my body's frustration at that caused my chest to throb and momentarily to tighten, my tongue accidentally parted his lips, and made contact with his oral cavity.

"Fuaah... "

That alone was enough to make the earlier sweetness wrap itself around my tongue. But it was so concentrated that it could not be compared with that of just his lips. My body responded to that sensation, which seemed about to melt not just my bones but my brains as well, by further exposing its greed.

"Fuhyuuu... ooo! "

—Sweet... So sweet...

Almost as if to welcome me, the lining of his mouth, in contact with my tongue, made me a present of that first-rate nectar — of his saliva. My tongue, lapping that up as if literally bathing in it, was dancing inside his mouth as if entranced. Saliva also overflowed from my own mouth, which had lolled half-open of its own accord. It traveled along my tongue and poured into El's mouth.

—Aah... To think that a kissing felt this good...

Of course, when it came to kissing I had yearned and dreamed as much as anyone. But I had never even imagined that it would be so pleasurable and sweet as to make shivers run along my spine. Just kissing like that was enough to make not just my body but my brains numb and melt, and to set my heart pounding; it felt as if I was going to become one with him. I became dazed and devoured his mouth eagerly.

—Oh no... After I've tasted something like this... I won't be able to eat anything else anymore... I'll end up wanting to do nothing but kiss as long as I live...

The cocktail of our mixed saliva was far richer and more lascivious than the cloudy liquid I had tasted before. Moreover, even as I was kissing him and odor was rising from his body and causing my womb to ache with expectation. The sensation of that ache boiling up from within my body along with pleasure and a sense of fulfillment drove me into the domain of a dependence that surpassed addiction. If, in exchange for being able to eat nothing else, I could spend my whole life just kissing... surely that would be an unmitigated joy. Such things were all I could think of.

—This... this is all thanks to you too, isn't it El...? Because you're so lovely, little by little... I... ended up falling in love with you...

Deepening my dependence on El's saliva meant the same as deepening my dependence on him. It was to the extent that, even as I was kissing him, my love for El grew gradually larger until it seemed on the verge of overflowing. And then I was running my tongue all over the inside of El's mouth as if trying to return my love to its source in him.

—That love of mine would reach him, and...

I realized that El's eyes, which had been peacefully closed the whole time, were slowly opening before me. There was a look of suspicion in the eyes that were being turned to me, sweet saliva pouring from my mouth. But as he had only just regained consciousness, he must still be half asleep. He was still just staring blankly at me and displaying no reaction.

—Hee hee... Still a sleepyhead, I see...

Even when we were children, waking up had been the only time I had been able to act like an older sister. It wasn't only once or twice that I had, first thing after rising, dragged El, sleepily rubbing his eyes, from his bed. In spite of myself, I couldn't help being glad that his low blood pressure hadn't changed a bit since then.

—Still... he won't stay that way for long...

However much of a sleepyhead he was, there was no way he would continue to battle with drowsiness forever. To say nothing of the fact that I was currently right in the middle of stealing a kiss. Surely his mind would soon spring to life at that, which as far as he was concerned was a surprise attack. I realized that his face was colored with shock and bewilderment, and his arms were moving as if in an effort to push me aside.

—Ooh... Don't be like that...

Before they could reach me, however, they were seized by my hands and pinned to the bed as if sewn to it. His legs didn't give up and tried to struggle on in spite of that, but were stopped by my legs and upper body leaning on top of them. El still tried to struggle against me, now lying on top of his sleeping form, but he had no chance of matching my strength now that I had changed into a monster. No matter how much El tried to resist, my limbs didn't give an inch.

—After all, if you're going to be mean to me like that... then I'll end up being mean to you too, you know...?

Trying to run away from me, of all things, was a bit too horrible even for being mean. I understood that he was surprised at having been kissed while he was sleeping, but I was a wee bit hurt. In an effort to get even for that, my tongue was leisurely penetrating further into his interior. El's teeth, half opened in surprise, were unable to intercept me, and my tongue was able to make contact leisurely with his. As for what I ought to do next... of course, the instincts of a succubus, which had taken root in me, taught me that.

—First of all... I'll give him a good tickling...

I selected a caress from the mountain of licentious information, tracing his tongue with the tip of mine. When I had assiduously licked the bumps of his tongue just once with the sharply tapered tip of mine, El's arms gave a startled shiver. A shiver ran through my spine at the adorable reaction of his arms, which I could tell had been trained even just by gripping him like this. I ended up entranced again by that sensitive response, which I certainly didn't know from my rehearsal with Lady Deruella.

"Juru... Juru... ru. "


But contrary to myself, El seemed not to be pleased. He moved his tongue to the right and to the left as if trying to escape from mine. As I pursued, I recalled the games of tag that we had often played in childhood. His tongue was soon caught, just like back then, when he would sometimes deliberately allow himself to be caught by me, comparatively slow on my feet, and imparted to me a sensation that was both soft and warm.

—Ooh... you're not being honest with your feelings, so...

As I pursued him a second and then a third time, his movements were growing just a little more sluggish. I was sure that my kiss was causing El to feel ve–ery good too. As for myself, my body was so worked up that I was on the verge of cumming just from feeling the heat of his body and tasting his sweet saliva. It might not seem so even to the average monster, but some fraction would know from the slight flush of his cheeks that El was coming to feel good.

—Aah... Such a cute face...

Even though he was being forcibly kissed like this, a tinge of desire was beginning to show on El's face. Fish flushed cheeks went without saying, and his eyes too had slackened just a little with arousal. The gradually shortening interval between the breaths making his chest rise and fall seemed to be telling me he too was beginning to grow excited. El's resistance grew weaker, as if in inverse proportion to his arousal, and he abandoned himself to me.

—So you've gotten honest at last...

While licking El's tongue all over, slurping it into my mouth as if to suck it down, I was slowly releasing him. Sticking out from El's mouth and grown very warm with arousal and saliva, it shivered as if with cold for a full ten-odd seconds. My mouth, which longed to be filled, could not refuse it. Even though I had made up my mind to draw away from El, I ended up wanting to kiss him again immediately.

—But... right... now... he's my highest priority... Isn't that right, Lady Deruella...?

Recalling the instruction of the lady who had taught me my ABCs as a succubus, I quietly smiled down at El. He made a troubled expression at that, his chest heaving up and down. And yet, even during that interval the fine thing between El's legs hardened and stood erect, lifting the sheets over it. However much he was reputed to be a good, serious young man, he was still a boy, and he must love pleasure. His pole, seething with heat and shivering with anticipation, was proof of that.

—I wouldn't be surprised... if that earned him reproach in this country... but... to me...

In this country, bound tight by the values of the Order, an erect pole like that would probably lead to one being called a pervert. But to me, who had become a monster, that was a joyous thing. I mean... I was the same in loving pleasure and in anticipating what would come next, after all. We, who held similar values, could surely become happy... as lovers... no, even as husband and wife.

"Hlady... Hwil... marina..."

El called out to me in a lisping voice, as if my tongue had paralyzed his with pleasure. Still, it wasn't to hear him address me like that, as if I were a stranger, that I had come here; it was to form a connection more... lovely that I had expressly... come creeping into his room in the night.

"Don't call me that... "


I couldn't put words to the expression he showed me as I stretched out a hand to his cheek. It looked as if he were about to burst into tears, and yet was delighted in spite of that. I couldn't help hugging him tight at that look, which was like that a lost child would make upon finding its mother. While wrapping El in my voluptuous breasts as if to comfort him, I opened my mouth in an effort to speak words of repentance.

"I'm sorry... Really... Even though I should have been the one to step forward... I always made walls between us, and I hurt you, didn't I El...? I'm truly... sorry."

—I recalled all the ways I had ill-treated him when I had been a "hero."

They had made my breast hurt powerfully. And yet... they must have hurt him more. After all, from his point of view, his childhood friend, having been set up in a high position as a hero, had been behaving as if everything before had been a fleeting dream. I could only imagine that pain and sense of alienation. I had gone on treating him like that for a long time. My chest seemed about to burst and my tears about to flow at the mere thought of it.

"It wasn't your fault, Wilmarina... no... Mary. I was so confused myself when I found out you were becoming a hero, so... I've been making walls, just like you did."

"Aah... "

—As he spoke those words... El wiped the tears that had been steadily rising in the corners of my eyes without my noticing, and...

It was just like back when I had been a crybaby... just like when I had been happy, he softly stroked my back. In spite of myself, several streaks of tears spilled from the corners of my eyes at that, which seemed to warm my spine with each pass. Surely I could not feel this warm and safe anywhere else... not even at Lady Deruella's bosom. For me, his breast had a charm that made me want to abandon myself to it completely.

"...Will you call me 'Mary' again...?"

"If you want me to, Mary... but..."

—Aah... I'm so glad...

At the sight of him smiling bashfully up at me from between my breasts, a heat kindled throughout my body. That, which resembled the feeling of warmth throughout the body one gets after a bath, was surely not unrelated to the fact that he had again called me, who had completely become a monster, "Mary." El was willing to accept me as "me," without even the usual prejudices of the Order, and my body, in which a passion had been suddenly ignited, was squirming bashfully at the bigness of his tool. A hot passion again ignited in my lower parts, which rubbed themselves against his of their own accord as if to embrace them.

"S, so... how did you end up like that, Mary...?"

"Aha. "

El spoke as if to gloss over that symbol of seething maleness. His aim in desperately moving only that portion of his body with a look of embarrassment was surely to keep me from touching his hot pole. But to me such tactics were transparent. Gently raising a knee between his legs so that neither one could move, I softly opened my lips.

"You see, I... never really cared about humans, except for you... I wonder why I said things like that when I was human? Really, I was such a fool."


There was a tinge of rebuke in that word. It was surely not because I had become a monster, but because as an individual human he could not overlook my words. I admired El's willingness to deal with me on an individual level. And yet... he was still just stubbornly bound by a human sense of values. Surely right now I ought to find a way to repaint those in the colors of a monster... no, in my own colors, and... perfectly convey my mental state to him.

"It was silly, wasn't it? Saying that I'd save the world, of all things... even though nothing mattered to me as long as I had you... Don't you think it was silly? I mean, thinking that because I was a hero I belonged to everyone... even though I'm yours alone... "

—A powerful confusion rose on El's face at that exclusive and sweet confession, and...

I didn't understand why in the world he there was a need for him to make such an expression. But at least I was certain that not a hint of rejection showed on his face; while it's expression displayed bewilderment, that was certainly mixed with a tinge of joy.

—In that case... I suppose all I have to do is make it grow...

"But... the human me didn't understand that... No. Even if she understood, she could never have done anything about it. So... I got myself a body that could... "

As I spoke those words, I quietly drew back, so as to peer into the face of him I embraced so tightly. The gap between us that had just been born could be more than enough to make him take up the sword that leaned against his bedside. Having made sure of that, I quietly moved my lips closer to his ear with a malicious grin.

"El, do you hate... such a woman... no... such a monster...? Are you going to kill me...?"


He showed more than a little indecision in response to the words I whispered into his ear. Surely that was to be expected. If our positions had been reversed, I should have ended up so troubled that my heart would seem about to go to pieces. I was sure I would have let my sword fall, worrying endlessly at that unanswerable problem. After that, I would have been raped by him a lot, and... made into a monster. By the time the scene in my imagination had reached that point, El opened his lips as if he had come to a decision.

"Even if you've become a monster, Mary, you're still you. ...There's no way I could kill you, Mary."


It was the answer I had half expected. Just as I could never have killed El, he couldn't possibly kill me. I was convinced of that. But even if I'd known... that answer, accepting me, caused my heart to pound and my womb to ache. The ache that I had been holding at bay for so long finally broke free, and assumed total control of my thoughts.

"That was a mean question, wasn't it...? I'm Sorry... But... I'm so very glad... So... I'll give you a reward to make up for it, alright El...? "


He cried out in bewilderment as I pressed my breasts against him again, and my hand quietly slipped inside his pants. Of course, it's objective was his erect pole, the very symbol of his desire. When my hand, which made smoother progress than even I had imagined, made to seize his underclothes, El seemed to come back to himself at last and grasped his own pants tightly in an effort to resist.

"Wai...! Ma, Mary...! That's...!!"

"You've made your dick this big for me... it's because I kissed you, right...? So... I'll take responsibility with my body... "


I realized that the words I whispered in El's ear were causing his face to redden. But there was certainly nothing bad about that. Because I could see through that shy expression to the desire underneath, and something resembling sexual excitement was definitely mixed in with it. He too... was anticipating being ravished like this. My hand, helping that desire along, dragged down El's pants, including his underclothes, in the blink of an eye.

"Fuuaaaaahhh... "

In an instant, a rich, sweet smell filled his room. That dense odor was like the sweetness of milk condensed, and stimulated my sense of smell with its almost choking density. But to a monster that too was a sensation so luscious as to send shivers down my spine. Shudders of pleasure raced throughout my body at the sensation of El's scent filling my lungs and enveloping my whole body.

—There's no way I can endure something like this...

Having become a slave to that scent in an instant, I gently moved tail back and forth while I sniffed, cooing. That tail, which moved so skillfully that it was no different from my fingers, circled around in front of me and unfastened the belts that held my underclothes in place. I realized that, along with the black underpants that landed softly on top of him, my love juices were falling onto El drop by drop.

"I am too, you know... Since we kissed... no... since even before that, I've been at my limit... So... let's have... sweet, sweet... sex... "

So saying, I gently moved my body so as to straddle him. With my hips resting on his lower parts, I raised my upper body. I felt El's gaze penetrate my slowly swaying breasts as they moved away from him. An oozy, aching desire for him to rub them welled up in my chest, but... more than that I wanted El to see me offering my virginity.

—I'll let you touch them lots and lots later... so hold on just a little for now... okay?

Just thinking such things was enough to make the love juices trickle from my cunt again. The sight of it covering his half-exposed abdominals reminded me vividly of a dog marking its territory. While embracing the consent and arousal caused by claiming El as my own in my innermost thoughts, I gently grasped the base of his pole with my right hand.

—Aah... So big...

The thickness of that cock, hot to the base, was approximately equal to three of my fingers bundled together. I couldn't tell as to the length because I wasn't looking, but, judging from the its size when I had been pressed against him, it must a little longer than the distance from my wrist to the tips of my fingers. That hot dick, which shook timidly and on which veins stood out here and there, was about to spread the flesh of my vagina and enter inside me. The mere idea of that was enough to make my hips shiver with anticipation and my love juices leak out.

"Hee hee... Well then... I'm going to put it in, okay...? "

"Wa... wait, Mary! You can't just...!"

"No–ope... "

Premarital sex must be taboo to him, still powerfully impressed with the values of the Order. But this wasn't premarital sex at all. This was my and El's marriage ceremony. By means of this obscene and sweet ceremony... he and I would be able to take back our past in the true sense.

—Besides... I couldn't afford to hesitate, either...

The ache running through my body had already reached an intensity that could justly be called climax. My whole body ached, so much that I wanted to touch El and no longer cared where. My womb, in which the feeling was particularly horrible, would go crazy if it didn't get him... get his dick to touch it this instant. He ought to feel the same. He must want to mate with a female and spew lots of white semen from his hard cock.

—So... let's become one... So that we can be together forever and ever... So that we'll never be parted again...

While I smiled to myself at those thoughts, my hips were slowly descending. That place, already slick and gleaming with love juices, made contact with the tip of his dick — the glans. While I gently spread that place, which made a wet sound as it touched his glans, open with my unoccupied left hand, I lowered my hips, and...—

"Kyuuuuuuuuuuuunnn! "

The pleasure that ran through me in that instant made my throat convulse so powerfully I thought it would tear. Just the tip of his cock pushing open the flesh of my vagina and at last slipping a little ways inside was enough to send a fierce pleasure racing around my body like an electric current. Something about it reminded me vividly of a snake; it rampaged freely inside me and seemed about to make my nerves splinter. Even if I tried to endure that violence, with the body Lady Deruella had developed for me it was close to impossible.

"Aaaahhh... Aaahh! Funyaaahh! "

Even I didn't know what I was blurting out. I was just crying out as if trying to push out the cock that was spreading the flesh of my vagina with deliberate slowness. My mouth, crying out instinctively, was already half opened and dripping saliva, its volume increased by arousal. I was displaying such a visage in front of him. The instant my heart trembled in shyness at that, the serpentine pleasure suddenly grew.

—It's coming! It's coming alreadyyy! It's almost heeere!

That serpent, which had grown large enough to swallow me, coiled ever so tightly around my womb and bound it up. A somehow masochistic pleasure was wrung from my womb, and spread through my whole body as if following the serpent. It was different from the state Lady Deruella had so kindly guided me to, but this, violent and forced, must also be a portent of orgasm. The mere thought of that was enough to make my vagina suddenly tighten, as if to strangle his cock.


"Fuwaaaaahhh! "

At the same time I let out a cry at the feeling of his cock digging deeper into the flesh of my vagina, I could hear a stifled cry from El's mouth. When I turned my eyes quietly in his direction, his face, teeth clenched tight, entered my view. He looked pained at first glance, as if he was trying to resist something, but desire showed plainly in his flushed cheeks. His cock was twitching in my vagina, too, so... I was sure El was starting to feel good.

—The moment I thought that, the tyrant serpent burst from inside...

A wave of pleasure raced through my insides in an instant, dying not just my field of vision but even my consciousness pure white. It seemed to shake my head violently and forced my consciousness to expand from the tips of my fingers to the ends of my hair. And along with the almost numbing pleasure of climax coming from the whole of my sensitive body, knowledge of El was entering me. My heart overflowed with it, and my consciousness seemed about to fly off.

—Ahaa! Full! I'm... full of Elll!

But speed of my expanding consciousness was far faster even than that of the overflow. While I accepted the overflow of information without excess or deficiency, my chest shook with delight. El's cock was turning me more licentious, and more sensitive. There was no longer any part of the she-beast inside me that did not feel delight at that.

—Cumminggg! I can't stop cumminggg! I'm going to burst over and over againnn!

And within my ever more sensitive body, El's cock was still going strong. Hard, strong... and so hot it seemed it would burn my insides, it pushed me up to orgasm many times, and made my hips shiver. As I shook, as if to rock the dick glued to the flesh of my vagina, I felt as if my brains had burst again, and a portion of my thoughts turned to gooey, sweet juice.

"Fuu... nyaah... Amashinggg... "

Actually, the pleasure my body was now tasting was far more vivid than even Lady Deruella's caresses. When I had been a "hero"... no, even when I had only just changed into a monster, it might have caused me to faint several times over. After all, the feeling of growing gradually more licentious, and more sensitive, each time I came was enlarging the pleasure swirling inside my body ad-infinitum. The moment my heart began to throb with that sensation, which I had never been able to taste before, even during Lady Deruella's "education," my hips slid down as far as they would go.

"Hyuuuuuuuuunnn! "

That instant, the feeling of my deepest parts being struck raced up my spine. His cock, swallowed so completely that there was not the least gap left between us, was thoroughly glued to the entrance of my womb. My body was propped up by my thighs, which trembled with the sensation of that places finally receiving the thing it had ached for so long. The sense of fulfillment that raced throughout my body proclaimed that it wanted to stay glued to him like this always. It made pleasure run through my thighs, and was trying to steal the strength from me.

—But... staying like this... would be hard on El... wouldn't it...?

His glans, kissing the entrance to my womb, was twitching violently. His cock, which felt as if it had grown still larger since it had been inserted, seemed somehow unsatisfied. There was a swelling and throbbing growing somewhere in the sweet heat causing my womb to melt. That too was surely to be expected. I mean, I had cum tens of times just while putting it in, and was continuing to do so, while El, in contrast, hadn't ejaculated even once.

—I can't move right now... so... let me off with this... alright...?

My hips began a slow grinding motion, like drawing a circle. As I put force into my hips and moved them, the entrance of my womb and his cock rubbed against each other, causing a shiver of pleasure to pierce my womb immediately above them. My womb, already filled with love juices, amplified the pleasure that that chill brought with it to the point of orgasm, and spread it throughout my body. Within the climax that seemed to be chilling my whole body, I was growing steadily more entranced with his pole, which was the only thing warming me.

—Aah... This... this might be good...

The cock eating into the entrance of my womb seemed to be training the flesh of my vagina into its own shape. All of it, from the sturdy shaft to the head like an extended umbrella and the small aperture at the tip, went inside me along with the pleasure. I felt another orgasm at the pleasure, almost as if I were memorizing the shape of the man I loved.

"So this... this is El... big and strong and... sooo lubvlyyy... I'm... going to end up becoming its prisoner! "

"Oo... Aah...!"

A cornered moan leaked from El's mouth in response to my sweet cry. Even the stimulation of my shaking every which way must have felt good to him. It would be no exaggeration to say that my monster's cunt had been made to squeeze out men's semen, so that was the most natural thing in the world. But that knowledge did nothing to efface my feelings of fulfillment and euphoria. El was feeling good because of me. That alone was enough to make my heart overflow with joy, and I experienced firsthand the magnificence of being a monster.

—You too, El... You're tasting it too... You're sharing the same feelings as mee...

A wave of warmth were spreading out from my breast. Different from the climactic pleasure racing throughout my body, it was filling me with a warm sense of security like being inside a womb. Wherever the wave of pleasure passed through, seeming to heal my sensitive body, I suddenly lost my strength and became defenseless. Next an orgasm, bursting from my womb, raced through those same places. The waves of pleasure unceasingly assailed my body as I kept up my pace, melting my mind to mush again.

—Ahaa! Happyyy! Thish ish happinesh...

The alternating pleasures made me experience a sudden rise followed by a sharp nosedive over and over again, but would permit me to become accustomed to neither. After being healed by the gentle pleasure that spread from my heart, I was hurled about by the fierce pleasure that emanated from my womb: a masochistic loop. My body, unable even to attempt escape from that sweet yet cruel wheel, was steadily becoming even more licentious.

—My cunt's squeezing dooowwnnn! It's getting squishy and sloppyyy...

True to those words, which lacked even a shred of reason, the flesh of my vagina was in the process of tightening. And yet it stopped suddenly, as if at a line that had been fixed in advance. El's dick was that line, and it and the flesh of my vagina were glued together as if they had become one. My vagina, hugging his cock tight with each repeated climax, seemed almost to be proclaiming that they would never part.

—Happy... y... But... this isn't the end... you know...

I felt my mind turning to mush and my body filling with pleasure. My ecstasy and sense of fulfillment at becoming one with El in mind and body bloomed chaotically, filling my breast. But this certainly wasn't the end; nothing like it. This was merely the entryway; more wonderful sensations were waiting ahead. The lascivious instincts of a monster taught me so.

—Now... To become even happier... To make El happy...

I tore off the clothing that concealed my teats. My large breasts, violently liberated from clothing, swayed hugely before him as if on display. El's gaze was drawn to the sight of me shaking my breasts, so large they would have been unthinkable when I had been a "hero," as if to show off their toned elasticity. Perhaps it was because they were no longer covered by my latex-like clothing, the sensation of his gaze piercing my pink, erect nipples was even stronger than before, and drove me towards climax.

—Aah... He's looking at me... El's looking at my sexy tits...

In the midst of my joy stained orgasm, on the verge of overflowing, by breasts were shaking as if to draw El's gaze. Of course, his gaze was nailed to my bust, and he was staring at me half-dazed. In an effort to bathe more in his sweet gaze, I quietly brought both arms around behind my back and linked them. The sound of El swallowing hard at the sight of me sticking out my breasts to emphasize them like a prostitute, reached me.

—But... he just looks and won't reach out a hand to me... That won't do.

He refused to reach out, as if he was being overwhelmed by the sight of my swaying breasts. I'd gone to the trouble of preparing a feast for him, and he was teasing me; it was too much. Having grown impatient with El, who still refused to approach me, even though my breasts were aching with the desire to be touched this instant, I turned to him and gave voice to my discontent.

"This... all of this... is yours... It belongs to you, El... My mouth, and my tits... and that place, too... even my ass... you can do as you like with all of it... because I belong to you alone, El... "


"Hyuuu! "

As if those words had cut through a dam, El's hands stretched out towards me. The moment he grasped the flesh of both my teats tightly, a sweet numbness ran through my heart and womb. My licentious body, which easily felt orgasm at the mere sound of my name being called in a voice overcome with emotion, began to slowly raise and lower its hips repeatedly.

"More... Call me more! I want you to call my name... your lover's name, El... "

"Mary...! Mary...!!"

El's reply thrust me up towards orgasm who knows how many times. I could not interrupt the orgasms that burst from my womb as if to oppose the waves of pleasure spreading out from my breast. Every time his cock parted from the entrance of my womb and rubbed the flesh of my vagina, clinging to it so closely that the boundary between them blurred, my whole body leapt with a start of pleasure. But my vessel for receiving pleasure was expanding with each climax, and so I was able to catch those sensations perfectly, and move my hips besides.

—But... it's not as if the pleasure's lessened...

On the contrary, the climaxes that seemed about to melt my brains were growing stronger and fiercer. The mere fact that they were no longer enough to set my mind reeling meant that my resistance to pleasure itself had fallen considerably. I was feeling just as if my whole body were being filled by El, so surely that was the most natural thing in the world. And... there was no need at all for me to resist that sweet, salacious delusion.

—I'm... happy to be yours alone, El... It's fine if I don't... think about anything else at all, right...?

Now that I had cast away my "hero's" mask, such reasoning has already become natural to me. A life protecting, cherishing, and loving El alone. Days spent thinking only of El, never turning my interest to the rabble. If I could just protect this room... no... just the area around this bed, I didn't care what became of everything else. I harbored an unspeakable joy at my steadily shrinking world.

"Kyuufuuunn! "

While I was in that state, El kneaded my breasts as if to squeeze them tight. My monster's body responded to that uninhibited stimulation by causing a powerful pleasure to stab into my womb. Those rough caresses, from which, perhaps due to pleasure and arousal, he held nothing back, were proof enough that he was becoming entranced with my body. Surely there was no monster anywhere who could fail to feel delight at the fact of her darling being aroused by her.

"Ma... ry...! Sorry... I'm already...!!"

"Ahaah! "

El sounded cornered, and his cock, held in my cunt, gave a start and grew a size larger. The sensation of the love juice-soaked flesh of my vagina, to which his shaft with its several prominent veins adhered, being spread open was accompanied by an excruciating feeling. It felt as if the umbrella-like tip, more horribly swollen than before, were trying to drag my cunt out with it. The heat transmitted to me through his swollen glans told me that it was full to overflowing with arousal, and might ejaculate at any moment.

—You're going to cum, right...? You're going to cum for me, El. You're going to make me a present of lots of semennn!

The mere expectation of that was enough to thrust my breasts up speedily towards orgasm. Surely that too was to be expected. After all, even the cloudy liquid released by Lady Deruella's fakes had been delicious. A single drop of his spit surpassed that flavor; I couldn't even imagine how sweet his semen would be. I understood only that it would be so wonderful that I had never tasted its like, and that the highest happiness a female animal could experience awaited me.

—I want it... I want your semen... I want you to fill my womb full of white stuff...

The movements of my hips were speeding up, as if expectation were pushing me on from behind. There was nothing in them of the way I had been moving before, as if to taste him slowly and deliberately. There was only a lust to greedily suck his cock from the glans to the base. Battered by that, El looked strained, and I could tell that he was exerting himself as if to endure something. It was heart-breaking to look at that expression of desperate endurance, and my lips ended up moving without thought.

"It's alright to ejaculate... I belong to you alone, after all, El... I'm offering everything to you... even my precious baby-making place... So... so, you too, El... offer me lots of semen... "


El must have resisted like that because he had an idea that we would make a child. But that child was just what I wanted. I was seeking clear proof that would show that he and I would never part again. Besides, having changed into a monster, I could not conceive so easily. It was surely impossible for me to become pregnant from one or two ejaculations inside my vagina. But it was equally impossible for me, running the home stretch towards the supreme moment, to explain that to El from scratch now.

—Ooh... It would be too much trouble, so...

While I admired how powerful his will must be to still show a desire to resist at this point, I was also sulking. I mean, even though supreme happiness as a woman was approaching within my reach, he was teasing me, making me wait. Surely such a troublesome person... could stand a little bit of punishment.

"Well then... I guess I'll just squeeze out... all your semen... "

"Oo... aaaaahhh!"

As I spoke those words, the flesh of my vagina was squeezing tight. But only a part of it. The constriction ran from the base of his dick to halfway up the shaft, and was moving leisurely toward the glans; it must have felt just as if I were drawing his cock through my hand. Of course, even then my hips never stopped moving. I was driving my hips into him with a ferocity that scattered my love juices across the bed.

—As if on cue, El's cock began to tremble, and...

"Uaah... I'm... cumming...!"

"Aah! Cum! Fill my cunt with you cock juice! Finish marking me as yours, El...! "

—The moment his glans struck the entrance of my womb in conjunction with those words...

"Kyuuuuuuunnn! "

My mind was dyed white by the hot stuff that spewed into the entrance of my womb in one huge burst. My body was trembling so much I thought I might collapse from the joy of a veritable torrent of pleasure being poured into my womb. Signals of pleasure alone came and went along the nerves that traversed its interior, and it seemed almost that my entire body had become a cunt. The sensation of not just my breasts, but my thighs and buttocks and all the places in contact with him bursting with orgasm caused my consciousness to pop like a bubble and hurled it down into chaos.

—It'sh coming sho harddd! My brain's going to bursht! It'sh going to tear me aparttt!

But I was dragged back out of that chaos by the pleasure being poured into my womb. The fierce pleasure, like being struck by lightning, was so violent and merciless that even a serpent could not compare to it. It was as if my womb was being made to taste every last drop of the stuff being poured into it, and my body was rejoicing at the masochistic climax.

—Aaah... El's semen is delicious...

The source of the captivating joy being poured into my womb — his child-juice — was very sweet. Like all the fruits in the world gathered together and boiled down, was incredibly bracing, given its syrupy density. But while it was invigorating, it also possessed the drawback of ebbing quickly. Even though I wanted to use my womb to taste more of this sweet, cloudy liquid, to which even his saliva could not compare, its flavor was swiftly fading. Protesting its dissatisfaction at that, my vagina constricted as if to demand more semen.


Feeling the flesh of my vagina constrict from its base to its glans as if to wring it out, El's cock spewed forth more semen for me. I realized that the entrance of my womb was thrumming with a shameless slurping noise as it sucked that up. Feeling something that resembled a sense of satisfaction for my own greedy body, my consciousness burst again.

"Oo... aaah... "

It was a time of masochistic joy; I was lifted and bound up. I, my consciousness sent flying tens of times over, could not say for how long that went on. I was certain only that I was now very happy and that there was almost no boundary line between him and me. I had collapsed without realizing it; there was almost no border between my skin and his skin, and I myself had no idea where he ended or where I began.

—So... happy...

Those words in my breast brought with them a flood of emotion. My womb was swollen and shaking with the semen that had just been poured into it, even more than with the sensation of our melting together into one. That place, greedier and more sensitive even its mouth, took in as much of the sweet flavor of his semen as it could take. The sensation of becoming full of El in the literal sense was such that even if all the kinds of joy and happiness I had tasted before now were put together, they still would not match it. I was truly tasting supreme bliss... just as my monster's instincts had taught me I would.

"Haa... haa..."

"Tee hee... "

I softly lowered my lips to his chest, which heaved beneath me with the reverberations of climax. My salacious lips, overflowing with saliva, made slurping noises as they tasted the sweat that stood out on El's skin. That alone was enough to easily thrust me, my insides still reverberating with orgasm, up towards another climax. Overjoyed by my ability to achieve peak from something so slight, I abandoned myself to a pleasant fatigue.

—Unlike me, lying there like that, El's cock was getting hard again...

Almost as if to assert that a single ejaculation was not enough to fill the gap of the ten years we had been apart, his rod was again beginning to harden. I was glad that he showed no sign of flagging despite having ejaculated so much. Still, it would be simply too dull to go twice in a row in the same position. Besides, I had more than a little desire for the pursuit to come from his side this time.

"It's... fine... This time... you move however you like, alright, El...? "

"But... Mary... blood..."

When I quietly turned my gaze to my nether regions, I saw that a trickle of red was flowing from them. I hadn't noticed in the midst of my pleasure, but it must have been because my hymen had been broken. I had been a little worried, because I had heard it said that engaging in strenuous exercise could cause one's hymen to tear, but it seemed that I had managed to show him the proof of my deflowering after all. Harboring a sense of satisfaction at that, I stretched my arms around behind his back and allowed myself to fall slowly backward.

"It's alright... To a monster, something like this just feels good... Besides... you aren't satisfied yet either, are you, El...?"


His face expressed indecision as he watched me transition from cowgirl position, upright above him, to missionary position, as if I were being pushed down. Rather than a shrinking back, it was a sign of his powerful concern for me. Perhaps his efforts to resist ejaculation earlier had been out of consideration for me as well.

—But... that's being a bit too nice... you know...?

Of course, I was incomparably glad that he cared so much for me, but when I was inviting him like this I could only think of being worried about like this as a form of teasing. After all, what I truly wanted now was not the kindness he had shown me in our childhood, but a young man's lust, with a touch of the brute in it.

—In that case... I'll just have to get you to be more honest...

Just as Lady Deruella had done for me, I would tear off his gentle mask. With that thought, I directed the syrupy energy of my magic into him. El appeared wary of the magic that wafted from my whole body like a fragrant aura, but, pressed together as we were, he could not possibly escape it. Caught in the succubus magic, the shade of desire in his face grew just a little deeper, and he was being stripped of his reason.

"Ma... ry...!"

"Hee hee... It's fine... I'll take on all of your lust for you, El... Because, no matter how dirty it is... no matter how ferocious it is... if it comes from you... if it's part of you... I'll offer myself up to it gladly... "


"Kyaaah! "

As he shouted that word, he drove his hips ferociously into me. The sensation of his cock gouging the flesh of my vagina violently, and without restraint, was different again from what I had felt in cowgirl position. I could not say unconditionally which was better, but I was certain that both felt good enough to shake me to the core. I was once again immersing myself in sweet, sweet sex, the sensation of my becoming his strengthened by the totally different, fresh enjoyment.

—I could hear the clear, refreshing chirping of bird from the direction of the window.

I was on top of El, thrusting my hips, in a room illuminated by the warm light of day. No matter how well he had trained his body, it was impossible for him to continue to exert himself like that for several hours at a stretch. Now that he had exhausted his strength, I had no choice but to do the moving myself.

—Well... it's not as if I don't like being on top, so...

We had tried all sorts of positions after that, and each had been entirely different and fresh. Any one of those, which were not "superior" or "inferior," but only "different," was sufficient to captivate me. The sense of immorality that came with doggy style; the closeness of lotus position; the instability of standing position; the relief of missionary position: if only El would revive, I'd want to try them all again.

—But... right now... it's more important to take care of El's sexual urges... I suppose...

I wasn't still thrusting my hips like this, even now that El could no longer move, just to vent my own lust. Unlike El himself, his cock, into which I had poured my succubus magic, was still overflowing with energy. To look after it, still strong and showing no signs of wilting, was my current proposition.

—Still, I won't deny that some of my own lust was mixed in...

I was the same in my desire for time with him to embrace each other and love each other like this. The desire to make up for how long I had been parted from El, and ended up hurting him, was also in me. Surely it was for that very reason that this sex, which satisfied his feelings and mine, El's lust and a monster's lust, was so luscious and so wonderful.

—Thump thump...

"Nna... ah? "

The moment my thoughts reached that point, I could hear a knock from the room's only door. When I quietly turned my gaze to the clock, I realized quite a lot of time had gone by without my noticing. At the very least, the time for the early morning training imposed on the high-class soldiers was already long passed. This knock doubtless belonged to someone who had come to look in on El after he had failed to turn up for the morning exercises.

—And I was just getting to the good part, too...

In my heart of hearts, I felt irritated by that boorish intrusion into my happy time with El. He looked exhausted, breathing heavily underneath me. El was still human, and he had been made to couple with a monster for an entire night, so surely that was as natural as could be. It was nearly enough to make up for ten years yet, but... it might be as well to give him a rest around now.

—Besides... Lady Deruella had told me to increase our numbers...

Increase the number of our comrades in order to change this country into a land that will be easy for you and Elt to live in. Having recalled Lady Deruella's words, I put force into my legs and gently pulled myself off El's rod. Clear fluid was clinging to his cock, had been released to the outside world for the first time in several hours. Still brimming with strength, it was twitching as if to draw attention to itself. Perhaps it felt lonely at being separated from my cunt, with which it had been together for so long. After rewarding that adorable behavior by planting a kiss on the glans, I laid hands on my own recklessly discarded clothing.

—After all, I'll only look like this... for him...

This suggestive appearance that Lady Deruella had bestowed on me was entirely for arousing El. It certainly was not for exposing my skin to the rabble, to say nothing of appearing before others with my teats and my secret place, which were for him, on display, which was out of the question. To bite through my tongue and die would be somewhat preferable to doing such things for any reason except to protect him. I quietly stood up from the bed and moved towards the dresser mirror.

—...Alright. Maybe something like this, then?

After making certain that my appearance was proper, I silently drew the sword at my hip. The long sword I had received from Lady Deruella was pitch black, even the blade, as if it were made out of darkness. A familiar, syrupy fluid was dripping from its tip. Surely any opponent, no matter who they were, would come to realize how wonderful monsters were if they were cut with this sword, something about which reminded me vividly of a penis. Having made sure of that, I approached the door, where the intermittent knocking continued, and stretched out a hand to the knob.

—Now then... I think it's time... I got going...

Just like that, I slowly opened the door, ready to cut down the obstacles that sought to get between him and me — the people I had once believed I must protect — and...

—And then, the curtain rose on the events that would afterwards be known as The Fall of Lescatié.

The end.

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