Bacchus is one of the neutral gods of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. Reigning over the domain of alcohol and drunkenness, Bacchus is described as "warm and sociable". Like most gods, Bacchus is worshipped by both various Humans and Mamono, with the Satyros race in particular being devout worshippers.

Bacchus was introduced in the web notes to the Satyros profile.

The God of Alcohol, “Bacchus”

A mid-rank deity that governs alcohol and drunkenness. Her standpoint is neutral. She is warm and sociable, but she is also purported to have a large-hearted and lenient personality, not fussing over details. Perhaps because of that, the doctrine and rules of churches that worship Bacchus are also lenient and characterized by a general atmosphere of freedom. As the god who loves alcohol more than anything, she exhorts that people should color their life with enjoyment and form bonds of friendship by drinking. In her churches, drinking parties are periodically held where her adherents come together with outsiders. Deeds of charity such as providing food and alcohol for those who are starving are also actively performed.

The blessing that Bacchus bestows upon her followers empowers the effects of alcohol, and also goes beyond the bounds of race and nationality, ensuring that negotiations and friendships with others will succeed. She is widely worshiped by people with a variety of professions, such as ambassadors, merchants, brewers, and simply those who like drinking, and she also has many adherents among races such as humans, dwarves, goblins, etc. She is a god that is friendly towards monsters, and she also approves of using the power of alcohol for the sexual conquest of the opposite sex.

Her blessing makes the drunken revelry and intoxication of men more pleasant and enjoyable, and it also makes having sex with men afterward more thrilling too, so she also has many adherents among the monsters. On the other hand, using alcohol to incapacitate a person and rob or rape them while unconscious is forbidden as an abuse of alcohol. Although she does have many followers among the monsters, her religion is not treated as heretical, and it is an accepted religion even in lands under the Order's forces.

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