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A type of Harpy that has pitch black wings. Even among the harpy family, they're a highly intelligent and clever race, however they're ferocious compared to harpies and they attack humans and human settlements from time to time, stealing food, precious metals and gems, etc and abducting human men that they like.

Black Harpy extra art

They cast murderous looks at enemies, but they show such soft smiles to their husband and daughters.

The biggest difference from harpies, is that harpies fundamentally only assault men during mating season (although they do attack men without hesitation even outside of mating season if they've already established a sexual relationship with them). However, the black harpies will attack whenever they see a man they like and take him back to their nests.

They're ferocious monsters with strong lust for men, even outside of mating season. They climb on top and rape men, shaking their hips even more wildly than a harpy in mating season. Most of the harpy family don't keep restraining their men after mating season is over, but they're different because they have a strong sense of "family." The men that they dragged back to their nests became their husbands at the point when they mated and as far as they're concerned, they're husband and wife and they always need to stick close together and live together.

And so, when mating season comes, exactly opposite to the harpy, their normally ferocious nature mellows out. Their usual oppressive, overly confident selves are nowhere to be seen. Their bodies flush and they snuggle up with their husbands, begging for intercourse with moist eyes. During mating season, they're just females that desire to be fertilised by their beloved male.

Black harpies also have a strong sense of camaraderie. They treat others extremely well, especially their own family, their husband and children. If a black harpy with friends is being attacked, her friends will appear to help her at once. If her own husband or children are being harmed, she'll exhibit all the ferocity of a monster from the age of the former demon lord as she fights off the enemy.

They're ferocious and rough compared with harpies, but as wives and mothers, they smile gently and softly at their family, their husband and children.

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