Enishi Isami/Berit
Vital statistics
Age 18
Gender Female
Race Succubus (Former Human)

Enishi Isami or Berit is one of the characters featured in Succubus Heroines Eroge.


A third year student at Nishizumi high school, and the main character's senpai.

She's the captain of the kendo club, and the successor of the “Isami Fencing Dojo." Thanks to the way her strict father raised her since she was a little girl, she has an incredible swordsmanship ability, and values law and justice.

She has an extremely serious personality and formal manner of speech. She's always being hard on herself. She never acts conceited, or uses her power recklessly.

Up until now, it seems she has never been romantically involved. She practically has an anal-retentive disorder in that sense.


Enishi, after having been transformed into a succubus by Asuna.

Perhaps because she had been very repressed, there is hardly a trace left of her former self, she enjoys flaunting her power, and wields her blade for the sake of her own desire.

When she wants something, she'll use force to get it. To that end, she has a magic sword that causes no external wounds, but seals the movement of whatever it strikes. For her, the main character is a trophy. Night after night, she enjoys assaulting and raping him thoroughly.

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