( changed the name)

A character i made from . he represents the main male character that girls he know turn into monster girls and seek to mate and breed with him.

as in the story he is refer as you , anon and so on. so i thought i make him have a bigger role, give some abilities and more so.

Narrator: As a child, Elton  were a commoner in the Theocracy of Lescatie, a human Order state in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. His parents served the Noscrim aristocratic family, which led to Elton becoming playmates with their daughter Wilmarina, and even royalty too in the form of Princess Francisca Mistel Lescatie. The young Wilmarina was infatuated with Elton - a state of affairs much disliked by her father, who seemed to view their play-dates as some sort of nefarious plot by his parents to climb up the social ladder. As a consequence, his family was dismissed from the Noscrim's service without a recommendation; in Lescatie, this was tantamount to blacklisting. Hisparents died destitute, and he wound up in a church orphanage in the slums run by Sasha Folmoon's mother.

During his  time at the orphanage, he  became like a brother to Sasha, and also became friends with another orphan, the half-elf Primera Concerto. Together with Sasha, he convinced Primera to join the Order. He joined too, eventually graduating into the prestigious military unit of the Order of Holy Knights. This brought him under the command of his unit leader Mersé Dascaros, as well as renewing contact with Wilmarina, who officiated at his graduation ceremony. When watching a military magic demonstration he also "befriended" Mimiru Milte, although this mostly involved her swinging by his  barracks to throw snark at him at every opportunity.

During Druella's invasion he slept through most of the military panic, "right in the middle of a five storey building, on the left end of the third floor. He was currently residing in one of the private rooms allotted to high-class soldiers". This ended in the lewdest awakening possible, as the newly turned succubus Wilmarina snuck in to rape him. Subsequently Sasha, Mersé, Mimiru, Primera, and Francisca availed themselves of his body as well; and by the time of the Order's counterattack against demon Lescatie, his  hours are mostly spent as a dickthrone in a perpetual monster heroine orgy.

( the above story is from the site), i am  adding  some new details to make it  more fun.

: when at the orphanage he help a girl near the orphanage who who had a cut on her leg( which at the time he didn't know she was a witch testing him).

2: she said a good luck chant to him ,which was actually a magic spell combine-nation. That help him get better at warrior training but it made him slept  during most of   Druella 's invasion.

3: when the girl he knows/befriended got turn into monster girls  and tried to use him as a mating toy  when the last part of the spell made him ruler of any monster-girl that mated with him.

4: the girls now the wives of their husband or king, druella  makes him a general of the new  Lescatie and gave him a castle to rule over and it is the place where he mates with his wives  and will raise his children.

 Note i know this character belong to his creator  , i am not stealing him  i'm giving him a new flair of life and then post this on the site.

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