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Prideful, aggressive (and eventually, lustful)


Spirit energy of human men

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The most well-known type of elves, also known as the forest elves.  They look just like a human, except with pointed ears, and have innate talent and power in magic.  They deem themselves as higher beings compared to humans, and thus look down on them.  They live in villages deep inside the forest.

They aren’t monsters at first, but due to the succubus’ powers, they should be treated like one.  Elves don’t usually step foot into human settlements, but those who become a succubus are expelled according to the rules of the elf community, and can be seen wandering around the outskirts of the forest, where human populations can be found.

Due to their innate magical powers, they are able to suppress and stop the succubus’ magic from growing tails, wings, and horns on their bodies, in addition to retaining their thoughts.  However, their bodies are the same as that of the succubus, and they will naturally crave for men.  As their thinking is still that of an elf, they loathe the thought of having sex with a human being, and only out of their elvish pride are they able to hold back on their desire.  Eventually, the elf’s body will move by itself towards a human male, and tempt him into having sex.

It is almost an ironic twist, as the more they suppress their lust, the more lustful they will become in the end.


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Monster Girl Encyclopedia I: ElvesEdit

Elves As PeopleEdit

Even at the present, there are elves who live in a most peculiar fashion, building villages deep in the forests. They have beautiful, delicate forms with long ears, and, compared to humans, they have greater magical power from birth. They live in harmony with nature. They are the guardians of the forest who have continued to protect nature from the humans for generations. They live by hunting wild animals, and eating fruits and vegetables that they gather from the forest. They never forget to express gratitude for this food. It is said that they always recite prayers to thank the forest and the animals before they eat. They generally have personalities that are proud and pure, but they have hard heads and are extremely inflexible.

Since the age of the former demon lord, they've always looked down on humans, monsters, and dwarves as inferiors, scorning them as vulgar creatures, and thus, until now, they've hardly had any intermingling with the other races. They are ascetics who value living quietly in the forest without embracing desire, and they view sex in an especially negative light. For that reason, if one of the elves of the village becomes violated by the demonic energy of a succubus, they are extremely sensitive to it. The elf would probably be quickly banished from the village before any of their friends got raped.

The process of corrupting such stubborn, fastidious individuals, teaching them the pleasure they had never known, and transforming them into wildly lustful monsters is extremely amusing to the succubi. Is is said that they view them as the best kind of toys, so many elves have been converted into succubi, and the number of pure elves remaining is dwindling year by year.

Elves As MonstersEdit

At first, they continue to resist as their body undergoes transformation into a monster, but eventually, by receiving a human man's spirit energy, their form is converted into that of a lustful monster. These elves are treated as monsters. After their transformation into a succubus begins, the more they try to resist it, the more lustful a monster they end up becoming. It's almost like the personality of a pure elf is inverted. Their beauty and pride remain as is. They enjoy hardcore sex, and indulge in pleasure, as if their pride as a monster depended on it. Just as when they were a pure elf, they never forget to express their gratitude to a human man after getting exquisite pleasure and nourishment from sweet spirit energy. Instead of praying, they use their hands and mouth to service a man, expressing gratitude through giving him pleasure. They think of their old self as being extremely foolish for forbidding something so wonderful and pleasurable as intercourse with men.

In a complete reversal from their abstemious period when they rejected sex, they despise followers of the order, and other elves who are like their former selves. Now that they're completely monsters, they're extremely fond of human men. They now desperately long for the human desire that they once regarded as filthy to be aimed at themselves. Though their attitude towards human men may have changed, they continue to utterly despise other monsters even now more than ever before. They're always uneasy because they feel like another monster is going to steal away their beloved man.

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