Another Story of Fallen Maidens: Fallen Hero and the Magic Sword of Truth is an interactive story game developed by Exet and published at Comiket 90 under circle Exelga. The game will also be available for purchase on DLsite, DMM, and MelonBooks.


Eristia Vitral, the last hero of the Order in Lescatie, sets out on an adventure through the ruins of the Order as she seeks out a powerful artifact, "Magic Sword of Truth", with her faithful squire Yuriy. From her efforts, she'll learn more about the Order and the "truth" within herself than she ever bargained for...


This game is an independent production by Exelga, produced with the personal approval of Kenkou Cross who has endorsement, artwork, and publication under the Monster Girl Encyclopedia name. This work is not a part of the primary universe canon but takes place in an alternate universe that adheres to the same rules.



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